The S Word

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Don’t start what you can’t finish?

Who says I can’t finish?
Just let me cook dinner and bend you over the kitchen table next

I that a promise?

Just because of that I am going to make you beg tonight

Well, he’s in the mood; that’s obvious. I chuckle, putting my phone away and getting ready to go live once Alexander arrives. The small papers are already folded, he is bringing his as well, so I don’t know what’s in them, and Layla set others.

Yes, Alexander told Layla we were doing a game tonight on my channel, and my best friend thought it would be a good idea to participate. So now we will have three colors of paper in a bowl.

We will be asking questions to each other. Nothing is off-limits, but that applies for most things in this relationship. Alexander knocks on my door and I rush to open it, eager to see how he will react to my outfit.

I chose a very short skirt that flows as I walk, which may or may not reveal butt cheeks, and a white shirt tucked inside of it.

I pull the door open and my eyes meet his before the two chocolate spheres I love drift over my body. Alexander inhales sharply, a low rumble comes from him, doing something to my core. He steps inside closing the door, and I bite down on my lip, knowing I succeeded.

He leans forward, taking my lips for him into a slow kiss and when feeling me melt under his touch, he talks into my mouth.

“I love the outfit but those clothes won’t stay on you for long.”

He is in a dom mood tonight. Great. I walk in front of him, swaying my hips and listening as he grunts behind me and whispers profanities under his breath, thinking I’m not listening.

I was on my period last week, we haven’t had sex in a few days, and I may or may not have teased him last night. So now both of us are eager. Doing the live before having sex wasn’t a good idea. I drop myself on the bed and adjust everything around me, Alexander sits and I glance at him before he nods, signaling he is ready.

Nova is live

“Hi, guys, what have you been up to?”

MyJamsAreTheShit: FINALLY


BigDickEnergy: I’m here, I’m ready

“So, we are here today, ready for a game,” I speak, signaling to bowl in front of me. “A and I will be asking questions to each other, kinky questions.”

“Yes, but,” Alexander speaks staring at me and not the camera. “We have three chances to ask the other to show the kink if we don’t know it.”

“We do?”

I didn’t know this. Son of a gun, he’s horny and wants to make out in front of the camera again until I break. I can’t say I don’t enjoy it, but it’s dangerous. What if she is watching?

“We do,” he mumbles, putting his lips on my cheek, and I feel my body tingling with the touch.

Alexander sits up straight, facing me and picks up the bowl; he lifts it stretching to me, so I take one of the folded papers. I pick one random, unfolding it so carefully as if it is a bomb because it feels like one.

By the way, Alexander’s eyes are observing me. I know it’s one of his papers.

“Do you prefer Sub or Dom?” I read out loud.

It’s one of his questions. I smile at the letters before lifting my gaze to meet his curious one. I lick my lips as he watches me waiting like a predator before replying.

“It depends on the situation and the person I am with. Usually, I enjoy dominating; it gives me the power I love. But,” I say, dragging the word, and he snickers, “if the man I am with knows how to handle me properly then I prefer to be a sub.”

Alexander’s grin gets wider, and he takes one of the papers from the bowl placed between us. I listen to the notifications on the laptop and try not to let my eyes fall from his. Not until he is reading, and I glance at the screen.

BigBookWorm: being dominated is not my thing

MyJamsAreTheShit: you mean ‘if A knows how to handle you.’

BestLipsYoullEverTaste: fuck

“Fantasy kink?”

He reads, and I smile. That’s from Layla; it’s not mine, and it’s not his. I always thought Alexander must have something he wants to see me dressed up into. He is into manga, one of the shelves at his apartment is filled with them.

“I would love to have sex with a woman dressed up as Boa Hancock from One Piece.”

The name makes me frown because I don’t recognize it, and Alexander takes his phone out from his pocket. He types the name and turns the device to me and my eyes go wide, seeing the image.

She barely has clothes. Not that I’m complaining.

“You seem to be trying to find the right words, Nova,” Alexander chuckles.

“I’m not. I was just wondering where can I find the outfit.”

His gaze changes so quickly I almost miss it. It goes from amusement to lust in a blink of an eye, and I smile knowingly. He is turned on.

