The S Word

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He rests his hand on my lower stomach, pressing our bodies together. His fingers start to drift down, teasingly and torturingly slow as Alexander keeps his lips close to my ear. When he reaches between my legs once again and flickers his finger over my clit, a moan escapes my lips.

Fuck, I can’t even prove a point with him. I can’t even stay mad enough at this man not to let him touch me. Maybe that’s good because if it got that far if I didn’t allow his fingertips to grace my skin like they are now, it would mean my love for him isn’t that big.

And my love for the man that lets his lips caress my neck right now is bigger than any other feeling I have ever experienced.

My hand reaches behind me, grasping against his waist for support as he barely lets his lips touch my neck.

“I don’t own you,” he whispers into my ear. “But you are mine.”

The hot water hits against us as he drags his finger until my entrance, his thumb caressing me before one finger easily slides inside, and I become a mess in his arms. He is right, in a way. I am his; my heart belongs to him. My body belongs to him because it never reacted like this to anyone. No matter how upset I am with him, my mind seems to drift under his touch.


“No,” he interrupts in a stern tone. “You said you weren’t mine, and I’m going to prove you are.”

I know what he wants; I know what he needs. I hurt his ego, I hurt his pride, and woke up that part of him I love so much. Alexander will take control over me, and maybe with all that happened today, it’s exactly what I need.

To let go of the stress from the day with him. To let him take control of me and do whatever he wants with my body. However, I am still upset, so this will be interesting.

His teeth glide over my skin before he caresses it with slow kisses. Ones that have me trying to turn, so his lips find mine, but it seems Alexander has other plans. When I try to shift my body so I face him, his hand stops me.

“Not tonight, little vixen,” he says before sucking a soft spot beneath my ear. “Tonight, you will do as I say. Tonight you will beg.”

My hand crawls until finding the back of his neck, and I pull his hair, gaining a grunt from the back of his throat and a grind from him. When he realizes what I am doing, I get a hard smack against my ass, one that has me whimpering before he inserts another finger inside of me.

“Behave,” he whispers, starting to move his finger faster. “Or I won’t let you come.”

“That seems unfair,” I complain, biting down on my lip.

“There are a lot of things that are unfair, little vixen,” he replies at the same time I get closer to the edge.

Alexander flickers his thumb and holds my body close to his while I am so close to losing myself. I try to reach behind me, finding him hard against my butt cheek, and when my hand starts to glide on him, slowly, mimicking the moves he did on me just minutes ago, he turns me around.

“I told you to behave, ” he says, and I whimper for the absence of his touch. “On your knees, I want your lips around me.”

God, why do I enjoy so much this side of him? Why do I enjoy it when he gets upset with something, and this dominant part emerges. Overpowering even me. Maybe it’s because I need to be in control all the time. Because I need to know everything I can and with him, I know I don’t. I can let him take over.

My knees hit the floor, and I lick my lips before purposefully glancing up. With my eyes locked on his, I kiss his tip, gaining a hiss from him before gently letting my lips take him fully. Alexander grunts, his long fingers take hold of my wet hair, and the vision I have of him right now, watching as the water drops cover his body, running along his sun-kissed skin, is almost enough for my orgasm to hit me.

I close my eyes, deepthroating him, and listening to the profane sounds that fall from my boyfriend’s lips. At this point, I know my anger is fading, I know we fought, and I can’t remember why. Maybe he was right, maybe I was right. Maybe both of us were wrong.

It’s when he gets harder in my mouth that a harsh tug of his hand stops me, and Alexander makes me stand up.

His eyes fall on mine, slowly wandering until staring at my lips. I lick them, still tasting him mixed with the water. Alexander leans forward; one step is all it takes before I’m pressed against the shower wall behind me, and his lips are hovering over mine.

He hasn’t kissed me yet, torturing me. I need to feel his mouth on mine, I need to feel how much he wants me, and as he drags his bottom lip across mine and I try to touch him, he chuckles.

“You will have to beg, little vixen.”

Fuck. He knows how much I love for him to kiss me while we make love. How I long to feel his hot lips taking over mine as we succumb to one another. Not allowing me to reach my orgasm was a bluff; I know that. He loves to watch me but not kissing me, that’s torture for me, and he knows it.

I feel him teasing my entrance as my mouth parts, Alexander glides his lips over mine, and I am not ready to give in yet.

“No,” I say with closed eyes knowing very well what is about to come.

Alexander drops one of his hands between my legs, keeping up a pace with his fingers as I try to hold on to the emotions that turmoil inside me.

“Say it, ” he demands, looking at me, feeling me reach the edge, and I bite down on my lip.

“Alex- Please-”

I’m so close, so ready. So when he pulls out and stands in front of me, proud as ever and snickering, I grow even more annoyed.

“I said please, ” I whine.

“That’s not what I want to hear.”

His hand grasps my ass, and I am lifted from the ground and pressed against the wall. With one thrust, he fills me, and I need to grasp his shoulders to support myself.

“I won’t kiss you,” he states, thrusting once again.

His lips drag over my nipple, taking it leisurely, biting it, and all I can think is how I want them on mine when I finally reach my high.


“Beg,” he says, sucking on my nipple and kissing the water drops over my chest until reaching my chin.

Alexander thrusts, my body hitting against the wall, pulling his hair in an attempt to have my way, but it doesn’t work. When his hot breath tickles my lips again, and he pulls away, thrusting into me, I feel like I had enough of this torture.


“What?” He asks, and I feel a snicker on his mouth as he kisses the water drops around my lips.

“Daddy, please.”

He groans, and I lose it, moaning so loud with the taste of his mouth on mine that I don’t even care if the neighbor next door listens. Alexander’s lips devour mine as he thrusts harder, deeper. His fingertips grip my ass so harshly that I am sure I will have bruises once we leave the shower.

Alexander nibbles on my lower lip, letting me reach my climax, tightening around him and locking my eyes on his, knowing very well he likes it. He enjoys it because he is about to reach that blissful state as well, where our bodies touch that piece of heaven together.

I smile when feeling him swelling inside of me, and we both pant with our eyes still on each other. Alexander doesn’t put me down as we stay silent, knowing we need to talk about it or it will be worse.

Because if we don’t talk, if one of us walks away right now, the relationship will be damaged, and it will take a lot to emend that. So I do something unusual for me, I speak first.

“I’m sorry,” I say, and his eyes widen. “I’m sorry for making you uncomfortable.”

His head rests against my shoulder, and for a second, I think I said the wrong thing before feeling his lips against my skin.

“I’m sorry if I made you feel like a piece of-” he doesn’t finish, allowing himself to take a deep breath before pecking my lips. “I could have reacted differently.”

“I know you don’t like having him around,” I reply carefully, watching his expression. “So I won’t allow it. I will cut him out of my life if I have to.”

Alexander kisses me sweetly, putting me down before grabbing the shampoo bottle and helping me wash my hair. He giggles as I do the same, tiptoeing to reach the top of his head, and when I catch a glimpse of his eyes, I realize he is lost thinking.

“Let’s go out of town.”

I quirk up a brow with a sudden idea before he explains it.

“Let’s go see Tyler as he told me to. I only need a few days to rearrange everything, and we can go. A few days, a week, a month, I don’t care. Let’s get out of this mess.”

A wide smile spreads across my lips and his as I nod at him. Getting away will be good for both of us. Let’s just hope that putting our problems behind us for a while won’t aggravate things.

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