The S Word

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Alexander’s POV

We don’t move right away. Sarah’s eyes scurry me before going to the door, worrying since she wasn’t expecting someone to ring the doorbell, let alone at this hour. I stay in shock; all I can feel is the way my heart almost breaks my ribcage by how furiously it beats against it.

In the blink of an eye, I glance at the woman who keeps me captive, then at the door, and decide to do something that can either set me free or have me killed.


Sarah throws herself on top of me and muffles my words as she places both her palms over my mouth, stopping me from speaking. Her eyes are even darker than before, lost as she wonders what to do, the doorbell rings again, and I notice that she panics. Frightened that someone found us, Sarah uses one of her hands, never letting go of the hold on me with the other, and takes a small scarf from the drawer on her bedside table.

I move my legs, trying to force her away, buts it’s no use; she avoids them working fast with her eyes set on me.

She forces me to open my mouth, tying a knot on the back of my head, and I am not able to speak or make any loud sounds anymore. Her eyes search for mine as she bites down on her lip, and her hand rests against my cheek. I lean away, but she doesn’t seem to care.

“I’m sorry,” she whispers. “I’ll be right back, Alex.”

With slow movements, she stands on her feet, holding the dagger tighter. Sarah takes a deep breath before opening the bedroom door, and with one last look over her shoulder to me, she closes it leaving me alone.

I try to move, making the bed hit against the wall, but the sounds that come from it are not loud enough for someone to hear. Or I don’t think they are. The key is there, right there by the bedside table, yet I am powerless to set myself free. I don’t know how big this house is, how many rooms it has, or in which I am. By my surroundings, I think it’s Sarah’s. There are some of what I suppose to be her clothing around, and as the sun starts to enter from the window, I can see more of the room I am being held in.

There’s a large wardrobe by my side, a small trunk at the bed’s feet, a large mirror on the corner right next to the chair she used to watch me until I woke up.

That one will make me have nightmares for days, thinking how long she was there and what else this lunatic could possibly have done.

“That’s if I get out of here,” I mumble incoherently to myself, letting my head fall back and hitting the slat of the bed.

My feet are free, and I try to move on the bed by making myself stand. It hurts, like tearing some part of me because no matter how much I force my legs, the bed’s headboard does not move. I try again, using all my strength and my back to pull the headboard and try to break it from the bed when I hear her.

“Where is he?”

Nicole. Her voice sounds loud in the house, and it gives me hope that maybe the place isn’t that big. But then I remember the dagger, and my heart sinks while my stomach twists. My wrists hurt from the strength I use to try and break away, but it’s useless. I listen to something beating against what I presume to be the floor, and then they start yelling.

I need to do something. The scarf covers my mouth, and with all the strength I have in me, I throw myself with my back against the wall and listen to something.

The headboard broke.

I still don’t know how I’m going to get out of the bedroom, but I will kick the fucking door if I have to. As I am trying to get out of bed, something grabs my attention. Dark hair pops by the window before Nicole’s clingy ex shows up, hopping like a damn bunny inside the bedroom.

He sees me right away, his eyes travel to the mouthguard, and with speed, Justin sets me free from the scarf.

“There,” I say, pointing to the set of keys.

My jaw feels tight by the fabric that kept me restrained, and as I try to move the muscles to ease them a bit, Justin sets me free from the headboard as well.

“What the fuck,” he whispers. “Where is she?”

I look at the door and push past him. But the guy keeps a tight grip on my arm, stopping me from going on. His eyes go from me to the door, then at me again, and he leans forward to murmur the words so no one else listens to them.

“You have to stay here.”

“What? No, are you insane, Sarah-”

“Is somewhere in the house, she will try to use you as a shield.”

“Justin,” I hiss through gritted teeth clenching my jaw and trying to move to the door. “Nicole is inside the house. I listened to both their voices.”

Nicoles pov

The metal blade glistens against the small light that comes through the closed curtains, and I glimpse the lunatic’s eyes getting darker as she raises it over her head. She has a snicker on her lips, and as I try to move to run away, I am unable by the grip her legs have on me.

A loud noise comes from the upper floor, both our heads snap at the ceiling, and I take the only chance I have. I punch the bitch right in the nose, breaking it. Blood strings from it as she curses and whines, covering it.

It’s all it takes for me to be able to get away from her and smile when listening to footsteps. He’s alive. Alexander is ok, and I will kill this girl if I see a mark on him.

Sarah throws herself at me again. I dodge, and luckily she falls, the dagger sliding away from her hold while I run to grab it. She growls behind me, and my feet are fast to turn me around, only for me to duck when I see a vase coming towards me.

She definitely has problems.

“You fucking whore,” she snarls at me, and I hold my chin higher.

“You need to work on your insults.”

Sarah starts to walk towards where I stand, not even caring if I’m the one holding the knife. Not that I will use it, but this is the difference between us. I was scared because I didn’t know if she would use it, but she doesn’t even blink or second guess the fact that I have a weapon,

“Nicole,” the deep voice I love sounds hoarse from the stairs, and we both look to see Alexander coming down.

I try to move to see him running down the stairs with Justin, but the psycho in the room stops me. Standing in front of me yet again, Sarah pushes me, forcing me to fall on my back. My head hits the floor, and a sound I would find arousing on any other occasion is all I listen to, lifting my hand to my head.

Alexander growls, shoving Sarah to the side as I open my eyes to meet his. I cup his face, trying to see if he is ok, and noticing the burn marks on the corner of his mouth. She hurt him, my hands lift his shirt to find marks from every restrain she used on him, and I go blind with anger.

I stand up fast, feeling Alexander’s hand trying to stop me, seeing Justin hurrying to stand in front of me, but I won’t let that happen. Sarah’s eyes show one emotion I haven’t seen yet, fear. Before she can run, I throw her to the floor and punch her once again.

“You filthy son of a-” I mumble, slapping her.

Justin is the one who grabs me as I throw my legs, trying to break free of his hold. Still yelling profanities at the stalker, I only stop when my ex-boyfriend turns me around, handing me to Alexander.

“I’ll punch you too, Justin,” I yell at him, listening to my boyfriend chuckling.

“I would like to see you try,” Justin says, walking towards Sarah.

The latter stays on the floor, her hands covering her bloody nose and yelling to herself. I see the tears in her eyes. Not because she was caught, but because I broke her pretty face. I would do a lot more if I could.

“You shithole,” Sarah yells. “I warned you to stay out of my way; I told you he is mine, I-”

“If you keep talking at me, I swear there won’t be anything left of you for the police to throw in jail.”

Justin chuckles at the remark and handcuffs Sarah, who still mumbles under her breath. I can hear the words she says; it’s like venom burning on my skin. Alexander stops me from walking over to her; no matter how much I say, I will teach her a lesson.

“I’m not done yet.”

“It’s ok,” he speaks slowly, turning me around. “It’s over.”

My eyes stare at his, and tears start to cover my cheeks as he wipes them away, kissing the corner of my eyes. Justin sighs while we listen to the sirens in the distance.

“I’m going with them to file the report. You two can come to the precinct tomorrow to answer some questions.”

We both nod as I take Alexander’s hand and walk us to the car. Listening to him complaining he is ok to drive and not letting him do so. Not letting him do anything until we are safe at home.

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