A flower that always blooms

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A dream like no other

I feel hot like something is burning inside me slowly affecting my whole body. The backside of my body feels somewhat cold and wet making my body a combination of hot and cold at the same time. I open my eyes but nothing can be seen properly everything is blurred just like the filter in a phone, my body is too weak to move and the light hanging on top of my head makes it more difficult to make out the surrounding, maybe it is my curiosity that gave my body a little strength to explore the room. The room is colored with blue just like my eyes making me a part of it. The bed on which I am lying is drained with water just like my body. Across the room lies a table piled up with books, on the left is a wardrobe open just enough to see the things inside, the whole room is scattered with cloths making a pattern on the floor. I have never been in this room before but it still gives me a vibe that I have been here thousands of times. Suddenly something or someone touches my feet drawing all my attention towards itself. Its a boy, the face is unclear making it difficult to recognize, but as his hand starts moving up discovering every inch of my leg, a sudden chill drives my whole body shaking. As he gets closer and closer his face becomes more visible but I can only see his lips as the light is still very bright or I am too weak to open my eyes fully, but just by looking at his lips l can identify the person because these are the lips that I always wanted to touch, wanted to feel, the lips I longed for, these are the lips of Noah Philip. As he gets closer and closer I can feel his breath mixing with mine making us inseparable. I closed my eyes so that I could experience my first kiss. After waiting for almost one minute a sudden sound hits my ear, a familiar sound the sound of my alarm clock and it becomes clear that it was all a dream, a dream like no other. Though it was not the first time I dreamed of Noah was the only dream that lifted my hopes because the previous dreams were nothing like this.

As I open my eyes I am back in my room, a front wall covered with the pictures of Noah, making my heart race. The whole room is filled by the morning light coming from the glass window covering the entire sidewall making everything shine, increasing the beauty of all the lifeless things, and lastly increasing my beauty. Looking at Noah, even just his pictures always fill me with a strange feeling, something that I have only read in novels or seen on television, a feeling that I have never felt for someone or maybe I will never feel for someone. This front wall is very special for me not only because of its pictures but also because of the memories I share with my best friend Kate. She moved to Boston from Portland when she was in second grade, before her I can't even think one name I call a friend. From the very beginning, I was a little different from other children, always reading a book, maybe I have my mom to blame for that as she always used to read books when she was carrying me inside of her. Kate and I are polar opposites, she doesn't like to read and she is damn lazy, she's so lazy that her parents have to buy her a car because she felt tired to ride a bike to school and I being a badminton player am not that lazy.

I just started playing to reduce my weight not that I was extremely fat, but as I didn't have many friends in the past my dad used to find me laying and reading all the time, these books became my best friend showing me the world, making me experience things just by reading those words and soon badminton became an important part in my life. My dad made me join badminton as he thought that it would help to make friends and also because he's a great fan of Lee Chong Wei. Kate entered my life in second grade and from then we had been best of friends. She was the only person that understood me and accepted me just the way I was, she showed me what it was to have a friend and made me do all the crazy things that I never imagined I would, it was her who decorated my front wall and made me drink wine though I passed out after having one glass ( and my father still doesn't know and I think it's for the best ).

Kate took the place of my mom whom I actually never knew except in my dad's stories. She died when I was one year old from then it's me, dad, and mochi my dog. When she died I was small so it didn't hit me as it did to my dad, my dad or Mr. Harper Anderson as other people know him fell in love with my mom Mrs. Elle cooper in high school and got married after finishing their college, my mother gave birth to me after two years, it has been 16 years since she left us but my dad never even for once thought about remarrying. I don't really think about my mom very often but there are times when I miss her it's just that the missing time is reduced by Kate's entry.

As I was flooded in our memories I heard my dad calling "Love breakfast is ready", I turned to look at the clock its hand was striking seven forty-five, it's been half an hour since I have woken up and now I am going to be late for school. I jumped out of my bed rushing towards the bathroom, normally I take a long bath soaking myself completely in the bathtub but today I could only use the shower and while brushing my teeth I could hear my dad calling me and finally Kate's car horn. I took a cold bath for about thirty seconds to drive away all my thoughts, wrapped myself a towe, and led my way towards the wardrobe placed on the other side of the bed and it's a complete mess with all the clothes scattered as no one has ever touched it in years and started searching for something to wear, finally, I found a black t-shirt with 'l love NY' engraved and my light blue jeans. Putting them on and tying my hair in a pony, I grabbed my Yonex t-shirt and shorts which Kate had given me on my last birthday and placed them inside my bag and raced towards the table to grab my books, during this whole process I could continuously hear Kate's horn beeping in the tune of some song, I swear she can be so irritating sometimes. As I put on my watch I am pretty sure I am going to be late, it takes fifteen minutes to reach school but to my shock, it's only been five minutes I got ready in five minutes! ( a lifetime achievement ), after applying a touch of makeup I plucked out my phone from the charger and dashed out of my room towards the kitchen skipping two stairs at a time.

