The S Word

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Alexander brings the last box inside and places it in the corner of his living room. Our living room. I’m still getting around the idea we are, in fact, moving together. Sharing the same bed every night, waking up in his arms every morning. Eating together, showering together. The last one is only because we can save water, don’t get the wrong idea.

Feeling all sorts of emotions I never knew I could feel, I let a smile creep up onto my lips, and he comes behind me as I place my books on the shelf and pulls me into a tight back hug.

“I like that book,” he whispers into my ear.

“I didn’t know you read it.”

With quick feet, I turn around to face him and throw my arms around his neck. My boyfriend holds my waist, pecking my nose as I giggle before lifting me from the floor, and my legs circle his waist.

“I didn’t,” he replies. “I only read it after you read that part on your live. A warlock with a soft heart, I get why you like it so much.”

A chuckle falls from my lips while he walks us both to the sofa for a needed rest. The last few days have been tough on us with the moving; Alexander has been helping to unpack when he has spare time. But his company just got a huge event to shoot, and he has been going into meetings every morning.

“I love coming home to find you here already,” he speaks, letting his fingers glide between the strings of my hair as I sit on his lap. “The security has been checking on you when I’m not around, right?”

“You know they don’t need to do that. It’s not like she is going to climb the window, Alex. She has to enter one of the doors, and this building is very well guarded.”

Alexander rolls his eyes but leans against the sofa as I stare at him. His eyes fall from mine to my lips and then drift over my body. In his defense, I’m only wearing one of his hoody sweaters, so I can’t blame the man for having dirty thoughts right now.

“They don’t, but I want them to,” he says, rubbing his hands on my bare legs. “I also love seeing you in my clothes and that you already feel so comfortable to walk around the house like this.”

His hands slide up beneath the sweater, and I smile at him, leaning forward. When his fingertips glide against the fabric of my briefs, I know what my next words will do to him; I know that all too well, and yet I choose to say them. Alexander plays with the lace of my underwear, his fingertips trace the material’s pattern, and he stares at me.

Pulling my hair to the side, I watch as his tongue peeks from his lips, moistening them as I lean forward to whisper.

“Just wait until I’m comfortable enough to walk around without my underwear.”

Pillows around us, we lay on the floor covered with nothing but the sofa blanket. My head rests against his chest while Alexander draws infinity signs on my bare back. It’s perfect like this. To know he is always here, whenever I need him whenever I want him, he is here.

“I have a job interview,” I speak, turning to face him. “They called this morning.”

His eyes brighten up, and a smile creeps upon his lips.


“Not far away from here, it’s a small office. I would be working with just another psychologist, but I don’t want a big office right now. I don’t want-”

“To be recognized,” he finishes my sentence, letting his lips rest against my forehead. “I know. I’ll drive you there; I want to be close when they call to say they are hiring you.”

Changing positions, I crawl on top of him and do my meanest stare. Alexander gulps, probably wondering if he said something wrong. How I love to tease him.

“Is that the reason, or are you just afraid of me walking around alone.”

“Well, that too.”

He smiles at me, the type of smile of a kid who got busted. My favorite square-shaped smile that makes my heart go crazy every time it appears.

“I’ll be fine,” I say, pecking his lips and resting my chin on his chest.

“I know you will; I just have a weird feeling.”

My head snaps towards him, and he sighs. Alexander lets his fingers brush my hair away from my face as he mindlessly ponders the words to say before his eyes are on mine.

“She has been quiet for two weeks now. I’m scared of what she is planning.”

He is right, and I have thought about this as well. She hasn’t been on any of our channels, not that we are active, but she used to send messages nevertheless. My phone is also silent lately. I did change the number, but my email hasn’t been very active either.

She’s preparing something. Whatever it is, I have to make sure she won’t get me unprotected. I’ll slap her, I mean it. I will drag her across the room by her hair if I have to and throw her ass in jail.

“I just wish I knew who she is,” I mumble, letting my fingertips travel across his lips. “That way, I would know when she is close to me.”

“I forget you don’t know her,” he says, following the movement of my hand.

“No, and it’s weird. What if she goes to the same coffee shop I go to? What if she follows me on the street, but I don’t know her, so I can’t tell who she is among the crowd.”

Alexander quirks up a brow staring at me while tapping to find his phone. He knows I’m right that I need to see her face. For a second, I start to wonder why he would keep photos of her on his phone; then, I remember social media exists; he just has to find her.

If she is following him for over a year now, it shouldn’t be too hard.

“Here,” he says, turning the device to me, and my breath gets stuck.

The girl in the photo smiles brightly with her black hair pulled back. The face I saw every morning at work stares at me from the screen, and I take the phone with shaky hands sliding through the photos to make sure.

She was there this whole time. At the office, in the break room, she had access to my computer, she had access to my schedule. Sarah knew when I was home, and when I was working.

“Alex,” I whisper his name and gulp, handing him the phone again. “She works at the reception at Jackson’s office.”

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