The S Word

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The phone rings while I still stare at the tablet in my hands. Today was chaotic, I didn’t have time for much with back to back appointments, and I’m glad the day is ending soon. Jackson is giving me more and more cases of women who have sexual issues at home. The first rays of the sun setting come through my window as I smile down happily, thinking Alexander is picking me up for dinner. We haven’t seen each other since the weekend; it’s the longest time so far. It’s stupid, I know, considering the relationship is recent, but I dressed up a little, put on my tight suit pants and a purple silk blouse. He said we were going somewhere special and my heart fluttered at that.

A place he never took any girl.

I can’t help to feel butterflies in my stomach with these words. I know he doesn’t see me as the girls he dated before, but it’s still good to listen to it. When did I turn into this school girl who giggles at the thought of her boyfriend? He took down my walls, and I haven’t been this happy for a long time. He said he needed to take care of some work stuff and then he would come to pick me. Mindlessly reading I lift the phone when it rings, only to hear the girl from the front desk speaking.

“Your next appointment is here, Dr.”

“Send him in.”

A new patient was added last minute to my day and although I love to help and listen to people’s problems, today I want to go home. But the knock on my door remembers me I’m an adult, I need to work if I want to keep my apartment and pay my bills. The lives I did give me some money, but I like my job. Alexander has his business, and I have my patients.


I put the tablet on top of the desk and glance up to see a man closing the door. His ebony hair waving before he turns on his heels and gives me snicker.

“Alexander, what are you doing here?” I ask, not fully understanding. “What did you do with your hair?”

I stand up as he approaches, and the smile fades from his lips.

“You don’t like it?”

I wish I didn’t; the dark locks against his caramel skin did something on my lower parts.

“I do,” I speak, trying to get out of the trance. “I was just used to seeing you in red.”

He smiles at me, coming around the desk and pecking my lips. Then with a wicked grin, Alexander walks to the sofa and sits. I stare at him, quirking up a brow and waiting for the man to say something.

“Whenever you’re ready,” he says with a wink.

I sigh and open the file the front desk sent me just minutes before he entered. My suspicions get confirmed once I see his professional name on the screen.

“You used your last name, not Alexander, this time?”

“I thought it would be fun,” he replies with a shrug.

“I thought you had work,” I say, picking up the notebook and sitting on the chair in front of him.

My boyfriend eyes me as I walk. I knew he would like this outfit, and as he leans back on the sofa, spreading his legs to the side and getting comfortable, that assures me of it. This should be fun, Alexander never saw me working before.

“I wrapped the meeting sooner than I was expecting,” he speaks softly. “Then I thought since you had part of your afternoon free, why not see my girlfriend doing her job? You’ve seen me do mine; it’s only fair.”

“Being on the other side of your laptop as you send emails doesn’t count,” I say with a snicker. “Whenever you are ready, Mr. Miller.”

A smug smile appears on his lips, and I start to wonder if this is just an excuse for Alexander to fulfill another of his kinks. So, I cross one leg over the other and see as his eyes watch it so intensely.

“My eyes are up here, Mr. Miller.”

“Right,” he says. “Let’s start then.”

I stare at him from my chair, not speaking and letting the mood start to get awkward. He isn’t aware, but I’m a dom in my workplace.

“So, what do we do now?” He asks, and I smile, knowing he broke.

“Now you speak about whatever is bothering you.”

Alexander nods, his hands sliding up and down his legs, and I glance at them. The image is almost an invitation to my dirty mind. My boyfriend sits in my office, dark slacks, paired with a black cotton shirt that clings to his chest, legs spread wide. My mind is drifting to places it only goes when I think of him.

“My eyes are up here, Dr.”

Damn it.

“I’m sorry, ” I reply, blinking away and staring at his eyes instead.

Alexander’s smug smile appears once again, this time bigger, and I know if we keep this up I’m in trouble.

“What are your worries? What brought you here?”

“My girlfriend,” he quickly says, and my eyes widen. “I want to take her somewhere tonight, but I don’t know how she will react.”

I nod, taking notes and thinking about what this place can be for him to be so mysterious about it. Alexander and I don’t have secrets, that’s one of the things I love the most about our relationship. He knows everything about me, and I know everything about him, even where he has his porn.

To be honest, we already saw quite a bit together, that was a good afternoon.

“Tell me more about her.”

He wasn’t expecting this, and I am curious to know what he will say. I want to know how he sees me. Alexander shifts in his seat and I lean forward, waiting.

This is fun.

“She is an amazing woman; she knows what she wants and gets it done.”

“How did you fall in love with her.”

Ok, I may be fulfilling my needs here and asking what I always wanted to know. Alexander chuckles, his tongue slides inside his cheek. He knows what I’m doing.

“I saw her online, and I had this need to know more about her. Eventually we started to talk, but I lied to her and never told her I already knew who she was before. Nicole found out, we had this big fight and she told me to leave. When the door closed behind me that night I knew I had deep feelings for her. I knew I loved her because I didn’t want to give a life that she wasn’t a part of.”

