The S Word

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I drive through the night, shifting gears fast while Justin guides me with his phone in his hand. He glances in my direction now and then. Furrowing his brows and opening his mouth, he seems worried but never speaks, never makes a sound, and instead watches me as I pass the cars on the road.

“Nicky, you should let me drive,” he says slowly with the most serious tone he can.

My hands tighten around the steering wheel as we pass by a tunnel, and I glance at him, looking at me. The lights shadow his figure as I speed our way into the dawn, thinking about what he said. It’s what’s making me not lose it. If I let him drive, it’s almost as if I have no control of what’s going on.

“I’m okay,” I reply to him, not willing to let go of the only thing I can do right now.

It’s my boyfriend she has; it’s my man. All I can think about is what she is doing to him, but I can’t let my mind go there. Sarah will not harm him yet, not when her target is me.

Unless Alexander gives her reasons for it.

The yellow lights disappear as I drive us out of the tunnel, and Justin’s silhouette fades with the small golden hints of the sun that come behind him. He sighs, returning his attention to his phone and guiding me to the address Sarah’s mom gave us.

Wherever this place is, it’s far away. Close to the docks, and all I can think about is that it’s remote. No one will look there. It’s not somewhere people live, only two or three streets that have houses or buildings. The place where no one goes to this city as it’s so far away from everything.

My eyes take in the surroundings as I slow down through the streets, catching the fishermen that are walking towards the boats. Justin instructs me to take a turn at our left, and I do start to drive through a street with small houses.

Houses that look as if life was hard on them. The paint is falling, some of them; others have the wood ripped and leaving small gaps to the inside of the house. Slowing down the car, I finally park in front of the one the GPS tells me.

Number 22.

When my hand reaches for the belt, and I take it off, Justin grabs my wrist, stopping me. His eyes search for mine as I fight with him to let go of me, but it’s no use. He’s stronger than me and does not seem willing to let me do what I want.

“I need you to listen to me,” he pleads, locking his gaze on mine. “For both of your safety, I need you to stay in the car.”

“What? No Justin I-”

“Nicky, I won’t ask you anything else.”

He takes his phone out and dials a number I don’t see. After a few rings, someone picks up, and I get the feeling it’s his partner. He talks to the girl, explaining the situation and where we are as I start to get impatient while he does so.

We are here, in front of the house where the bitch can have my boyfriend locked up, and Justin is making phone calls.

I tug my hand away from him, but his hold doesn’t ease, and eventually, I give up and lean back against the seat. Frustrated, I groan, tapping my foot against the pedals waiting for the man by my side to finish the phone call.

There’s no time for this.

“Thank you,” he says before hanging up. “Ok, I called my partner, I couldn’t get into details, but she said the same thing I knew. The station won’t search or take this as a kidnap without evidence, and Alexander isn’t missing for enough hours so that-”

“Justin, what is the point here?” I interrupt, getting annoyed by his calm.

“The point,” he blurs, sighing. “Is that now my partner is aware of the case, and she is aware of what I’m doing. So if anything happens to me, or if you or Alexander don’t appear till tonight, they are forced to investigate.”

He doesn’t move his gaze from mine until I nod. Justin finally lets go of my wrist, and I sigh in relief, reaching for the door until he stops me again.

“Please, Nicky, stay here.”


“I don’t want to have to have to handcuff you behind the wheel.”

A snort leaves my lips, but I notice how serious he is and gulp. Justin will do it if it means I will be safe; he will lock me inside the car and keep me waiting here. I nod at him and watch as he opens the door and strolls to the front of the house.

He knocks on the door, but nothing happens right away. Then he knocks again and nothing. My stomach starts to spin, thinking this isn’t where she has him, when I notice my ex walking towards the car again. He taps on the window for me to open and leans forward to speak.

“No one is answering,” he says, glancing around. “I’m going to try and find a back door or an open window. Stay here.”

“O-ok,” I mumble, watching as he turns around and heads to the small house again.

Justin walks around the house, disappearing from my eyesight, and I start to bite on my fingernails. I can’t sit here and wait; I can’t. So I do what I promised I wouldn’t, and I have no clue why.

Well, I do. Someone I love might be in danger inside that house, and I can’t sit still knowing.

My feet walk me to the door, and I go closer to the windows peeking inside. The sun is not high enough to let me see, but someone lives here. I take a step back, looking at the door and frowning when the knob starts to move.

My heart beats against my ribcage, knowing someone will come, knowing she is here and I glance around searching for Justin.

The door is pulled open, and the same pair of eyes from the night before stares at me. The ones disproved of life, of feelings, of anything that can make the girl seem human. Sarah stands at the door, and before I know it, I’m pushing her to the side. She hits against something; I listen to the gasp, not caring while marching inside the house.

“Where is he?” I ask, but she tugs me by my hair, forcing me to stop.

I wince with the pain turning around and pushing her away, but she lashes towards me. Our bodies collide while she stays on top and sends me to the floor. The girl crawls on top of me; her hand comes in contact with my face as I fight my way to restrain her wrists.

She scratches me under my cheek, smiling brightly at it while I grab her hand and force her to stop.

Sarah leans closer, yelling as I try to push her away and sneak from under her, but it’s harder than I thought. Despite not being big, she isn’t moving, and I can’t seem to be able to leave.

My eyes widen when I notice that she reaches for something behind her back. The silver metal glistens when the small hint of the sunlight hits on it, and I freeze as she lowers it in my direction.

A dagger.

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