The S Word

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The S Word

Velvet burgundy drapes hang on every window; a huge crystal chandelier centered on the ceiling above all the people in the room. The entryway to the manor looks exquisite, something unreachable for me. Something I only wished to be a part of.


I murmur to him as my eyes take in everything. The room we enter now seems to be the meeting point. Most of the people here are couples talking to others in what I suspect to be a way of switching partners. Alexander hands the invitation to a girl dressed in all black, and she hands him two ruby pins and a keycard. He signs on a paper; I can read the word consent on the top of the sheet. This is serious; this is happening.

Alexander turns to me and a small crease forms on my head as I stare at the red stones in his hand.

“They are not real,” he says, sticking the pin on my dress. “It’s only for the other guests to know the conditions we are here.”

He wears his proudly on his blazer. Alexander takes me by my arm, walking smugly across the room, and I realize something, there aren’t that many rubies. Most of the people wear diamonds as a pin. The small white rock is easy to spot.

“Why are those white?” I ask him curiously.

“Ours means something different.”

It’s then that I comprehend. Sharing, he said no in the invitation. I nod at him, feeling my heart hammering against my chest and his arms holding me tighter. Alexander doesn’t try to do small talk; he dismisses the other people that nod at us or that raise their glass calling for him. One of the men looks at us, starting to walk to where we stand, but the face Alexander gives him makes the man turn around.

We stop by two stilted doors framed like a painting by curtains. Alexander nods to the man standing there, the man nods back and pulls the door completely open, revealing a second room where sofas, chairs and other furniture are scattered around.

It’s about the same size as the previous one, it has a lot of people in it, but all of them are forming groups.

“I’m not complaining,” I say as we enter, “but have you been into one of these before?”

“Yes,” he says, turning to face me. “I came to the one last year with Tyler. He was working, shooting people for private photos. But I didn’t do anything, I promise.”

“Alex, I’m not judging,” I retort, smiling at him.

He stops his rambling, and I realize he is still nervous with me. He is still afraid I go off on him because of what happened.

“I forgive you,” I whisper tiptoeing to reach his lips. “I would forgive you anyway, but this is the best present ever. Thank you.”

I take his lips for myself as my hands slowly drift on his chest until reaching the hair on the back of his neck. Alexander places one hand on the small of my back, pulling me closer to him.

“A lady is watching us,” he mumbles to my lips when pulling away.

He helps me turn around, and sure thing one woman in her mid-forty’s is eye-fucking him across the room. Not us, him. She wears a diamond pin, which makes me lift my jaw to her in a threat and brush my hand over the ruby one over my date’s jacket.

I never liked the color red so much; I don’t care if she is taller than me. I will whoop her ass.

Alexander chuckles wholeheartedly, grabbing my hand and lifting it to press a kiss. The woman sighs, turning away defeated and leaving. A waiter passes by, carrying a tray with glasses and Alexander grabs two for us. We walk around the room, sipping on the champagne and watching as people start to prepare for the night.

The mood is different than any other thing I’ve seen before. Couples drift apart; others start to make out where they are. It’s when we reach the end of the room that I look at the old gold framed mirror and almost choke on my drink.

“Some people don’t like to wait,” Alexander says snickering.

We watch through the mirror, drinking and giggling as two women go for it. They lay on a sofa kissing, the one on top lets her hand slip beneath the other’s skirt and moans start to fill the room. They breathe each other in, losing themselves and not caring. My nipples harden against my dress, peeking through the fabric.

“See,” Alexander says, coming behind me and pointing towards the mirror, “that’s why I said your underwear would be in the way.”

He is right. The girl on top yanks the underwear of the other. She eagerly lets her hand reach between the bottom one’s legs and sounds of approval echo. It’s what makes the other couples break the ice. People start to kiss more intensely, others watch. Most of them do it with only one person, but there’s a group on the other side of the room consisting of three men and two women. Body’s sweating together, twisting and bending into pure delight.

The corrupt sounds that reach my ears from everywhere would make even the wicked of the devils feel shy.

“When I came here last year,” Alexander whispers, tilting his head to me, “I had already made my rules.”

His lips graze my neck, and I tilt my head to the side, giving him access. His teeth brush against the skin as I whimper for him to do more.

“I bet it was hard for you.”

“It was,” he says as his hand slides over my waist reaching the gap on my dress and sneaking beneath the fabric.

“You,” I fight with speaking as his hand slips between my legs. “Still need to tell me why you made those rules in the first place.”

“Later,” he mumbles before nibbling my neck. “Right now, I want to fulfill your kink.”

