The S Word

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They chose the morning light to shoot, so as I stay lying in bed, in Alexander’s arms, my safe place, I stare out the window contemplating the way the light comes between the branches of the tree. I’m not regretting agreeing with Tyler, and I like him. We both share a few ideas, and he seems to be one of the most open-minded people I have ever met.

But I’m worrying if Alexander will feel comfortable.

I will be almost naked after all and in front of his best friend. That can make anyone nervous. His arms tighten around me, knowing I’m awake, and his breath hits my skin, making the corners of my lips turn up.

“It’s early,” he complains, letting his nose drag across my cheek before pressing a soft kiss on my neck.

“I know,” I reply with a smile. “Still, some parts of you are wide awake.”

“Impossible not to be when you’re like this already.”

His hands squeeze my bare ass, and I can’t hold back the moan that escapes my lips. Alexander’s lips kiss my shoulder, traveling to my back, and he kisses his way down, mimicking the moves with his hand.

It slides on my hips, parting my legs and reaching to where I am already dripping for him, and I feel the smirk on his mouth as he kisses his way back up.

“I know you’re nervous,” he whispers in my ear. “But it will only be the three of us there.”

His teeth nip my ear, and a profane sound escapes from both of us when he slides one finger inside of me. His free hand cups my breast, letting his fingers play with my nipple. I push against him, feeling him hard against my back, but he isn’t ready to stop playing with me so soon.

“I thought you didn’t like the idea-” I take a deep breath, not to moan loudly when he pushes a second finger inside. “Of another man seeing me naked.”

Alexander searches for my lips, withdrawing his hand and closing the rest of the space, separating both of us. His tip teases my entrance, and he snickers into the kiss before pulling his lips away from mine and easing himself inside of me. My hand rests on the back of his head, pulling him closer, needing him, wanting every bit of the man I love in me as I can.

“I don’t, but I trust him to be professional,” he replies, thrusting slowly. “I also can’t wait to have a photo of you naked hanging over my bed. And you chose me to take the photos, little vixen; I can’t say no to you.”

My lips part when he leans closer and lets them hover over my mouth. His thrusts increase their rhythm as our bodies become one, pushing each other into that sweet sensation of pleasure. Alexander searches for my lips once again before pulling away. Our eyes lock as I turn my head the best I can to see him, and we surrender to one another.

We surrender to love.

I walk out of the house wearing nothing but a nude set of panties and a silk robe to cover me before we start. Tyler promised this would be intimate, just the three of us, and he will be the one assisting my very eager boyfriend.

Alexander’s hand holds mine as we walk to the trees, the grass scrunches beneath my feet, still slightly humid from the night, and I spot where his best friend already waits. Not very pleased, with his arms crossed over his chest and an evil grin on his face.

“You could at least pretend you weren’t having sex just minutes ago.”

My eyes widen, and Alexander scoffs.

“We weren’t-”

“I heard,” he interrupts. “Both of you. You two are not very good at being silent.”


Alexander seems to take this worse than I do, scratching the back of his head as I stare at Tyler. The sunlight is perfect now, and I know he is just teasing. Mostly Alexander, but I also know he is trying to see how comfortable I am around him.

“Tyler,” I speak, gaining his attention. “I was left hanging because of you during the first times Alexander and I were together. You listening to us having sex is nothing compared to being left alone in a bed.”

He smiles, sliding a hand through his blonde locks.


Alexander’s eyes are on me the entire time as I step in place; he nods when Tyler pulls my hair behind my back, revealing my shoulder, and watches as I keep a tight grip on the robe.

“Whenever you are ready,” Tyler says with a soft smile before walking and leaving me alone on the grass beneath the tree. The sunlight hits my tanned skin, shining with the small body glitter I used, and I have to agree it’s a beautiful scenario with the lake behind us.

My eyes search for the dark ones that watch me intently. It’s just the two of us; all Tyler will be doing is assisting him, and that’s what I keep telling myself as I let the robe fall out of my shoulders and expose my body for the two men.

