The S Word

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So the guy at your apartment the other night...
Is he your boyfriend or something?

Yes he is

I told him I didn’t want to continue the deal anymore, and yet here we are. Mr. casual sex can’t deal with it. The session with Jaiden is going well, but once I feel my phone vibrating inside my pocket, the appointment seems to take forever.

“I’m sorry Dr, I wasn’t honest with you.”

“About what, Jaiden?”

The patient chuckles, her hands slide up and down on her blue pants and I can’t help but wonder what is making the client so uncomfortable.

“I know who you are.”

My blood freezes as my eyes widen. Fuck. What do I do now? I have to deny it, if Jackson finds out I can get fired.

“You’re Nova,” she softly says as I inhale sharply. My lungs try to give in but I fight back.

“Jaiden I-”

“Don’t worry,” she says waving his hands in the air to get my attention. “I won’t say anything. To be honest, you helped me a lot.”

My brow shoots up as I give up taking notes and place the pen and paper on the small table next to me.


“You are a very confident woman. You are comfortable with your body and that made me think that maybe I should do the same. Especially since I need to chose a name and all.”

If she won’t say anything to Jackson, I think I can relax. But this was the first time someone came up to me and told me they recognized me. Luckily I haven’t been that active lately.

“So you are considering the surgery?” I ask as she leans back.

“Yes, I mean I want to feel like myself, and this body isn’t doing it. I don’t feel like a man.”

I know she is right, and that her words have so much memories behind. To a lot of people in out society, she is a ‘man’ she was born as a ‘man’, her id says so, but to unfortunately that's not the truth. Jia is a transgender woman, and the world needs to acknowledge that people do not always identify as the sex they are assigned at birth.

And that's okay.

“You are a lovely woman Jaide, but I still need a name to call you that’s not the one your parent’s gave you.”

As I nod the small clock on the coffee table rings, signaling it’s the end of the appointment. Thank God, I love my clients I do, but between Jaiden recognizing me and the text I received my mind was going nuts.

Soon as the door closes I’m taking the phone out of my pocket. I still have another consult today before heading back home, Alexander said he had something planned for us tonight, his apology. I can’t help but feel like a teenager again.

I love surprises.

I read his last text and not even a couple of seconds later someone knocks on my door.

“Ms. Nicole?” A man wearing a delivery company uniform, paired with a cap peeks inside the office.


“I have something for you,” he says opening the door and entering.

A white wide box is the first thing I see him carrying, he motions to my coffee table and I nod agreeing he can put the package on there.

“If you could just please sign here,” he says handling me a sheet of paper. “Thank you, have a nice day.”

“Have a nice day,” I mumble as he steps outside and closes the door.

The box brings a small envelope attached to it, which I eagerly take away only to find out a handwritten card and some sort of invitation. What is he up to?

Can’t wait to see you in this
Be ready in 30 minutes

30 minutes? But I will be with a patient by then. Unless, no he wouldn’t. I quickly walk towards the desk still holding the card and place my finger over todays appointments. Sure thing, the client set for 5pm is named K. Alexander.

The freaking camboy made sure I would be free.

It’s then that I remember I’m still holding the invitation. I unfold it, reading quickly, seeing as he already filled the blank spaces, and both my heart and underwear fall to my feet.

Confessions of a Freak
2nd Anniversary
Join us at the Opal Manor
Sharing: No
Spending the Night? Yes

I never heard about this party, but maybe Alexander pulled some strings with his friends. Dismissing the idea I turn to the box and don’t waste any time opening it. Inside covered by a thin layer of see through sheets lays a gorgeous dark red dress. What I suspect to be the shoes are separated in a bag. He even sent some make up and a small hair pin.

The man knows what he is doing.

I take out the dress, the body has small crystals covering some parts, the soft silky fabric falls against my fingers so light as if I was lifting a feather. Walking towards the bathroom I lock the door and get ready. I have no clue how he did it, but Alexander got everything right. The thin straps almost didn’t need adjustment, the top hugs my breasts perfectly and even the length is right. A long gap on the bottom shows my left leg every once in a while.

More than once in a while.

