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Anne a 17-year-old badminton player finds herself drawn towards a co-player Noah. As this news is disclosed in front of the whole school her life is about to take an unimaginable turn. Only read about a romance in novels and seen on television screen would she able to survive. This is my first time writing I am open to all recommendations and revisions so please bear with me.

Romance / Drama
Pushti tiwari
3.5 2 reviews
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What is love? I often ask myself this question does it only means to kiss someone and care about them or it drags other responsibilities along. I am asking you this question as you are better suited to answer it as compared to a girl who hasn't had her first kiss yet.

I am Anne a 17-year-old girl. I did not even have my first kiss just crushing on a boy for two years and this is my story which is about to take a turn which neither you now l have expected.

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