My heart beats faster, remembering that night and how devastating it was for both of us. That was when I realized I had feelings for him as well, although I didn’t want to recognize how deep they were. But seeing him speaking so easily about them makes me feel so proud to be the girl that gets to hold his hand and call him boyfriend.

So happy to be the one that lays by his side most of the nights and to whom he whispers sweet and spicy words before falling asleep. He is the only man I have ever loved this way, and as I stand up from my chair and walk to the sofa, I’m determined to prove him just that.

Alexander’s gaze is on me as I approach; he doesn’t know what’s going on, but once I sit on his lap, my legs around his waist, my lips on his he reacts. His large hands grab my waist pulling us closer together, making our bodies mold into each other because they are one. He is mine, and I’m his.

The steady kiss deepens, as I knew it would. I want him to see how much I love him, how much I miss him even if it has been only a few days. So why not fulfill a kink of my man? He’s already here anyway.

My fingers eagerly find the hem of his shirt, and I slide it off as he smiles at me. It’s his fantasy. Alexander’s hand comes to cup one of my breasts, feeling my hardened nipples through the fabrics, and he groans when I palm him.

“You need to keep quiet,” I whisper, lifting myself from his lap. “I don’t want to lose my job.”

Alexander’s tongue pokes from his mouth as he slides it over his bottom lip, watching as I undress in front of him. His gaze follows as my hands open my blouse revealing the light pink silk bra underneath, how I unzip my pants and slowly pass them by my hips along with my panties, standing in front of the man I love with almost nothing covering me.

“I’ll try my best,” he speaks when I drop on my knees in front of him.

Alexander speaks, and I slowly unbutton his pants as he helps me sliding the fabric just enough on his thighs revealing how hard he is. Kissing his tip before wrapping my lips around him I listen as he hisses. I take him completely inside my mouth, bobbing my head up and down and listening to the suppressed grunts my boyfriend gives.

His long fingers caress the back of my head as I deep throat him, feeling him getting stiff inside my mouth, knowing it won’t take long for him to ask me to stop.

Alexander prefers to have me looking at him when coming.

“Little vixen,” he calls, and I shoot him my eyes, not taking my lips away from him.

I know exactly what it does to him, and when he bites down on his lip, I smile. “Come here.”

I slide him out of my mouth, as slowly as possible, taking my time with his tip. Alexander’s hands steady me as I straddle his waist once again, feeling him hard against my cheeks.

He unhooks my bra, the only thing I left on knowing how much he likes to be the one taking it off, exposing my breasts to him and leans forward to take one into his mouth. The feeling of his lips caressing my nipple before his teeth graze over it, giving the slightest bite is enough for me to pull my bottom lip with my teeth not to be loud.

When my hand slowly caresses him he groans, and I raise a brow warning him.

I kiss him, while his hands help me lift only to lower my hips and feeling him completing me fully in one thrust. Alexander lets his lips travel over my neck, biting and sucking, marking me as his. My hips move matching his and I could come undone with just the soft brushing movement of his fingertip between my legs. Our lips crush against each other in an attempt to suppress our screams of pleasure.

“Alex,” I moan into his mouth, feeling him trying to control himself.

His hands roam on my body, pinching my nipples, squeezing my hips. He pulls my hair, and I whine when his mouth touches the spot he loves so much on my neck. Stars gather on my shut eyelids because it takes every bit of self-control not to call his name out loud.

Alexander kisses me so feverishly; his hands clasp on my bare ass as he thrusts up, taking control of the situation and my body. Making love to me as I lose all focus, as I lose myself into the feeling of him under me. His mouth caressing my skin, his dark hair between my fingers, our lips dancing with each other.
He bites on my lower lip, surrendering into the bliss of an orgasm as powerful as the one that hits me.

“I love you,” he speaks, brushing his lips on mine.

“I love you too,” I reply into his lips feeling him smiling through the kiss.

He pulls my hair behind my shoulders and stares into my eyes. Time is relative as we stay in my office, lips searching for the other, hands slowly reaching places they only should behind closed doors.

Closed doors that are not my office.

It’s when the clock hits 6 pm and I glance to see the time I hear Alexander whining.

“We have to go,” he says, standing up and lifting me with him.

Alexander puts me down, and I frown at why he is so rigid with time today. Maybe the restaurant is strict with the hours? We get dressed, he helps me packing everything before we leave the office hand in hand. I ignore the way the front desk girl looks at me, obviously wondering why the patient stayed in my office for two hours, and head with Alexander to his car.

“Can you tell me now where we are going?”

He smiles, but not in the same wicked way he does when he has a dirty secret. No, this smile is different.

“You’re going to meet someone special to me.”

I frown at his words while Alexander takes my hand placing it with his on my leg. He glances at me, seeing how confused I am; he laughs a little. On my mind I can only think of Tyler, but he wouldn’t be like this if it were his best friend. His deep voice fills the car before the one word that could make me scared leave his cupid shape lips.

“My mother.”

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