It’s been long time since I went to a formal party, I missed dressing like this. Even the make-up can be different, not the usual one I wear for work. But what I can’t wait for is his face once he sees me. By the time I’m putting my shoes on there’s a knock on the door.

The thirty minutes have passed faster than I wanted them too.

“Come in.”

I stand up quickly, taking some of the wrinkles from the skirt and only when I hear a loud inhale I look. My head snaps towards the door only for my legs to almost give in by the sight of my boyfriend.

Boyfriend, now there’s a word I don’t use in a long time.

He stands there, hand holding the knob. Wearing a black tuxedo, the white button shirt pops out only to be met by a bowtie. I never seen him in a suit before, it’s breathtaking.

“Wow,” he says closing the door.

I don’t miss the sound of the lock before he pulls away and walks towards me. Alexander bites down on his lips, his eyes eating me out as he approaches me and his hand comes around my waist before lowering to my but giving it a hard squeeze.

“It looks even better than I was expecting.”

“You don’t look so bad yourself,” I reply pecking his lips and quickly smearing off the lipstick after.

It’s not enough for him, I know because I can see the longing already spreading in his eyes before I pull away to grab my things. He follows me, and as I lean over to close my computer I feel his breathing against my ear.

And something else.

“It’s taking everything in me not to rip that off of you.”

Well, there goes my underwear. I turn around, meeting his eyes and defying him.

“It took me a while to look this good, I will let you have your fun, but later.”

Alexander nods while smiling, he holds my hand, entwining our fingers as we walk out of the office.

“You look gorgeous every day.”

I can’t say I don’t like the compliment, because all I feel are small butterflies in my stomach. I missed this, a relationship. Wanting to be with someone. He drives, his hand stays on my leg, only taking it every time he needs to change gears.

“Keep your eyes on the road,” I warn him after catching him glancing at me for the third time.

“I’m sorry,” he says chuckling and taking my hand to his lips. “But you look stunning.”

I look to the window suppressing a smile, and even a small blush. We are driving for a while now, the city behind us, heading into the countryside.

“What is this party about?” I ask curious looking at the invitation again. “What is this sharing thing you said no?”

“You’ll see.”

He smiles, knowing something I don’t. When I whine he doesn’t budge, it’s pointless trying to get any information out of him. He changes the conversation to my day, asking how it was and what I did. Smooth.

We pass by a gate, Alexander drives until reaching a huge house. He pulls the car to the side, staying in the shadows just before reaching the front of the house and I stare at him.

“We’re parking here?”

Great I’ll have to walk uphill in these shoes.

“No,” he says leaning towards me.

Alexander pulls the rest of his seat back, turning to face me his lips touch mine. Teasing me to open my mouth enough so his tongue can peek through. I let him, feeling his hands crawling up my bare legs until touching the side of my underwear.

“Alex-” I breath out when he drops his mouth to my neck, sliding my underwear off.

His hands slow down, touching my skin so softly that I arch my back against his chest needing more. He stops the kiss, leaning away with a cocky grin Alexander puts the lace fabric in the pocket inside his blazer before pulling his seat to the front again. Resuming the drive he smiles, glancing at me as I stay dumbfounded.

What the fuck just happened?

“You won’t need them,” he says, catching my hand.

We pull to the front of the house. Alexander hands one of the valets the keys coming around the car and opening my door. My boyfriend helps me to get out, his arm circling my waist as we walk the steps to the house.

The stairs are not that long, he walks with me as I stare in awe to everything. the lights on the side of the old house make it seem marvelous. Something out of a movie. Red fabric falls from the roof, the name of the party imprinted on it. Security is all over the place, a man standing on almost every window, talking though earpieces.

What is this?

“Alex?” I call for him and can’t help but smile when he looks at me.

His lips pressed into a huge square smile, showing how excited he is about everything. His eyes glisten like the stars in the sky as he tries to make me understand.

“What party is this?”

“Remember the first thing you told me when I went onto your channel? With my official account that is?”

I try to remember, he asked for me to confess something to him, which I took as a kink confession. Recalling what I said I feel my eyes widening as he smiles wiggling his eyebrows.

He didn’t! He couldn’t!

“This is one of my ways to say I’m sorry,” he whispers in my ear as we pass by the door. “Welcome to your first sex party, little vixen.”

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