The S Word

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My heels echo as I walk inside the main hall. Heads turn to stare at me, but the grin on my face isn’t because of that. It’s because of the deep voice on the other end of the line saying sweet and spicy words.

“I’m telling you, that blouse is too sexy for work,” Alex says, and I chuckle holding the phone close to my ear.

From the corner of my eye, I spot the front desk girl struggling with some paperwork. She’s only been here for a couple of weeks but seems so out of place. Her petite frame and dark hair are the opposite of other girls around here who are always so bright and talkative.

“It’s not,” I whine, taking a glimpse of my cleavage.

“I couldn’t take my eyes off your boobs the entire lunch, woman.”

“Alex, you can’t take your eyes of them whenever I am in front of you.”

“Fair enough.”

I listen to his laughter, and my heart melts with the sound of the deepness. We were together minutes ago, and I already want to be with him again. I reach my office door, unlock it, and step inside to be alone for the final minutes before the Lee’s arrive for their appointment.

“By the click of your door being shut, I suppose you are away from curious eyes,” the tone in his voice sends shivers down my spine.

Dear God, he is going to tease me at work again.

“Yes, I’m preparing for the next appointment.”

“Do you have time for phone sex?”

I consider this, and I would have time if I didn’t have to read last session notes.

“Not now, maybe after work? I can call you when I’m home.”

Alexander deeply inhales, and I bite down on my lip, knowing he reacted.

“If you’re at home, I don’t want phone sex. I want- well you know what I want. I want to make you say my name in that sweet melodic way I love. Can you sleep at my place tonight, gorgeous? I have a meeting with Tyler in the morning.”

“I can manage, just need to go home and pick a few things I’ll need to get ready in the morning.”

Alexander chuckles, and I quirk up a brow waiting for him to speak.

“Bring extra; I think it’s about time for you to have stuff here.”

My heart beats faster, realizing the meaning behind everything he just said. It’s the next step in the relationship, a huge step — something I only did with my ex after a year.

“I finally managed to leave you speechless, hm?”

His voice brings me back for the stupid comparison between relationships, and I smile knowingly.

“Actually, I was going to tell you the same thing during the weekend.”

He goes silent, and I can picture him sitting in his car, driving and biting down on his lower lip. The satisfied grin on his face can only be matched by the sparkle in his eyes.

“See you at 7?”

“Yes. Love you.”

“Love you too, little vixen.”

It’s hard to step down from the clouds I am right now, but I do it. The notes from Lee’s last session wait and I read them quickly before my phone rings.

“The Lee’s are here, Dr.”

“Send them in.”

I walk to my chair just in time for the knock on my door, signaling the couple is here for their therapy session. The Lee’s are always interesting to talk to, she is very closed about what she likes and he is even worse. The man doesn’t seem to agree with me, a woman, analyzing him. He feels weird about it.

“Hi Dr,” Mrs. Lee greets me with her usual smile and I bow to both of them.

“Hello,” is my reply as they sit on the sofa in front of me. “How was your week?”

They get comfortable and share a glance before I sit on my chair. It’s the first time they seem to have a secret between themselves and I can’t say it’s a bad thing.

“It was good,” Mrs. Lee starts.

“Did you do the exercises I told you?”

Simple things. They should share something intimate, something they wish to be different in bed. Try a new position, be spontaneous. Have a glass of wine and let loose at night.

“We did,” Mrs. Lee nods, staring at me. “We went to this cellar and tried a few wines. By the end of the night, we were a bit tipsy and-”

Both their cheeks grow red and I smile proudly at the patients. They had sex. Finally. It’s been months since the two of them were even intimate, and it was starting to destroy the relationship. Intimacy is needed; it’s a way for the couple to connect to prove they still feel the same way. So, for the Lee’s, who are married for the last fourteen years not to have sex, it was a bit worrying.

“I’m glad it went ok. I hope you got home safely because I don’t support drinking and driving,” I smile at them both and watch as they share another glance.

Oh my, they got freaky.

“We did it in the car,” Mr. Lee speaks, startling me.

Seeing the man that seems so against the idea of these sessions, talking freely is making me feel happy.

“Oh,” I say, taking notes. “That’s even better.”

“It is?”

Mrs. Lee asks, and I stare at her smiling.

“Yes, it means you two couldn’t wait to be with each other. Even if it was because of the wine, or doing something you don’t usually do, it’s good.”

I place the note and pen on the table and fold one leg over the other, staring at the couple. These two intrigue me, because I know the love is there. I’ve seen the way they talk to each other, but the sex wasn’t happening, and I couldn’t understand why.

“It means you still have that feeling you talked to me about. That Mr. Lee still can’t get enough of you, Mrs. Lee, and you have nothing to worry about.”

The smile on my client’s face is so bright it could almost blind me. She turns to her husband, he takes his hand in hers, and my heart melts with the sight. It’s love, years of it, and they are still working on it.

My phone vibrates on the table, and I glance at it to see notifications going off. Weird, Layla usually doesn’t text during the day because she knows I’m at work. Not unless it’s an emergency.

Oh shit, maybe Jia talked to her.

The session is still far from ending, and I try to ignore the device that seeks attention on the coffee table in front of me. I manage to do it until Alexander’s name appears on it. He never texts during sessions; I always text him first, so he knows I can talk.

Something is wrong.

My heart doesn’t rest for the rest of the appointment, and I feel my stomach twisting. Whatever is going on it’s serious, or Alexander wouldn’t be calling right now. I manage to survive, and as soon as the Lee’s shut the door behind them when leaving I’m already returning my boyfriend’s call.

It only rings a couple of times before I listen to him speaking.

“I’m sorry Nicole, I didn’t want to call but-”

“It’s fine. What’s wrong. Are you okay? Layla texted and-”

“I’m fine,” he speaks, calming me. “Layla is fine. It’s not that.”

Alexander takes a deep breath, and I listen to him picking up his car keys. He mumbles something under his breath, and it seems he is leaving his apartment as a door closes.

“I’m going to pick you up right now.”

“Alexander, I’m at work. I can’t leave.”

He is hiding something and is trying to stall until being with me to tell me what’s wrong. But it won’t work. I won’t just miss half of my day if he doesn’t explain.

“Nicole please-”

“No, Alex, whatever is going on, tell me.”

He enters in his car; I listen as he starts the engine and puts the phone on speaker. I feel like throwing up, my phone beeps, but I don’t check to see what it is. It’s been going crazy for the last hour and that’s probably the same reason why my boyfriend is acting this way.

“I’ll tell you,” he says, and I lean against my seat. “But please stay calm until I’m there, and once you know what’s going on turn off your phone. Promise?”

“I promise.”

Alexander’s apartment isn’t that far away from my office; he will be here soon I know it. That’s the only reason why he’s telling me right now.

“The other night, when we shut down the computer after the live, do you remember that?”


Perfectly. I remember everything about that night. Every touch, kiss, every word whispered to each other. My stomach makes me sick, and my breathing quickens. Did we not turn off the live?

“The computer was shut down with that, so the live was off.”

It’s as if he listened to my thoughts, and I breathe in relieve, but then Alexander says the one thing I wasn’t ready for.

“But someone hacked into the camera and recorded us.”

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