The S Word

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Nicole walks hand in hand with me across the dark hallways. Walk is a figure of speech as we stop now and then for, let’s say hands are reaching places. Especially mine. But now, as we approach the door, her enthusiasm is still evident as her fingers squeeze mine tightly. I booked the room for the night; with all I want to do to her, there’s no way I would be able to drive to town again.

Neither would I let the others from the party see. Don’t get me wrong, it was my idea to bring her here, but the ways I want to pleasure her are for my eyes only.

Putting the keycard on the slot to unlock the door, I step aside to let Nicole open it. With a curious smile, she pushes the door to see the room. I get the sparkle in her coffee eyes as a smile forms on her plump lips. She stands there, taking in the beauty of the place.

Without warning, I swing her over my shoulder and enter inside the bedroom, shutting the door with my foot.

“Alex,” she says, laughing and trying to slap my back.

That only gets a smack on her ass and she yelps. She likes it; I might do that again later. I will do that again later.

“I was getting impatient that you weren’t entering the room.”

“That’s because it’s beautiful.”

She’s right. The big canopy bed right in front of the door is the centerpiece of the bedroom. One wall covered with windows and curtains in shades of a pale pink hang until reaching the floor. The color covers most of the room, contra stating with the white walls and the golden hints on the old furniture and decoration.

One of the reasons I chose this room is because I know how much she loves this color.

In a movement, I drop her on the bed, smirking at the woman who grunts. Nicole rests on her elbows, her eyes scanning me ready to continue what was happening downstairs. Teasing her, I take off my blazer with my eyes on her and lean on the bed, my lips parting with hers, touching them as if I want to taste.

Which I do.

“Not yet,” I say once she breathes into me. “I have plans for us.”

I stand up again and start to walk towards the bathroom, hearing her gasp behind me.

“What plans?” She asks, peeking at me as I open the door.

The grey and white marble bathroom light up as I step inside. The covered tile walls with grey stripes across it makes a statement of just how old this house is, and yet so magnificent. My feet take me across the room, passing by the shower I walk to the bathtub, the only thing I asked while booking was this. For the bathroom to have a big tub, and this one does.

The white piece stands beneath the skylight ceiling. The tub is a masterpiece, and the size is amazing, we can both fit in here.

That was the purpose.

I turn the water on, dropping some rose petals and bath milk while listening as Nicole’s footsteps finally reach the door.

“What are you doing?” Her sweet voice echoes across the bathroom.

I turn around to face her. The red silk falling on her body, marking every curve of the woman, making her golden skin shine against it. She looks stunning in the dress and yet I can’t wait for her to be out of it. The fabric has been teasing me all night, showing me hints of her perked nipples, or the way the gap on the skirt lets me have glimpses of her legs and her thighs.

I stroll, my eyes taking every inch just like the first time I saw her. So confident and sure of herself. That night plays in my head often. How I talked myself out of kissing her right at the restaurant.

“Are you taking a bath?” Nicole asks, glancing at the tub behind me.

My hand reaches her first, circling her waist and pulling her closer to me. Her hair and makeup are a little messy because of the workout from before, but she is stunning. She always is breathtaking. My hands find the pin that’s still holding her hair slightly up, and I pull it, letting her dark locks fall around her shoulders, curling up on the edges and around her breasts.

They are forcing me to look at them and sliding my tongue over my lip, remembering how sweet they taste.

“We are taking a bath.”

Nicole grins at me, stepping out of her shoes she then kicks them away. Her long fingers reach the zipper on her side, sliding it down. My eyes drift from hers, watching as she moves so leisurely it’s almost cruel. With one movement, she pulls the straps of the dress down; a silk ruby sheet falls on the floor, exposing her fully to me.

And no one else.

She steps out of the dress, her breasts rubbing against my chest as I stay still. It’s taking everything in me not to have her right here, but I have plans.

“Like what you see?” She asks, smirking, calling my attention to her lips and eyes.

“Very much.”

Nicole tiptoes, brushing her bottom lip across my jaw, her tongue peeking outside once she reaches my lips. Inhaling I remember myself I need to take this slow; I want to take this slow. She takes my lips, her smaller hands sliding on my chest, unbuttoning the shirt. When she is done, her hands slide inside the fabric, gliding it out of me.

