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His eyes don’t move from mine as Alexander stares at me. It’s a dare game, one of those that the first one who backs away loses. I told him at home, but being him home is too far away still, and now neither of us can’t wait.

“A room with a lock?” I ask, trying to seem innocent.

Alexander nods before turning the bullet on again, and I lean forward to him holding onto his shirt. He chuckles as I bite down on my lip and try to hold myself together. My eyes search for his, and when he turns the small device off I start to walk towards the bedroom that’s closer.


She’s going to kill me; it’s the second time this happens. Although last time it was a random guy. Now, it’s the one I can’t say no to, the one that knows it so well and uses that fact to his advantage. I grab Alexander’s hand turning around and pacing in the living room. A few feet away is Layla bedroom’s door, so close and yet so far.


Crap. Shit. Fuck.

I recognize the voice, and with a fake smile on my face I turn to meet Solar. A friend from college, one of the sweetest souls I have ever met, and yet I wish she hadn’t seen me. We could talk later. Much later.

“It’s been so long.”

Solar comes to hug me, her arms pulling me closer, and when I glance at my boyfriend the evil grin on his face makes me scared. He’s going to turn the damn thing on again, I’m sure.

“Yeah,” I reply, knowing how long it has been. “This is Alexander.”

She nods at him before her eyes stare wide at me. Solar goes on small talk about the new office she works at. Her boss, the job itself, the colleagues. Then I feel it; he puts his arm around my waist and turns the bullet on. The whole time my nails dig into Alexander’s hand, marking the flesh as I try not to scream from pleasure because of the small device between my legs.

He’s going to pay for this.

“So, you have been dating for how long?”

Solar’s question startles me as I am focused on not to let any sound escape my mouth. Any inappropriate sound that is. It was easier when she was talking, and all I had to do was listen. Talking back at her demands some strength and coordination from me that I’m not sure I have.

The bullet keeps going, and I feel my underwear soaking more and more while the minutes pass by. I need to get out of here.

“A while,” he replies, shrugging. “But it feels like so much more.”

My friend nods, before resuming to her conversation — this time about how we seem so perfect together.

Alexander lets his hand slide until resting on the small of my back; he then leans forward to whisper at my ear. His breathing hitting my neck and sending shivers down my body.

“I’m going to increase it to full speed if you don’t hurry little vixen, and although I love the sounds you make when you come, I’m not sure your friend will want to hear that.”

“Solar,” I say, snapping my head at her. “I have something to do, but I’ll come right back to you.”

I don’t even wait for her to reply and instead pull Alexander by his hand listening as he giggles behind me. Layla’s door is closed, she doesn’t want anyone inside her bedroom, but this is an emergency.

Glancing over my shoulder I open it and step inside, shutting the door after, I feel the intensity of the bullet rising and Alexander pushes me against the door. His lips search for my permission, and I grant it to him; I moan into his mouth letting him know what I’ve been holding the entire night.

My hands clasp his hair pulling him closer as my boyfriend eagerly searches for the small string to untie my dress. He succeeds in letting the fabric reveal my body to him. Alexander’s eager hands twirl us around, holding onto the kiss, guiding me to the bed where he lays me on my back.

His mouth leaves mine, traveling across my body and marking my skin with the eagerness of his touch.


I whimper under him, the bullet vibrating inside of me and making me arch my back once I feel his fingertips sliding the cup of my bra down and revealing my breasts. Alexander takes one into his mouth, swirling his tongue over the nipple, sucking and biting while mimicking the action with his other hand.

His lips drop, and when they reach my lower belly, his long fingers slide my underwear away.

“I won’t tease you tonight gorgeous,” he says, standing on his knees and unbuttoning his pants. “I want to see you reach that moment of bliss before I have my way with you. I’ve been waiting for it all night.”

It’s when his mouth meets mine, and he slides his fingertips between my legs that I become a wanton under his touch and combust. My body shakes against his and Alexander smiles through the kiss.

Holding me in place he pulls the bullet out by its string. Lowering his pants after and laying on top of me filling the empty void of his touch, I’ve been longing for all night. Alexander completes me as our mouths part waiting for each other.

He easily slides in and out of me, entwining his hands with mine and making the sheets under us a mess as I throw my legs around his waist and pull him closer.

“Fuck,” he hisses when I raise myself to him, making him go deeper.

His other hand grasps my bare thight, leaving a feverish mark I will love to see in the morning. A grunt escapes from Alexander’s lips, and as I bite down on his neck, trying not to yell, gaining a sound of approval from him I feel my walls starting to tight around him.

It’s wild, messy, hurried, and so perfect. The room fills with profanity sounds that I’m sure people hear outside, but I don’t fucking care. I don’t care about anything or anyone right now, but the man that is making my body feel all sorts of pleasure.

Eyes on each other, I let myself surrender to the man I love once again as he rocks my second wave of pleasure before letting himself feel the delight of his orgasm. His lips clasp into mine, my hands travel between the strings of his hair, pulling the locks as my body holds on to him, searching the comfort of his embrace. This is something I love about him; he isn’t selfish. He always makes me reach it before he does.

My lips are not done with his yet as I linger our kiss until both of us stop shaking. Until our bodies have given up and stay connected and yet tired. He looks at me, his eyes saying words I don’t need to listen to.

Alexander stands up, helping me do the same. I search for my underwear as he adjusts his pants, and I glance at Layla’s bed sliding my panties on. It doesn’t matter if I make it again, she will know. The entire room smells like sex.

Very hot, steamy sex.

“You seem to be pondering to go for it again,” Alexander’s deep voice speaks, and I snap from my thoughts.

“I was,” I reply with a smile. “But there’s time for it at home.”

Alexander walks to me, his arms circling my smaller body before he pecks my forehead.

“I want you to spend the weekend with me this time. At my place,” he starts by saying, and I’m about to open my mouth when he stops me. “I love your house, I do. But I want to take you out tomorrow night; I want to go and eat at a good restaurant and do things normal couples do.”

“Normal couples go to friends’ parties like this one,” I reply with a grin.

“Yet they don’t trash the host’s bedroom as we did.”

Alexander leans to me, pressing our bodies together so close I feel the heat rising again. It’s the stare he gives me, the way his eyes look only at me and nothing or no one else.

“I want to pamper you properly, walk with you in my hand showing everyone you’re mine, before placing you on my bed and make love to you while you scream my name all night.”

“I like that plan.”

He snickers at me, and when I turn around the man slaps my ass, which only gets him a groan from me. He pecks my cheek leaning forward to open the door.

We walk hand in hand to meet Layla again when someone stops us. Someone I was trying to avoid all night. His broad figure stands in front of me, his eyes set on Alexander’s hand holding mine before my ex-boyfriend opens his mouth.

“Hi, Nicole.”

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