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It All Started With Being Partners

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He looks around the class. There's plenty of seats with hots girls too.An instant later his eyes lock with mine for a brief second, before he smirks and answers," I'd like a sit with miss Parker." What the hell just happened ? ______________________ Whitney Parker is a little different than the rest of the female population at Midtown high.She is the school geek who dresses in baggy clothes and has social life.People walk over her as if its the most normal thing in the world.But still, this was better than being in the presence of her enemy, Adam who had left the town 5 years ago.But rumour had it that he had returned.! Will Whitney's life change forever? Adam Walters is known as the bad boy of the town to everyone. His life is basically play and sleep with girls. When a girl catches his attention, he finds himself in trouble . What he doesn't know is that girl is his childhood sweetheart,Whitney Parker. During an encounter, all the memories come back. Will he still be the jerk to Whitney? Will the bad boy change?

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Chapter 1: Have We Met Before?

Whitney’s POV :-

"Whit , I really think that this year we should have fun. Like totally normal teenagers." Emerald says.

Hey guys, I’m Whitney Parker and I’m 17 years old. Just so you know, I’m the world’s biggest geek ever alive. My name should literally be in the Guinness Book of World Records for bring the geekiest person known to mankind. But here am I, leaning against my locker, talking with my best friend Emerald Blackwood. I don’t know how did I ever managed to land a best friend like her. She could seriously be a model, with her brown curls and chocolate eyes. Me on the other hand, am a total weirdo. With brown hair that looks like a rat’s nest and green dull eyes. Not to forget, my goddamn glasses! Being at the bottom of the food chain, we hardly ever enjoy high school. To top it all, I have a personalized bully who made sure that I was the social parasite. And now my bestie wants to have fun. Shocked, I reply, “Em, its an idea for sure but seriously me having fun looking like me?”

"I totally get you. At this rate and the way you dress, You’ll die a nun." She trails off.

"I definitely don’t wanna die a nun! Help me, Em!" I cry out, horrified at the thought. "I’ll think of something, bestie and you owe me lunch today." She reassures me.

Just as she says this, the bell for the 1st period goes off. Ugh History. Unfortunately, Em has Calculus, so I go to the classroom alone. When I enter, I notice half the seats are filled. A particular trio of guys stands out. Are they new here? I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen them around here. Nevertheless I sit in my favorite spot near the window, which also happens to be in front of those guys. Damn! Today is not my day at all and god is rubbing it in my face with each incident.

After like 5 mins, the teacher, Miss Woods enters the class. Usually she is quite cheery and nice but today, she looks like she wants to murder somebody...Maybe her cat died? She starts looking around and it lands on someone behind me. She calls out,”
Mr. Walters, Mr. Dallas and Mr. Kingston, Please come up and introduce yourselves.”

One by one, they go up to the teacher’s table and turn around to look at the class. There’s an audible gasp, mainly by the female population of our class except me. My bet is that they’re probably drooling right now. I mean c’mon, even I’m not blind. Those guys are literally American models with the face of a Swedish one. All three guys are damn hot and incredibly good looking but one guy stands out exceptionally. Have I seen this guy before? Maybe not. But this guy’s a Greek God in human form, with his chocolate locks looking incredibly soft and the famous eccentric blue eyes. As I continue to look at those magnificent blue orbs, I realize something’s wrong.It takes my stupid brain a minute to realize that those eyes ARE fixed onto me!Flustered and confused, I look back to check if I’m wrong but no, those eyes eyes are really fixed onto me.I look at him again and see amusement written across his features as his mouth lifts into a full blown smirk.Knowing that my cheeks are probably deep red, I look down suddenly finding the desk really interesting.

Seconds later, unable to hold my curiosity any longer, I look up only to see him smirking at me.Oh God, help me!But finally it was his turn to introduce himself.And deja vu!..I can literally feel that every single female has straightened up and is keeping her ears perched up.Being the one who is overly curious, I also listen.The guy goes off,” Hi guys, I’m Adam Walters. I’m 17 years old but I’ll turn 18 soon enough. I like playing soccer and am hoping to try out for the teams.Some of you may remember me......I used to study here 5 years ago and I left but, I’m back! For those of you who are curious, I’m single and here’s my no. 895964321.”