His fingertip brushes against my nub, and I feel my legs wanting to give in. Alexander and sex is something hard to handle on a daily basis but the fact we are about to do it, in a room with fifty people, has me dripping like never before.

He slides one finger between my folds, and I grip his jacket for support. People around us notice, and I grow aware, my body stiffens while my eyes search for Alexander’s in the mirror.

“If you want to stop, I’ll stop gorgeous,” he whispers to my ear, not moving.

“No, don’t stop.”

Alexander groans and smiles, his finger sliding inside of me and my head falls back against his chest. His thumb making small circles, sending me places as I let whimpers drop from my lips. When he notices I’m close, Alexander takes his hand away, and I gasp.

His eyes are on me on the mirror, as black as night as he licks his lips, I shudder knowing it’s going to be intense. He takes my glass from my hand and places with his on a table. The man is quick to come back to me, twirling me around his mouth is eager for mine, cupping my face with one hand as he walks me against the wall where the mirror is hanging. The kiss is steamy, fiery as I grasp his jacket to pull him closer. My back hits the wall, and when Alexander’s hand clutches my ass I open my eyes.

People around us are watching. One man sits on a chair, legs spread with a girl on his lap and none of them takes their eyes from us. Others glance before turning their attention to their partners.

“Alex-” I wail, pulling his hair with my hand.

He bites my shoulder, sliding the strap of my dress to my elbow and exposing one of my breasts before cupping it. His lips come to mine again as he whispers to them, so no one hears.

“Are people watching?” He asks, and I bit down on my lip nodding as he pinches my nipple. “Good. They are mad, because I have the most beautiful and sexy woman at the party, and I’m not sharing her. They don’t like the red pins.”

His free hand slides between my legs resuming the work from minutes ago as Alexander lets his long fingers slide in and out of me. With so many eyes on us, I feel myself getting wetter and eventually shred as Alexander smiles into the kiss. He takes his fingers to his mouth savoring me, and I grunt at the act.

My hands eagerly unzip his pants as I palm him, sliding my fingers over his underwear. Alexander cups both my breasts, letting his hand fall back when I pull his underwear down on the front, feeling him hardening in my hand.

Every move I do, he reacts appreciatively.

His hands grasp my thighs, and I throw my legs and arms around him, clinging my whole body to his as he lifts me and presses me against the wall. Alexander nuzzles himself between my legs, opening my dress by the gap, and I realize this was his intention all along.

My kink is happening just as I told him.

He latches his eyes on me, opening his mouth on mine but not kissing me. With the slowest thrust ever, my boyfriend comforts himself inside of me as I melt in his arms. One couple starts to touch each other while looking at us; everywhere my eyes reach around the room people are either watching others or lost in the pleasure.

None of that compares to Alexander’s proud smile as he thrusts in me for the second time more powerful and dominant than ever before. It’s as if he is demanding me to be vocal, as if he wants others to know I’m his and his alone. I moan as he growls, letting go of my lips and sucking on my neck, marking me once again. My nails dig into the back of his neck, sliding inside his shirt ripping some buttons, as the man holding me gains a rhythm. Every thrust, every kiss, every caress of his fingertips sends jolts of pleasure over my body.

It’s when he slides his hand between my legs again and starts to play with me once more that I feel my body bursting into another wave of pleasure.

Alexander doesn’t slow down, as I moan he hovers my lips with his still caressing me, making me lean my chest to him, brushing my nipples against his shirt. It’s his way of asking me to succumb to him, to dominate me.

It’s the most intense orgasm I have ever had in my life, and I don’t want it to end.


His hands burn against my skin, Alexander pulls me as close as ever before as he pounds me against the wall. We are loud, not caring about anything else than each other. Sensitive as I am under his touch, my whole body is on fire, and when he kisses me, I feel him swelling. With a groan, he brushes his teeth on my neck, not stopping his rhythm for a second. We share a kiss, a moment before opening our eyes to each other and smiling as happy as ever.

“I have to put you down, but I need you to cover yourself,” he slides his tongue over his bottom lip teasing me while speaking. “I tried not to expose you as much as I could but I’m pretty sure some men are still staring at my gorgeous girlfriend.”

“Are you jealous?”

He tilts his head as I pull the straps of the dress up, covering my breasts. Alexander slides out of me doing as he said, not taking my eyes from his I close his pants and pull his zipper as he stays with an approving grin.

“I am, with reason.”

Alexander glides his hands on my side and kisses me, but not like the last times. This kiss feels different, not like any other he ever gave.

“Now,” he says letting his lips peck the marks on my neck. “Let’s go find our room.”

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