The S Word

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I sit on the chair with my hands resting on its  arms while reading the guideline for tonight. The crew gave me only two  questions I need to ask the girl who I’m interviewing, leaving the rest  to me. I love it when they do that.

The glistening of the ring on my finger catches my attention, and I smile down at it. 

One  week. In a week, I will be walking down the aisle to the man I love. If  it were by his conditions, we would be married the day after I said  yes. But it was a unique proposal, and this wedding needs to be as  perfect as I can make it to be.

Also, Tyler didn’t have his villa free on any other weekend because of work.

My  mind drifts for the night where the man I love drops on one knee in the  freezing snow as we were walking home. It was the night I signed my  contract with the company, and we were going to celebrate. He said the  perfect thing to me, and I recall it so dearly that it always makes me  smile.

“Ms. Slade, we are ready,” the PD says behind the camera, and I nod.

The girl I’m interviewing enters the studio, and I smile at her, greeting her once again. She was so nervous backstage that it was a bit funny. 

“Breathe, Nessa,” I whisper to her, seeing the fingers behind the camera, letting us know the seconds we have before they start recording.

Soon as the red light appears, she smiles professionally, and I conduct the interview smoothly. This is my show; this  is why I was hired and why I only go to air after midnight. The things I  talk about are not to be aired at any other time of the night.

People will always consider speaking about sex on tv a taboo.

“So, this book of yours,” I say, picking up the heavy book she signed to me and turning it to the camera. “I like the name, Father’s Hierarchy.”

“Yes, see, I had this idea of how would it be if a head of a mafia was also a single father.”

“I see,” I say, smiling at her and noticing how nervous she still is. “But this one is very different from the others you wrote, am I right?”

“You mean because I have an upcoming one about sex?”

I  wink at her, and she giggles. We only met today, but I can tell this  girl has an inner personality; she doesn’t show that often. One she keeps  hidden from the world and lets it slip between her fingers when she  writes.

“Yes, I have one a little steamier on the shelf that I will be starting.”


The girl bites down on her lip and stares behind me. If I didn’t know better, I would say she is seeing someone, but I think she is only thinking about what to say or how to say it.

“I have a book about a gay couple who accept a young girl into their house. But then things get complicated.”

“I see,” I reply, taking a sip from my mug.

That sure seems an exciting book. I mean, a threesome? Yes, please. That’s the only thing Alexander says no to when we talk about fantasies.

The only thing.

Nessa is very polite, she seems to have a bright mind, and I give her my contact when the show ends. She has a few questions she would like me to answer, ones about sex and how do women deal with that.

In her words, she lacks experience.

And  so I walk alone to my dressing room, nodding at the producers and staff  that pass by, saying what a good show today was—encouraging me to keep  going.

I  haven’t been doing this for that long, but we have an audience. People,  even if not willing to accept it, like to know more about sex. Why?  Because it’s not something most talk about, that’s why.

The lights are already on, and when I enter,  I see him leaning back on the sofa, his eyes closed. It’s late,  Alexander said he would pick me up for us to go home, but as usual, the shooting takes long. My feet take me to him as I dispose of my shoes and lean forward, letting my lips hover over his.


The nickname makes him grunt in his sleep,  and I pull my skirt higher so I can straddle his lap. Alexander moves,  still awaking his hands crawl on my thighs as I snuggle into his chest  and take a deep breath feeling his musky scent around me.

This always makes me feel relaxed.

“Let’s go home,” I whisper, kissing his neck.

“If you keep doing that, we are not leaving this room.” 

His  voice falls husky from his lips because of the nap while his  hands grasp on my legs, crawling underneath the skirt’s fabric  and pulling me closer to him.

“How did it go?” He manages to ask, opening his eyes.

“It  went well; she is quite smart and has an interesting mind,” I reply  to his lips. “She wants to keep in touch to ask a few questions.”

“That’s good,” he murmurs, leaning forward and taking my lips for himself.

I can feel his body awakening as his hands grow eager as his mouth leaves mine to travel its path to my neck.

“I thought you were tired,” I say, feeling his fingertips crawling higher under my skirt.

“Not for you,” he breathes out. “Not for this.”

He presses me down, making evident what I already knew, and smirks into my skin. It’s not long after that our clothes are coming off, breathing starts to get uneven, and I find myself half-naked on top of him.

“The door isn’t locked,” I whisper, slipping my fingers through his hair when he slides my underwear to the side.


Alexander  slides inside of me easily, moaning into my mouth, so we don’t make any  loud noises. It’s not that someone will walk in on us, but let’s not  give people the idea of what is happening here. 

What happens more often than it should.

I’m sorry, I can’t help it. He’s the man I love, the man I will spend the rest of my life with, and I can’t get enough of him. With or without sex, I won’t ever have enough of Alexander.

He  twirls us around, laying me on the sofa as I circle my legs around him,  not to break us apart. Alexander’s eyes stay locked with mine the whole  time as we pant and whisper each other’s names losing ourselves in the  sinful sensation of our bodies reaching their high.

“Alex,” I wine, biting his lip as he thrusts harder.

My body bursts into pure ecstasy,  and he kisses me to suppress the impure sounds that tend to fall from my  lips. Our mouths part, and I smirk at him, knowing how close he is,  knowing how he will feel in just a few seconds.

And when he does reach that blissful state, when he seems more like a God than a man, I can’t help but stare at him.

Our  kisses slow down, promises of devotion and love as I stand up and  change into more comfortable clothes before leaving the dressing room.  Before Alexander drives us back to our apartment.

This is not the life I had in mind when I started my channel; this is not the life I wanted.

This is life I didn’t know I needed.

The man that holds my hand while driving into the city, his fingers caressing the ring that he gave me after proposing, came  into my life when I thought I didn’t need anything else. When I thought  that I had everything I needed to be happy, and yet I only found true  happiness and only felt complete when Alexander said those words.

The same one he says to me every night as we lay in bed.

“I love you, little vixen.”

Bubbly 🌸

Hi there

If you reached this part of the book, the only thing left for me to say is thank you.

Initially, I started as a fanfic author, kpop fanfics, to be precise, but apparently, people like me can’t be taken seriously if we write about steamy Asian men. Go figure. I have a lot of books on another platform if you wish to check lovelyandbubbly on wattpad

So I decided to adventure myself in this account and just change the names, Layla’s gender as well since in the other book, she’s originally a man (hence the slips with her gender on some chapters)

I hope you enjoyed it; I put a lot of love and work into this book as well as for the ones that are coming.

Love you 💖

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