The S Word

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Chapter 5

Okay, I have my mix of fruit, I’m all set for the camera and the light today is just perfect. Better, take advantage of it and start the live right away. My hair decided not to collaborate today, so I picked it into a messy bun letting a few strands fall against my neck.

ASMR, that’s the goal for today again.

Nova is live

Bigdickenergy: wow that’s a look

“Hi, guys. What are you all up to?”

I sit with my legs crossed, putting the bowl over them and pick up the silverware. The notifications start to beep, and I read all of them trying to answer as many questions as possible, even to the new viewers who are watching.

“I’m happy for you,” I reply to a sweet comment from a watcher. “Now, I decided to do some more ASMR since you guys have been enjoying it so much.”

The comments start to come almost as spam; most of the people watching and talking are the ones that come daily to my channel. I pick up a slice of watermelon and place it in my mouth, letting the sweet juice of it swirl around my taste buds. The bowl is probably half-empty as I sit talking with the people watching when something catches my eye.

A: so this is the girl you all have been telling me about

I almost spit the watermelon from my mouth as soon as his name pops up. My eyes start to widen, I know they do, I can feel them burning from the lack of blinking. But I can’t seem to stop staring at the comment section to make sure it’s not a mistake.


Shaking my astonishment away, I hurriedly put another piece of fruit inside my mouth.

“Hi, welcome to my channel.”

After the massive freaking out from the viewers, some begin to explain to him what I have been up to, what I did the last few times. When they reach the part about me whispering dirty talk A’s name starts to blink as he writes. I am not a nervous person; I am not. For some reason having him watching me is turning out to be a bit more than I thought I could handle.

I mean the man is ... I don’t even have words to describe him. Yes, I may have a crush on him.

A: oh, so you do sexy ASMR?

“Yes, I try to at least.”

A: that’s interesting.

What the hell does he mean with that’s interesting? He doesn’t like it or likes it and is thinking about it? There are few moments in life when you seem to be watching yourself out of your body. This is one of those. I could swear I am seeing myself staring dumbfounded at my laptop.

“Thank you?”

BigBookWorm94: read for him

MyJamsAreTheShit: do dirty talk. DO FUCKING DIRTY TALK NOW

“Chill,” I raise my brow, answering Layla. “I will do dirty talk only if A wants to. He isn’t into sex stuff.”

His name starts to blink again, and I hold my breath in expectation. I don’t want him to think I’m a freak. I mean, I am, but he doesn’t need to know that.

A: I don’t do sex stuff, but I enjoy watching it very much

My stomach drops to my feet, and I stare at the comment section once more.

A: could you do dirty talk for me then?

“Sure. What type?”

The words may have come out faster than I intended them too. It’s going to be sub, isn’t it? It’s always sub. And I’ve seen A; he is dominant, he enjoys having the power and controlling the people watching him. He is a bigger tease than I am.

A: confess me something

This is a first. No one ever asked me to do this. Usually, it’s sub talk, me telling them how good they are, or how I feel diminished by them. Confessing something is different, I mean I can lie, but I’m not in the mood. So I lean forward just like the days before whispering to the mic.

“I have never been into a sex party, but I would love to. As you may know, I enjoy having people watching me, now imagine how much I would enjoy having someone fucking me hard against a wall as another watches wanting to do the same.”

Comments start to flood rising within seconds, and I have a hard time keeping up with everyone. V doesn’t reply right away; I bite down on my lip, waiting for him to say something. Is not that I need his approval, but he is here, on my channel watching me. That is turning me on more than I am willing to admit.

A: I am going to dm you in a bit

MyJamsAreTheShit: OH FUCK

BigBookWorm94: why is talking with her in private?

Bigdickenergy: dude shut up. He wants some ass let him be

Crap, why is he going to dm me for? The live continues, A doesn’t speak anymore, and I resume to eating the food while talking with the viewers. Some of them are still hung up on A dropping by, although I know he is silently watching, his name is still light up on my viewer’s list.

“So that’s it for tonight guys. I will see you tomorrow?”

BigBookWorm94: of course

youtheQueue: bye queen

Nova is offline

I close the live and wait, scolding myself for being too excited with this. But how can I help it? Layla spams me with texts as I sat nervously with my account still open, but I ignore her. There’s something that needs my attention right now.

New private message from A

Trying not to seem too anxious about it, I wait a few seconds before opening the dm. Yes, I am playing games. But I am positive he has girls waiting in line to be with him, ones that throw themselves to his feet to be in his bed. So I don’t want him to think I am like that.

No matter how much I would love to- Focus, Nicole, reply to the man.

A: I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed that live. You have a unique thing about you

Nova: thank you. It was an honor for me to know you liked it

A: I did, more than a lot. Your dirty talk was on point. I get why I was tagged so much.

I don’t know what to reply, so I stare at the laptop, thinking about what can I say instead. Thank you. Seems not to be enough. But then his name starts to blink again, and I hold my breath waiting for his message to appear. When it does, my mouth falls open, and I read the message five times to be sure.

A: I would like to meet you. Can I have your number?

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