“My turn,” I chirp and take one of his blue papers. “Being choked during sex?”

Oh crap. I wasn’t expecting this to be here. I mean, I know about his huge neck kink, Alexander’s lips and my neck are practically attached whenever we are together — but asking this now? Not a good idea.

“I-” my voice gets stuck in my throat, and I suck in a long breath before replying. “I don’t know. Could you please show me?”

The words fall from my lips so innocently I almost believe them. When my gaze meets my boyfriend’s, I see him biting down on his lip, his eyes dark with lust. This is dangerous territory for the two of us. Alexander leans forward before whispering.


Notifications come from the laptop so loud, and yet most of them are a four-letter word. The one I keep saying to myself.


His lips brush softly against my pink ones before his mouth closes, and the space between us fades away. Alexander takes his sweet time with me. He slowly lays me on my back, and it doesn’t take long for his hands to start roaming on the side of my body. His right hand, hidden from the camera angle, crawls under my skirt and squeezes my thigh. I lift my leg, cradling him and feeling him hardening before his lips fall on my neck. He kisses and grazes his teeth on my skin making the hairs on the back of my neck lift.

I moan under him before his lips silence me, and Alexander whispers into my mouth.



His right hand lets go of the hold on my thigh and crawl on my side. His thumb slides over my breast, and my boyfriend smiles wickedly at me.

Doing this while he is turned on, it wasn’t a good idea. Or maybe it was, but not with people watching. Fuck, knowing people are watching is a bigger turn on. He lets his hand rest on my neck and doesn’t move his eyes from mine, not until his thumb is applying the softest of pressure on my neck, and my lungs don’t seem to work properly.

Alexander lowers himself, planting kisses on my chest, gliding his lips over my cleavage, and I have to admit I can’t focus on anything else. I enjoy it.

I let my hands slide between the strings of his dark hair pulling him closer on my body as he lowers himself on me.

“Alex, the live,” I moan when feeling him lowering my cleavage to have better access.

He shuts the computer down with his hand, and I whimper eager for his touch when his mouth kisses the top of my breasts. Alexander slides his shirt off, quickly doing the same with mine.

I feel as his fingers glide on my legs until reaching between them, and Alexander kisses me deeply as I his fingertips on my sensitive core. He moves my underwear to the side, dipping one finger and circling my nub with the other.

He slides them in and out, longing the kiss and grunting into my mouth before I come onto his fingers.

“Good girl,” he mumbles when my body starts to shake under him.

Alexander isn’t willing to waste any time today, no matter how much I beg for it. I watch as he unbuckles his pants and lowers them just enough to free himself. My hand wraps around him as he pulls my underwear down, and I glide my hand up and down on him, feeling him twitching on my palm while his mouth does wonders on my breasts.

“I wanna taste you,” I whine when he pulls away.

“Later, little vixen,” he speaks, lowering himself and teasing my entrance with his tip. “You can do whatever you want to me after in the shower, right now you’re my sub.” Alexander slides inside of me, and I arch my back to meet his chest, “I’m too eager to feel you tight around me.”

He thrusts once fully and hitting that sweet spot. His eyes ask for permission, and I grant it to him. Alexander places one hand on my neck, doing the very same thing from before. The man I love makes me feel cherished as our eyes hold onto each other and he thrusts into me over and over again without letting go of the pressure on my neck. All of my focus, all of my attention goes to him, as it always happens.

It doesn’t have to be romantic every time; it can be rushed; it can be messy. I may love it even more when we are too eager, when we want to lose each other into the feeling of the bliss together.

He feels me starting to clench around him again and slaps my bare ass only to hear me yelp. My legs go higher around his waist, pulling him closer and making him go harder as I want and need him to.

When everything fades away, and both of us surrender to that perfect orgasm at the same time, nothing else matters. Nothing, but the way our eyes share the emotions we feel, the way our heartbeats against each other, and he kisses me deeply before wrapping his arms around me and walking us both to the bathroom.

“Now,” he mumbles, pecking my lips. “I promised you a shower.”

He walks us away from the messy bed, smiling at each other and slowly letting our emotions travel in the form of kisses. Our lips meet, over and over again and we don’t care about anything else.

Not even the red light blinking on the camera, still pointing to the bed.

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