The S Word

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This is going to be messy. Why did I agree to do this at my apartment? It was his idea, and even if it is for my channel I swear if my furniture gets dirty I’m forcing Alexander to clean.

Naked, so I can enjoy it even more.

I put a piece of plastic on the floor and place the camera in front of where we will be shooting. Pillows are scattered around, and I frown thinking how sloppy this might get. I know Alexander, he will want to get his hands dirty.

“I’m so regretting doing this at my place.”

The doorbell rings and I run to it. He is waiting on the other side, a smirk on his face soon as I open the door. Alexander steps inside, his arm comes around me in a hurry and the door is slammed shut with his foot.

“Hi,” he mumbles to my lips starting to take off his jacket.

“We have work to do,” I mutter between kisses laughing at how eager he is.

“Work can wait.”

Alexander’s hands come to my legs lifting me up as I giggle and throw them around him. I don’t know what’s gotten into him, but I like it.

“You horny-”

“It’s your fault,” he says stopping me. “Who told you to send me nudes?”

Oh right those.

“You asked what I was doing, I took a picture of me after showering for our live.”

Alex slamshis hand against my ass and I yelp at it, pretending to be offended. He sees right through me, I know he does. After much debate, he puts me down and I walk to where everything is displayed.

Alexander’s eyes take in everything, smiling like a kid that can’t wait to play with his favorite toy. Which makes me start to think where I stand? Is he going to play along with me or am I the toy?

“You did bring a change of clothes, right?”

He nods affirmatively at my question and takes off his shoes to walk towards me as I sit prepared on the now covered floor. Alexander sits by my side, pecking my cheek before I turn the camera on.

Nova is Live

“Hi guys,” I say waving at the camera. “We’re back.”

MyJamsAreTheShit: OMFG WTH

BestLipsYoullEverTaste: FUCK YES

“I have A here with me, and as you can see we will be playing with chocolate today.”

I see as Alexander winks at the camera, he slides his thumb into one of the bowls and licks it after, which only makes the comment section start to go off.

AGirlWithADirtyMind: well there goes my night out with my boyfriend

BigDickEnergy: I have arrived

It’s been more than one week since I last did a live, Alexander hasn’t been that active lately either. Guess we have been so busy with each other that we forget about the channels. But the chocolate was his idea, he said for us to make bonbons, in various forms

The man even got a naughty shape for crying out loud.

My eyes scan the comments, the viewers online and I see the one who is missing. Jia. We have an appointment in a couple of days, I will to talk to him about how she is hiding this from Layla. I just hope she shows up.

I thought about telling my best friend, I did, but I would be breaking the doctor-patient privilege and Jia’s trust. Although it’s a big deal, and I doubt Jia would sue me for doing it, I also don’t feel comfortable if I am the one telling Layla, and not her.

The torment and doubt in my patient is understandable, but hiding this from someone I love isn’t.

Something sticky slides against my cheek and I snap out of my trapping mind.

Alexander sits closer to me now, licking his fingers from the chocolate and getting rid of any proof of his actions. That is if we weren’t the only two people at the house.

“I thought we were making bonbons with the chocolate A,” I say arching an eyebrow.

“We are,” he speaks leaning closer. “I’m just seasoning my food.”

My hand is shoved against his face as with a chuckle I push him away to focus. Some of the viewers seem to enjoy the small interactions we have, as for others, not that much.

TheOneYouWant: so this is it? You won’t do dirty stuff? No kinks?

Comments like this keep popping up as people complain I got soft. Normal for them, I used to be very active and do kinks all the time. Now, I don’t even have time to fulfill mine as I want to.

Well, that’s not completely true, he did satisfy some of mine last week.

“Guys, I promise we will make a live like you want next week this was just-”

BigBoobsGirl: so now the two of you are doing lives together every week?

Alexander snorts, he isn’t enjoying the complains, the bickering. We thought people would be happy, and some were. But others seem to don’t want us to do this anymore. They seem to not even want us to be together.

“Yes,” he states. “As long as we want we will do lives as a couple.”

That seems to shut the bitching, although I see a lot of people leaving the chat. Maybe it’s better this way. We both do this because we like to, if it starts to feel like an obligation and we don’t have fun, I’m sure it won’t last.

BestLiosYoullEverTaste: you can all go, more for me to enjoy

BigDickEnergy: what he said

MyJamsAreTheShit: Y’all horny little bastards can’t even stand fluff

“Ok so, I pour this here?”

Alexander watches me laughing from time to time, teasing and pretending to whine when I don’t do something the right way. I was right, the room is a mess since he also enjoys splattering me with chocolate. By the end of the live I have my neck with a few stripes, my shoulder and he even managed to slide one finger on my cleavage. In his words, he will lick it out of me later.

If that doesn’t get me wet I don’t know what will.

Maybe I can- no stop Nicole focus on the live. You promised yourself this one wouldn’t end sooner because you two got horny. That can’t happen today, well it can but later.

I’m addicted to him.

He teases, but I behave. Not something easy to do when the man besides me whispers obscenities every now and then in my ear.

Very dirty, and explicit obscenities that gave me moaning without him even touching me.

“So that’s all for tonight,” I say waving at the camera once he leans away. “I promise I’ll keep you updated and to come here at least once a week. Bye.”

We both wave at the camera and soon as it is off I turn to the man snickering at me.

Nova is offline

“Do you talk to all your girlfriends like that?”

Alexander chuckles, his fingers dip in the chocolate before he leans forward to me.

“I never talked to anyone how I talk to you, gorgeous. None of them would react like you do.”

He lifts his finger to my mouth, spreading the chocolate over my lips. I open my mouth, but soon as I do and am about to suck on it as he eagerly awaits the sound of a notification comes from my laptop.

New Private Message from IamYourShadow

Alexander glances at the laptop, then at me. I see fear spreading across his eyes, but still I pick the laptop and press enter.

“Nicole, don’t.”

He tries to shut it again, but that’s not me. I don’t run. She threatened my friends the last time she came onto my channel.

“I won’t lower myself to her level but I need to see.”

The window opens, the white letters against the black forming a sentence that has me fuming on the spot.

IamYourShadow: You are going to pay for this

Alexander shuts the laptop taking it away from me, not giving me a chance to reply as much as I want to. What does she want from me? I know that it doesn’t matter if I try to reason or not with the girl, she is so lost that no matter what I say she only thinks Alexander left her for me.

But that doesn’t mean she has the right to send threats.

“Nicole?” He calls for my name and I snap my head at him.

“I’m okay,” I lie, standing up and walking towards the kitchen.

Alexander follows closely behind, his arms circle my waist and he twirls me around so he can see me. His eyes borrow mine for a few moments before the man I love kisses my forehead.

“You are not, and it’s fine. I’m sorry,” he speaks. “For bringing her into your life.”

“Alex, you couldn’t know. She is sick, I know that. But it doesn’t mean I need to be quiet when she does this shit.”

“I know. I just wish there was something I could do. That there was someone we could talk to make her go away.”

My brow shoots up remembering someone I know that has computer skills. Alexander stares down at me, his fingers sliding against the side of my face as I see the emotion in his eyes. He is scared of her.

“The police only gave her a notification, she can’t come near to where I am, but that’s all. That doesn’t protect you.”

There’s not much he can do, I know it and he as well. All we can ensure for now is to avoid her. Wait for her to let go of the obsession she has with my boyfriend. Although we both know that’s not going to happen.

How I wish I was wrong.

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