Tyler whispers something, and Alexander snickers at him. The man I love winks at me, and I can’t help but grin at him, and that’s when he starts to take the photos. Every time he sees me tensing up or that I am not comfortable with the position, Alexander just looks at me, and everything fades away.

Everything but him.

I don’t think I even notice Tyler except when he speaks occasionally.

“You should consider this as a career,” he says over the sound of the flash. “I mean if Alexander here doesn’t get too jealous about you being naked for others to see.”

“I will always get jealous,” he confesses, staring at me behind the camera. “But all they can do is look. I’m the lucky one who gets to do whatever I want with her.”

We smile at each other as he lets the camera down. It’s these moments, the pure ones when I know our love is true, and nothing or anyone will make me give up on this man.

“I had an idea,” Tyler says before turning around, and both Alexander and I watch him. He brings a set of small bowls containing liquid. This wasn’t part of the shoot, and yet, it seems he had this already planned out.

By my boyfriend’s reaction, he is just as surprised about it as I am.

Tyler places the bowls in front of me before stepping away. They’re full of what seems to be ink. Pink, green and blue pop out from the silver bowls, and as I stare at them, wondering what he possibly wants me to do, I almost miss the whisper fight the two men are having.

“Go,” Tyler commands, taking the camera out of Alexander’s hand.

“No, she’s the model-”


Tyler asserts and almost lifts Alexander, who stays kneeling on the floor, and I chuckle seeing them interact. It’s obvious Tyler acts like a big brother to him. The way he cares about Alexander takes care of him in these situations, and it’s always there. Just now, we could have done photos of me alone, but he wants Alexander to participate.

He wants photos of us.


My boyfriend tries to say something, but the stare Tyler gives him has me smiling from ear to ear because I see how Alexander obeys. I see how he sighs before turning around and walking to me, kneeling on my side and staring at the bowls.

“Guess you’ll have to share the attention with me, gorgeous,” he says, leaning forward and pecking my lips.

We hear the flash of the camera before Tyler peeks from behind it.

“You have to undress as well.”

Alexander grunts, not taking his eyes from me, and I giggle, lifting my hands and doing what he is so reluctant into starting. When his shirt slides over his head, and I’m working on unzipping his pants, I lean a little forward, whispering into his mouth.

“We already did a lot on camera, but these will be just for us.”

He kisses me as I work into getting rid of his clothes, leaving him only in his underwear. It’s not like Tyler will do an exhibit of this. These are private photos, and we are not having sex. The bodies will be presented as art, even with the flaws, even with the stretch marks on my side, or the lack of concealer under my eyes. We are here naked and exposed to the other.

“You know the two of us already saw you naked,” Tyler says, rolling his eyes. “I get it you don’t want her completely nude, but-”

I bite on my lip, seeing as Alexander gets annoyed but thinks about his best friend’s words. Eventually, he decides to stay with his boxers on, just because it will be safer. For both of us, I mean. With him naked, it will be a lot harder for me to control myself.

Tyler instructs us, telling both Alexander and me to smear the paint on each other. It starts as fun, I spread a bit of green on his shoulders, and he cutely puts a pink fingertip on my nose. My man and his fluff moments. Then he decides to paint me, letting his long fingers spread green and blue over my chest and placing one hand under his chin, leaning back as if admiring his work. We cover each other with paint, as minutes go by and we forget why we are here, why we are doing this.

He was right; coming here did help.

“Thank you.”

He smiles at me, pecking my lips before speaking.

“For what?”

“Bringing me here,” I reply, shrugging. “We needed this.”

Alexander takes my lips into a kiss. A sweet one, while his hands roam and mine crawl to the back of his head, resting on the small hairs of his nape. I pull them a bit, and he grunts, lifting me and straddling me on his lap before grasping my ass. With my legs around his waist, I kiss him deeply. I kiss him as if our lives depend on it.

No, we didn’t forget Tyler.

But we are lost in each other, and as we share the moment, I know his friend is doing his best to capture this. Into capture our love and make it timeless.

Into putting these memories in photos, we will need to look later when the hard times come.

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