The S Word

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Chapter 4

I get out of the shower and search for some of the clothes Layla bought, not sure of what I want to do with my hair I leave the towel wrapped around my head for a little longer.

A notification pops on my phone and I see that my best friend left a comment on my Instagram account.

MyJamsBringAllTheBoysToTheYard: You hoe stop saying good things about me. People will think I have a heart or something

Nationpride97: beautiful just as I remember you

With a snort I turn my attention to my closet so I can finish getting dressed.

The clothes are revealing, but not too much. It’s right on the edge, almost as if it could slip off my skin, revealing more than the lace strap from my bra exposed. My phone alarm goes off after a couple of minutes, and I open my laptop to start today’s broadcast.

Nova is live

The sound of people entering my channel fill my ears, the small chimes resembling ring bells echoes through my room before I decide to put some music on. It’s been a few days since Layla and I went out, the talk sure helped and now I am ready to take a step further.


BigBookWorm94: Hello

Bigdickenergy: on time as always

"Are you keeping track of me?”

Teasing, it always works with men. At this point, I am sure who are men and women without even seeing their profile pics. It’s easy by the way they speak.

Bigdickenergy: I... No!

“Sure, let’s pretend I believe it,” I say smirking at the camera.

I see the numbers popping up the screen while the viewers log in, and decide to start the subject that got me here. Layla told me to edit comments for my faithful viewers. It seems the website lets me give medals to whomever I want, and I honored quite a few people, my best friend is one of them. This way I can stay focused on answering them only, as the comments will appear more prominently.

50shades.of.purple: Hi beautiful

“So, I woke up in a great mood this morning, and as it seems that it stayed like that I decided today is the day I will indulge one body kink. You may throw suggestions.”

Bigdickenergy: show some skin

Twisted_mind: the comment above mine

BigBookWorm94: you still have the towel on your head

“Right, I forgot,” I mumble, staring at the camera. “I’ll be right back.”

I am about to turn and pop off bed when a notification makes me glance at the screen

50shades.of.purple: wait you said you would fulfill a kink, let me see you with wet hair

My eyebrow shoots up reading his comment. That’s a kink? I mean I’ve read a lot of stuff but watching a girl with wet hair is a thing? With hesitant hands, I unwrap the towel from my head and let my ebony locks fall on my back.

Men are visual, though I already did dirty talk on the channel I guess the fact that I am touching a body part, even if it’s my hair, awakes something in him. Therefore, if he wants to see me with wet hair, I will give him wet hair. I turn on the side, damping my tresses with the towel before brushing it. The comments keep on coming, but my favorite user doesn’t say a thing. He is still watching, I can see his name on the user’s list, but he isn’t even typing.

The brush easily slides across my hair; I turn my head to the other side to make it easier for myself to finish the job. My eyes stay closed the whole time, as I think of every move I can make. When I finish, I lean forward and pass my fingers between the strands to make it more fluffy.

Then, as my fingertips massage my scalp a small moan falls from my lips and I know that the people watching are enjoying, as the notifications keep on coming.

With one movement, I whip my head and let my hair fall against my back, the tips curling over my breasts before turning my attention to the camera again.

“How was that?”

50shades.of.purple: *user is heavy breathing*

He makes me giggle, something uncommon for me, but I don’t know what is about this guy that seems to make me at ease. No, I don’t have a crush on him; it takes more than a couple of compliments to make me have a crush on someone. For now, I only enjoy talking to him.

The other viewers seem to get a kick out of the hair thing, and sure enough, I get requests for more. One guy asks me to see my toes, and I frown at his comment.

50shades.of.purple: I can’t say this without sounding dirty, but that was hot

Bigdickenergy: it fucking was

Bitchyqueen: Im tagging him because no one seems to be doing it today, @camchannels-A you need to see this

It only takes one user to do that for the others to follow, being my first transmission with more than ten users I watch in shock as they keep on tagging A.

MyJamsAreTheShit: @camchannels-A

Layla’s reply makes me narrow my eyes defiantly, since our talk she has been checking up on me while I am broadcasting, and he always makes sure to leave a tag.

50shades.of.purple: I would say I love to watch you all for myself but @camchannels-A, I ship you two

“Traitor,” I whisper at the camera.

50shades.of.purple: *evil laughs*

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