The S Word

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Layla's Party

Layla is throwing a party tonight, one she throws every year when the end of the summer approaches. As I am trying to figure out what to wear, Alexander rings the doorbell. I toss a robe over my shoulders; it doesn’t do much. My legs are barely covered, as I feel the breeze on my bottom, my breasts let small parts of the bra appear, I’m not even trying to hide anything at this point. But I’m in a hurry, not even caring about that and I know the robe isn’t doing it’s job because once Alex’s eyes stare at me I see the darkness of longing spreading across them in an instant.

“That’s an interesting way to greet your boyfriend,” he says with a snicker and coming inside the apartment.

“Don’t start Alexander; I need to get ready.”

“But you have my work cut out already,” he replies, reaching for my waist and turning me to him.

I roll my eyes, and he pecks my lips smearing a little of the lipstick on his. Alexander lets me go following me to the bedroom and sitting on the bed as I decide what to wear. Or rather panic on what to choose.

“What about that white one?” He asks, pointing at a dress I love but am not sure.

“It’s a summer party, half of the people there will be wearing white.”

“But they can’t pull it off as you do,” he replies, winking at me.

Grinning, I take the hanger with the short flowy dress from the closet, slide my arms in the straps, and tie the strip around my waist, making the dress accentuate the curves on my body. The straps fall from my shoulders; the cleavage reveals a little of my breasts and there’s a ruffle all around the short skirt that flows every time I move. It’s perfect for a summer night. I smile at him through the mirror gaining a groan from the eager man watching.

“I’ll let you take it off later,” I beam at him, searching for a pair of sandals.

Alexander stands from the bed, walking towards me and towering my smaller frame with his. Both staring at the mirror on my closets door I hand him the necklace so he can help me. With a smile he locks it around my neck, kissing it after, lifting his lips to my ear.

“I have something for you, little vixen.”

The pet name he only uses when things are about to turn hot sends a jolt across my body, and I turn to see Alexander reaching for a small black box inside his pocket. For a moment I think he has gone crazy, but the use of the pet name makes me realize what this is. It’s a kink, it’s something weird and sex-related.

I can’t wait.

“Since I can’t do anything to you before we go, I was wondering if we can spice things up throughout the night?”

“What do you have in mind?” I ask, quirking up a brow.

Alexander takes the top of the box, and my eyes widen, staring at what it’s inside. His dirty mind can only be matched by mine, and yet I never expected him to do something like this.

“Yes?” He asks, and I nod at him, gaining an evil smirk. Alexander leans forward, his lips softly caress mine before he speaks into them. “Bend over.”

I do as he says, supporting myself on my elbows on the bed and feel as he lifts the skirt of the dress and pulls my underwear to my knees.

“Now,” he speaks slowly, putting the box next to me and taking the silicone silver bullet with the string out first. “This is my revenge from those very provocative pics you sent during the week.”

His fingers tease my entrance before I feel the cold device sliding inside, and a moan falls from my lips. Alexander chuckles at that, raises my underwear, slapping my ass before lowering the dress to cover me once again.

He picks up the remote, and his mouth glides over my shoulder before he pulls me with him out of bed, and with a kiss, I feel something inside of me vibrating.

“Alex,” I whimper as he laughs.

“I was just testing to see if it works.”

It seems my boyfriend has sticky fingers with the freaking device; even as he was driving, I felt the damn bullet turning on twice. After slapping his chest and threatening him I wouldn’t let him have his fun he stopped.

I still don’t know how he believed it; we are both sex addicts. Well not sex addicts, we are addicted to each other and the ways our bodies feel when together. Or just the way he makes me feel without even touching me.

Alexander stops the car in front of Layla’s house, coming to open my door and helping me to get out of the vehicle. We walk hand in hand towards the door, while he wears an evil grin the entire time. Suddenly this kink doesn’t feel like a good idea.

Or it does, but not in a room filled with people.