I can bet all my money that every single girl wrote that no. down...except me....When he ends , the class , well mostly girls erupt into cheers.Ms.Woods shushes the class and continues,“So, Mr.Dallas and Mr.Kingston you both can sit behind Ms.Parker.Ms.Parker raise your hand!”

And on cue, my hand shoots up.Both the guys grin at me and come sit at their allotted seat.My hopes of studying die down as Ms.Woods continues yet again,“Mr.Walters,where would you like to sit?”

Adam looks around the class, there’s plenty of seats beside hot girls. An instant later his eyes lock with mine for a brief second, before he smirks and answers, “I’d like a seat beside Ms.Parker.”

What the hell just happened????Was he messing with me?Nobody sits next to me, the social parasite.My face probably showed what I was thinking for Adam said, ” What ?Never sat with a hot guy before ?Don’t worry Cupcake, I’ll train you.”

Blushing because what he said was true, I reply,“Walters, I’m a total geek and besides your friends beat you in that department. And don’t call me Cupcake.”

The look on Adam’s face was priceless.That’s when a voice piped in, “See that dude?Everybody knows we are hotter.“I look back to find it was the guy with red streaks in his hair. He smiles and introduces again,“Hi,I am Hayden Dallas.“Gosh he is so hot and I love that British accent. I support him by saying,“Yea, I mean who doesn’t love British accent?“Adam just grumbles and looks away.Seeing as only 20 mins were left, Ms.Woods gave us an essay to write for homework.Me being the geek I am, I start right now.Some mins later, Adam looks at me and asks ,“Have we met before cupcake?“There it is, the same question. I shake my head in disagreement and turn back to my work. That’s pretty much how my History went.The bell rang and I was out of the class faster than a lightning.But before I could go to my next class,a strong hand wrapped around my wrist stopping me from going any further.Tingles go down my spine. I turn back definitely red, only to find Adam who is smirking as if noticing the blush creeping up my neck.

“What?“I try to sound bold but failing miserably.

“You never told me your name,cupcake.“He returned, still smirking.Suddenly a confidence boost comes from nowhere and I start circling him in a seductive way and answer,“You wanna know my name??Too bad you’ll have to impress me first....“and I walk off to my next class no doubt leaving him in a daze.

It only hits me what have I done when I reach my Bio class.God! What is happening to me toady??? I’ve never stood up like that to anyone. Almost as if I was a new person with him. That’s utter shit.Abandoning my thoughts about him, I take a seat at the back. Hmm.....Who is this Adan Walters,really? Have I met him before ?It felt like that....I have sneaky feeling that he felt the same too...My train of thoughts is interrupted by someone. I look up and smile to see Hayden. He smiled and asked,“Hey Parker girl, mind if I sit with you? I was a little shocked but i still reply,“I’m a total geek, why’d you wanna sit with me?“To this, he smiles and answers,” You’re a geek, I get it but you are a cute geek and I’d love to know you more..”

Even with my cheeks red, I gesture to the set beside me. He grins and plops down.


Adam’s POV:-

When I first went to the teacher’s table and turned around, my eyes landed on each girl.I was like Damn!These girls are perfect for a good one night stand.But there was this one girl. With her choco hair tied up in a ponytail, green orbs hidden behind those big nerdy glasses, any guy could tell that she was a nerd. I don’t know what it was but when she was looking at me, I felt my smirk coming on.That girl knew that I noticed her looking and looked down at the table, flustered.I introduced myself, making sure she heard every word, too bad she didn’t write my no. though.

When I chose her,She was beyond shocked.It was quite cute, to be honest.Why am I feeling like I know her?? But right now,what happened?Who was that girl??The girl who teased me was her ...but not her, Crazy right??But girl you just messed with the bad boy and you are in for a shock.Smirking, I head to my next class, no doubt late.

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