Dad was waiting at the table as normal reading his newspaper and eating breakfast and mochi was sitting next to him while searching for the last piece of his breakfast from his bowl. During all these years my dad had learned to prepare all kinds of meals and he can become a head chef of a restaurant if he wants, by the way, he owns a publishing house, and all this just to make sure that I don't feel sad about not having a mom. Sometimes I wonder what our lives would have been if mom just stayed with us, would me and dad have been the same? would it be the same relationship? or everything would have been different. Looking at my dad I can tell he still misses her very much but is too afraid to show it because of me. As soon as he saw me he laid down his paper to look at me. We have a tradition that every morning I will spare five minutes to sit and talk to him, telling him about my previous day and having breakfast together, but today is not the day and he knows it.

I quickly grabbed a french toast from my plate while patting mochi with another when he started to take a round of my legs passing through them fully prepared to play and headed towards the door stopping on a red light, in front of my dad to give me a kiss. While he kisses me I heard a long and loud horn and I know she's getting serious I fixed the toast in my mouth, lifting my shoes in my hand, and running towards her car and mochi followed me. Kate was sitting in her convertible vintage opened from the top which her parents had bought her on last birthday,

"Hi Kate" I shouted

She turned to look at me and instantly by looking at her face I could tell what she is thinking, this expression of hers is the silence before the earthquake if I had been just a second later I would have witnessed the disaster in front of my eyes, anyhow I still have to deal with it during our drive but I know how to calm her down.

Kate loves chocolates and that is her biggest weakness like mine is books. I always keep some in my bag for emergency situations. I know it's not decent to bribe your best friend but sometimes it's necessary. Kate is nothing like me, she's cute enough to make every boy flatter with his light brown eyes, perfect body figure, and blond smooth hair, she is a cheerleader, always dancing and making me laugh and along with that she's a protective friend and if you're curious we became friends this way. We were in second grade and some children were teasing me and she was new in school and didn't have many friends. She broke every single bone of the children teasing me just to find a reason to talk to me, the school has to call even the parents of those kids to take them home. Though she faced detention we became friends. Truth to be told, she will even kick the ass out of her boyfriend if he made fun of me, not exaggerating she actually did it one time.

Putting my feet inside the shoes just enough to allow me to run without getting them on the ground l ran towards her car jumping from above the car door and landed into the front seat and started to fix shoes. She turned to face me and I exactly know why, without saying a word I pulled out a Twix bar from my backpack and smoothly placed into hers. Finally, she turned towards the steering and started the car after waving at mochi, first driving slowly and gradually increasing the speed to 80 km/h. Normally I shout at her for increasing the speed but today's mistake was mine and I'll better be quite.

"I had a dream about Noah," I said

"Again," she said and I nodded

"It's not like I always have a dream in which Noah appears" I replied

"But most probably you do"

"But this was not the kind of dream that I usually have"

"When was the last time you dreamed of me huh ?" and now she has asked something that's a little harder to answer. It was actually only one time when she appeared in my dream and that too just to drop me home. It's not like I usually dream of Noah, it would have been only four-five times when he showed up.

"Well don't you wanna know about the dream" I changed the subject and she noticed it.

"Yeah well go on" she answered while turning the car towards the left and then I realized how beautiful she really is. Kate is a girl most of the guy's dream of, she has the best dressing sense among all the people I know, though there are not many. Today too she's wearing a white v neck blouse and denim skirt reaching mid-waist and ripped from the sides. She threw her hair open which is floating along the air making her look like a perfect model for Canvas, to match her look she's wearing white sneakers.

As I tell her about my dream, she only nods and gives me different types of expressions.

"I can't believe you had such a dream" she finally said and I nod with a huge smile on my face.

"Maybe you'll proceed even ahead next time"

"Yup maybe"

"By the way was he wearing clothes?" She asks to tease me and I know by this where she's going.

"Kate!!!" I shouted to let her know that she has succeeded.

"Now hang on I am going to increase the speed or we'll be late"

I placed my backpack on the back seat wondering how much faster can this car get and after one moment I know.

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