The S Word

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"Really, Layla?"

I stare at the pink box on my coffee table while yelling at my best friend. She is insane, ever since I started the sexy ASMR, and cosseting to some kinks, Layla has been doing everything she can to make me gain more views. And it's working.

"Yes. Eat them."

"Layla, I'm not going to eat these, they look like-"

"Dicks? Yes, I know that's the whole purpose."

The eclairs rest on the bright box, and I take one out to check carefully. The pastry is big, long, covered with pink chocolate. I bet a guy's imagination can go wild.

"Do it!"

"Fine, but you're buying dinner tomorrow."

I grab the box and walk to my bedroom, placing it next to my laptop. Everything is set for tonight's live. The sunset light is entering the room and illuminating the set perfectly. It will give me more glow; I even put a bit of body shimmer I still had. Once that paycheck enters,

I am pampering myself.

"Did you push the bed against the window as I said?" Layla asks.

She had this crazy idea for me to have my bed under the massive window on my bedroom; the city lights would be beautiful as a background. Plus, she knows I like to observe as much as being watched, and this way I can check on the neighbors from the building in front. Sometimes one of the couples forgets to close the curtains.

"Yes. I am logging in now."

"Okay, I am going to watch."

I don't get a chance to reply as the call ends leaving me staring dumbfounded at my phone. Once I'm putting it down it beeps again, but it's not Layla's ringtone.


Hello gorgeous

Crap, he texted. He actually texted. Okay, Nicole, keep cool, you can do this. He can have all the ass he wants, but so do I.




I was wondering if you're free tomorrow night?


Hm I might be

Okay, it isn't so bad, I mean I can reply like this and get by.


Do you want to meet? Say 7pm?


Well if you insist

I can't seem too eager, so maybe playing dumb won't be that bad? I don't know; it's been a while since I pretended I wasn't easy.


I'll send you the address then

When I'm about to breath with relief, the phone beeps one final time, and I drop on my back on the bed squealing.


I can't wait to see you

Why did he have to finish with this? Why? What the hell do I say now? Think stupid brain, think something already. You're always in my way, do your damn job now.

My alarm startles me as I stare at the phone. It's time to go live, that gives me an idea.


I'm going live now you're more than welcome to watch


I just might

I put the phone down while smiling like a school girl next to the laptop and take my usual spot in bed to start.

Nova is Live

BigBookWorm: There you are

"Missed me? Sorry guys, lost track of time. How are you?"

50Shades.of.purple: better now that you're here

"I can make it even better if you want. Don't think I didn't notice you weren't around yesterday," I reply, winking at the camera.

Bigdickenergy: ooof you're not helping my situation

MyJamsAreTheShit: THAT'S MY GIRL

"For tonight I am going to eat something my best friend sent to me. I laughed when I opened the package because of... well. I'll let you see them first."

I lift the box to the camera in front of me, tilting it so they can have a peek inside. My eyes drift towards the screen, and I see what they are seeing, they sure look amazing, but again, don't leave much to the imagination.

MyJamsAreTheShit: you are all welcome

DaddyIsHome: I can already picture your soft round lips around that

BestLipsYou'lleverTaste: show me your tits

I ignore the comment and resume doing what I was doing. I take one of the pink eclairs to my mouth and bite on it softly, letting the filling hit my tongue. They are delicious, I make an approval sound, and when my eyes pop open, the comments are hard to read, as they keep appearing fast.

Bigdickenergy: yes girl bite that thing

50shades.of.purple: you are going to be the death of me

DaddyIsHome: you can't imagine how turned on I am right now

When I nibble down the second pastry, probably sensualizing the thing more than I should, one particular conversation grabs my attention. Usually, the viewers don't interact much, focusing more on the live itself than on each other, but sometimes things can get a little crazy.

DaddyIsHome: I bet you would feel tight around my cock while I squeeze those tits of yours with my hands

Bigdickenergy: really, dude?

