The S Word

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The New Friend

He tried; the whole night, Alexander tried to ease my mind away from the photos. How close she got, how she is still around even after everything. This girl won’t stop, not until we are broken apart from each other.

What she doesn’t realize is that all of this is making us stick together even more. It’s only making me love him more each day that passes because I see how much he cares. How much he worries. How much I want him in my life.

His hand lifts mine to his lips, and he kisses both the back as the palm. Alexander rests them again on my leg, glancing at me before his attention shifts to the road ahead of us.

He knows I’m thinking about it. I’m not scared of the fact that she is around, the photos, or that my house was broken into, and someone that hates me walked amongst my things. I’m not scared of that, but I feel as if a part of me was taken.

That’s what made me feel dirty and insecure.


He calls as I stare out of the window catching the morning sun cascading behind the tall mountains. The bright green grass that illuminates shyly from its rays, the small water drops that cover the closest parts to the road, the scenery I needed right now.

“What are you thinking?” He asks, and I turn to face him while his hand slides away from mine and resting on my bare leg.

If there’s something I know he likes me wearing while he drives, are skirts and shorts. That way, he can do what he does best and slide his fingertips between my legs, giving a squeeze. That always shifts my focus.

“That I don’t want to keep quiet about this.”


“No, listen to me,” I turn on my seat, watching as his expression changes, and my boyfriend turns serious. “I am done hiding; I told you, Alex. We kept quiet after the video, and she broke into my apartment. I’m done; I’m tired. I want to be able to tell at the skies that you are my man and no one else’s.”

The proud smirk on his face doesn’t get unnoticed by me. No matter how much I say it, the guy has something with the word mine; he enjoys it every time it comes out of my lips.

“I won’t hide from her. I won’t keep quiet. She will pay.”

“Oh,” that seems to be the only word I can pronounce as we enter Tyler’s villa.

The drive took a little more than I expected, but seeing he lives outside of town, I have to say the place is amazing. The road to his house is filled with green scenery as the trees and grass are most of what my eyes notice.

But then I spot the white walls, modern architecture with big windows that cover half the walls. If I lived here, I would love to have those as well so I could see the outside where a story seems to be happening. Where small animals run free, butterflies flap their wings on the flowers, and a man stands at the door. Alexander parks the car, and I get a better look at the said man.

A fine man, may I add. Now I know why Alexander was so reluctant for me to meet his best friend.

Tyler is something, don’t get ideas; I’m faithful but damn.

“Welcome,” he says with a sweet and innocent smile keeping his hands in his jeans pockets.

I smile back at him; Alexander walks as closely as he can to me, his hand circles around my waist, resting on my hip, and Tyler glances at it, smiling brightly.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Nicole, finally,” he leans forward and pecks my cheek, and I swear I seem to spot my boyfriend rolling his eyes.

“The feeling is mutual.”

Ok, now I definitely caught Alexander rolling his eyes at us. His grip on me tightens, and I enjoy the feeling of his fingertips digging on my shorts. He can be possessive. I like it most of the time, depending on the circumstances. This is a good one.

They hug each other, a tight hug. It’s good to know my boyfriend’s closest friend and see the person with who he grew up. The person with whom he’s most comfortable into being himself excluding me.

“Please, come inside. It’s been a long time since you have been here, Alexander,” Tyler says, glancing at us as we walk towards the door. “I arranged things for the two of you to stay in the guest room.”

I let my arms circle around Alexander, catching as he smiles and glances at me, proud about it. I get it; jealousy, even if in the smallest way, can affect every one of us — even the man I love, who knows exactly how I feel about him. Even me, I know he loves me, and yet when the coffee girl glanced at him this morning and smiled, tucking her hair behind her ear, all I wanted was to slap the smile out of her face.

“You have a nice place here,” I say to our host as we walk around the house.

It’s very modern and minimal. Not what I was expecting in the middle of the woods, but it seems to match Tyler’s personality.

“Thank you,” he replies, letting his fingers glide on one of the statues. “This is your bedroom.”

It’s like a theme. The house stands white and simple between the immense green scenario outside. The room has a king bed, white covers, white sheets, white curtains. Only small hints of silver here and there, not to break the focus away from the window that fully takes over one of the walls.

Waking up here must be excellent. Scratch that, sex in the morning here must be great.

I get a squeeze on my thigh from Alexander, probably knowing what I am thinking since I’m a fan of that particular activity in the morning. Smiling up at him, I enter inside the bedroom, and he drops the two bags before turning to his friend.

“Thank you for letting us stay,” he says with his eyes on Tyler’s.

“For as long as you want, my house is yours,” Tyler steps aside to look at me. “I mean it. I will have work, but you are free to walk around and even accompany me to shoots. It’s been long since you did that, Alexander.”

My boyfriend snorts, and I quirk up a brow. I know they have a business together that their company has two parts. Alexander is in the ‘clean’ section, and Tyler photographs more of the intimate works. Plus, he has erotic photoshoots like the sex party that he does out of the company.

Those were a big help for him to enter with his part of the money to raise their business together. Alexander warned me, Tyler doesn’t care if something is taboo or not. So we have that in common.

He walks with us outside, showing the gardens and what seems to be a tent where people are starting to gather. There’s a hanger with a set of clothes, and everything is being set for him to shoot what I suppose to be the model because it’s the only girl with barely any clothes on.

My eyes take in everything as they start to talk about the lightning, and although I love photography, I’m more interested in the place itself than how Tyler is going to shoot the half-naked girl.

“But maybe we can try,” I listen to Tyler’s voice speaking, and then Alexander grunts.

“You said you would behave,” the man I love warns him.

“I’m behaving,” Tyler replies with a mischievous smile. “But, you don’t even know her answer.”

Now they got my attention as I realize the topic is me. I turn to them, seeing Tyler taking a step closer and Alexander staring at us.

“Nicole, what would you say if we do a photoshoot?”

I glance at Alexander, not to ask for permission, but because I’m caught off guard. They talked about this before, and my boyfriend doesn’t seem to be very fond of the idea.

“What type of photoshoot?” I ask.

“Something classy, nothing porn-like.”

My eyes drift from the two men who wait for an answer, and I smile at myself with a plan. Something that will make my boyfriend happy as well, because I like the idea. I won’t lie and say it never crossed my mind. The private live I did for him was one of my favorite conversations we had before I knew who he was.

“Ok,” I say, smiling, and Alexander quirks a brow. “But only if Alexander can be the one taking the photos.”

That catches him by surprise, but he smiles nevertheless and nods at me. We walk outside to the place where Tyler will be working later. The model, the prettiest woman around, so much that even I get turned on by her stands there wearing just a small piece of fabric around her waist. Enough to cover her private area.

I could be jealous that she is here, wearing nothing in front of my boyfriend. But it’s her job, and seeing he stays behind me, his arms around my waist and his chin on my shoulder, I don’t need any other proof.

This man loves me, and me alone.

“So, what made you go into this business?”

Tyler grins at my question, glancing up at Alexander. It’s obvious by how they interact that he talks about me, that he warned his best friend that I am direct with my questions.

“The same thing that made you consider sex therapy. I like to help people get their inner freaks out there.”

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