Layla’s front door is open; we walk inside as I wave to a few of the people I know, asking one of them where she is. The girl points at the patio, and I walk with Alexander, gaining a few glances from the people in the room. I feel his grip increasing on me, but don’t give it a second thought when I see Layla standing with Jia outside.

“Finally,” my friend yells, rushing to us. “What took you so long?”

By the proud grin on my boyfriend’s lips, Layla knows she doesn’t need an answer.

“Anyway, the drinks are at the bar. Nicky, can I talk to you for a bit?”

I look at Alexander, who pecks my cheek before going to grab drinks for us both. Layla takes a step forward, one I don’t even notice as my eyes follow Alexander. Whoever decided to invent tight jeans, thank you. That man’s ass is worth the admiration.

“Justin is here.”

Her words make me lose focus on my boyfriend and stare at her instead.


“He showed up with a mutual friend; I had no idea Nicole, I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine Layla, it’s not your fault.”

That son of a bitch. Since that text, we haven’t been talking. But I know he’s seen my Instagram posts and stories. He and Layla were never that close, especially because the latter didn’t enjoy how Justin would come along every time.

My eyes search for everything, and everyone, as Alexander approaches, unaware of the chaos that’s going on in my mind. I don’t think Justin will come near us, but if he does, Alexander is brave enough to tell him to stay away.

He is possessive like that, especially since Justin also is.

“By the look on your face,” he speaks, handing me one of the cups, “Layla told you Justin is here.”

“How do you know?”

He smiles, leaning closer and resting his lips on my hair. Alexander takes a deep breath before speaking.

“I saw him when we entered.”

Alexander turns me around as Layla approaches again. His lips fall to my earlobe before he whispers.

“Let’s not let him ruin our night.”

His hand slides on mine until it leaves it cold to his touch.

“So, other than that incident, are you enjoying the party?”

Alexander nods, drinking from his cup before speaking.

“Yeah, it’s been so long since I had been into one of these.”

A soft vibration hits me, and I clasp my hand against his tight. My fingers are hidden between our bodies and I bite on my tongue not to make a noise. I may be hurting Alexander by the way my fingernails grasp against his leg, but it’s either that or a moan. The intensity decreases as he turns the device off again.

Definitely a bad idea.

“Nicky, can you show him around? And Alexander, see if you can put some alcohol into her, it’s been so long since she got drunk.”

“Layla,” I warn her.

My best friend turns around, smiling widely. I didn’t tell Alexander why I almost don’t drink, why I’m always so careful around alcohol. It’s not like I’m a saint, I enjoy a glass of wine, and I had my fair share of alcohol at college, but when I started to date Justin I saw that I didn’t want that life. I didn’t want to follow my father’s footsteps. The only thing Alexander knows about my father is that I don’t talk to him since I moved.

My eyes fall on the cup in my hand, and I frown at it. I drink, like any normal person. But I don’t enjoy drinking to the point I don’t know what I’m doing. I never got drunk to the point I passed out or forget my actions the next morning.

My father did that.

“Is everything ok, gorgeous?”

I turn around on my heels to nod at him. Truth is Alexander is the best thing that has happened in my life for a long time. He makes me laugh even when I don’t want to; he doesn’t complain when I wake him up in the middle of the night to have sex. I love him, I love him more than I understand and it’s so scary.

“Yes, it is,” I reply, tiptoeing to reach his lips. “Can we go somewhere tomorrow? There’s something I want you to see.”

He doesn’t understand but nods nevertheless. I pull Alexander by his hand, showing him Layla’s new place. It’s similar to what I have in mind for myself one day.

“Gorgeous,” Alexander calls, and I stop. “I don’t need to see everything.”

His hand slides inside his pocket, turning the bullet on again, this time stronger. I lose balance and a groan falls from my mouth before he takes it for him into a slow, steady kiss. My body is numb to everything but the pleasure caused by him and the small device. I’m at his mercy, I’m his, even surrounded by people I can’t see anyone else.

“Alex,” I breath into his lips when he pulls away, feeling the pull sensation on my lower stomach close.

“All I need,” he says, gliding his lips across my neck. “Is for a room with a lock on the door.”

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