50shades.of.purple: that was unnecessary

My brow raises as they keep talking between them. I try to focus on what I am doing, ignoring the sounds coming from the notifications but it's turning out to be harder than I thought.

DaddyIsHome: Bigdickenergy and 50shades.of.purple if you can't handle my comments you should stay away from this channel, she has two perfect round boobs, what's wrong in me complimenting them?

Bigdickenergy: your comments are inappropriate, and that's coming from me

50shades.of.purple: you're objectifying her


I put the eclair down, grabbing my laptop and placing it onto my lap. Lifting my head, I give the camera in front of me a glance to make sure I didn't pull any wires.

Bigdickenergy: talking about her body like that is objectifying her, you ass

DaddyIsHome: If she doesn't want me to talk about her that way she shouldn't be eating fucking eclairs as if it were dicks now should she?

50shades.of.purple: I'm so going to catch your IP address

"Guys please stop."

Bigbookworm: this escalated

MyJamsAreTheShit: I'm reporting you, dickhead

DaddyIsHome: she uses her body, she sexualizes herself, but I can't comment?

50shades.of.purple: NO, YOU CANT SEXUALIZE OR OBJECTIFY WOMEN, I don't care how bad she turns you on, you can't do that. If you want to have sex talk, then you should do it like the rest of us in private

What is he talking about? 50shades never sent me private messages. Yes, he is here almost every day, and he tries to tease me just as much as I tease him, but private talks are not something I usually do. The only one I have, besides Layla is A, and he didn't pay as he has his own channel.

"That's it. I'm ending the broadcast for tonight. DaddyIsHome if you want to watch you need to behave and don't attack others. Yes, I do dirty talk, but if you look at the previous videos from my other lives, you will see none of the viewers said anything about doing stuff to me. It's always me talking with them."

I take a deep breath, taking my time to read the encouragement comments before continuing.

"And yes, I can have sex talk, but that's private, and you need to pay extra for that."

His name blinks, and I wait, staring at the screen as serious as I have ever been since I started this.

DaddyIsHome: you're a slut who sells her body for money and then don't want to be told just that, you are here because I pay you too

50shades.of.purple: I'm so going to kick your ass from here to the other side of the ocean

"And he's gone," I say blocking him and banning the user from my channel. "Thank you so much guys, I'm going to end this here tonight, sorry for the short live."

Sending the camera a kiss I click the close button, turning it off.

Nova is offline

It was meant to be, sooner or later someone would say something that I would not appreciate. It's not like it never happened before; most guys think that because I'm into sex they can talk to me however they want.

But it's not like that. Yes, I do dirty talk on my channel, yes I sensualize. But in no way will I ever let a man objectify me, talk about my body as if I was nothing. I stare at the window for a while, watching as the city lights illuminate the streets in the night. My phone beeps, probably Layla checking up on me but I am not in the mood to talk right now. Not until a notification comes from my laptop.

New private message from 50shades.of.purple

I click on the window, curious. He talked about dm's, but although I enjoy him, almost the same as I enjoy talking to all my viewers, he never sent a message. We only speak during the lives.

50shades.of.purple: are you okay?

Nova: yes, I am thank you for asking.

50shades.of.purple requested for a private video

As weird as it may be, I never did a private video, for all I know this is where things get out of control. It was like this that Layla touched himself in front of the camera more than once.

But I accept it.

50shades.of.purple: you weren't crying, were you?

"No, no, I wasn't. Takes more than that to make me cry.

50shades.of.purple: Good. I'm so sorry about that guy. I reported him by the way

"Thank you, and thank you for checking on me as well, you didn't have to do that."

I wait for a little as he seems to be typing and deleting his replies. Finally, the message pops on my screen.

50shades.of.purple: you are special, of course, I had to check on you

"Oh, I'm special?"

50shades.of.purple: yes. I should have a pet name for you

"And what would it be?"

He is a tease; I know he is. This guy likes to try and see how far he can go with me.

50shades.of.purple: little vixen

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