It’s me who breaks the kiss and twirls her around. I peck her cheek standing behind her facing the tub.

“You first.”

I want to see her walk; I want to see her staring at me from across the room, wanting me, needing me. The moment will be marked in my mind. Nicole smiles, starting to walk, she sways her hips pulling her hair over her shoulder. While she does it, I take the rest of my clothes off and watch as the woman I want so desperately lowers herself inside the tub.

A satisfactory moan is heard across the room, and I feel myself trembling.

“Coming?” She asks, grinning at me.

I could.

This time I walk faster, taking the rest of my clothes off, reaching her in a blink of an eye. Nicole slides in the tub, letting me sit behind her. The warm water, now in a shade of whates mixed with pinks, from the milk doesn’t let me see much. When Nicole leans back, her soft skin touching my chest, I take short breaths, ready to take this slow.

I let her rest against me, her eyes closed she hums a tune I don’t recognize.

“Thank you,” she says, and I stare at her.

With her head resting on my chest, Nicole opens her eyes to look at me.

“I loved the party.”

“It was my pleasure gorgeous; I know how much you wanted to come to one.”

So many nights with different women, screwing my way around, and this seems more intimate than any of them. Nicole stretches herself to kiss me, her lips and mine embracing each other until I decide to deepen the kiss.

She tries to turn so that we are face to face, but I don’t let her. Not with what I have in mind. I pull her closer, sitting her straight against me while my hand slides under the water until reaching the warmth between her legs.

Nicole eagerly parts them, letting me dip my fingers and moaning into my mouth as I do so. She tries to turn once again and when I refuse it, she whines.

“Not yet,” I whisper, reaching for the showerhead.

She cutely frowns, not realizing what is going on, not until the water is open, and I point the stream it at her sensitive core.

A whimper falls from her lips before she bites herself. Her soft hands reach for me, throwing one over her head to rest around my neck while the other grabs my leg. I turn the water away from her chuckling at her reaction, but I know she liked it. My free arm circles her, keeping her in place as I put the showerhead between her legs once more.

“Alex,” she moans, and I feel myself getting harder.

She opens her legs more, giving me better access, and when I increase the water stream, her body jerks to the front before I pull her tighter. Nicole shakes as my hand cups her breast and pinches her nipple. It takes her one minute or more to stop shaking, all the while, the only thing I do is diminish the water pressure.

I’m not done yet.

Letting go of the showerhead, I pick her and turn her around. A satisfactory smile is plastered on her face as I let her do what she wanted from the start. Nicole puts her hands on my shoulders, her legs circling me and lowering herself as I fill her up.

She rides me, slowly, leaning forward for a kiss. My hands grasp her ass, trying to force her to go faster, but she doesn’t move.

“Are we getting impatient,” she asks, biting on her lower lip, “daddy?”


My thoughts come rushing out of my mouth when she speaks. Nicole leans back, her hands on my legs as she moves, her eyes dead set on me. I lean forward, unable to keep myself from touching her my mouth hungrily tastes her breasts, switching with my hands as I try to please her as much as I can.

By the sounds she makes and the way she wails my name, I am succeeding.

I can feel myself close when Nicole props forward again. Her arms come around me for support as she raises and lowers herself on me. Her fingertips press a soft spot on my neck, slowing down my circulation and I swear I get even harder, if that is possible. A grin on her beautiful face, daring me to do what she loved. When I grab the showerhead once again and let it slip between us.

Nicole pants, moving her body and meeting my thrusts she starts to clasp and tighten her walls around me.

“Don’t stop, little vixen,” I whisper into her mouth as I feel myself bursting inside of her.

Dismissing the showerhead, I grasp her ass and help her ride me. Neither one of us wants this to end, and Nicole only slows down her pace before her lips are connected with mine. This woman is insatiable, and I love it.

“Alex,” she moans between the kiss as my hands ease their grip on her.

Nicole rests her head on my shoulder as we stay connected, unable to move from here. Not to be anywhere else. I don’t think the night could be any better, not until I decide to say something that makes her smile brightly.

“I love you.”

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