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Chapter 2

She had never felt so humiliated in all her life! Well, that wasn’t entirely true. There had been one other time in her life. And just like that, the memories came flooding back.

She was like any typical fifteen-year-old in high school. She went to school, had her circle of friends. They went by the name ‘chub rubs’, for obvious reasons as they were all plus-sized. She was a bubbly, bright and energetic girl who didn’t allow her weight to stop her from doing anything. The bullies didn’t bother with her because nothing could shake her. Then came Brian. He was new to the school and had transferred in at the start of the new semester. She was smitten instantly by his strawberry blonde hair, chocolate brown eyes and sweet dimples that winked with his smile. He was, however, sucked into the athlete’s clique. Her clique and his clique were two very different cliques – like cheese and chalk. And one thing that everyone knows in high school is that groups don’t mix. And so, she kept her little puppy love to herself.

Then one day, entirely out of the blue, she found herself sitting under a tree just enjoying the unusually warm spring weather, when who should join her on the other end of the bench – the object of her little teenage desires. She had gone speechless and he had flashed her a dimpled smile and asked her name. She had pretty much sputtered her way through that first conversation.

After that, he had run into her a few more times. He got her number the fifth time they met. She was on cloud nine, but she kept it to herself. Then came the secret rendezvous at odd hours of the school days and in various places. Then there was a little holding of the hand and a peck on the cheek: a hug here and a close-mouthed kiss there. Where he was all muscles and bones, she was all soft fat, so they complemented each other well. She wanted to shout from the top of the flagpole, but he wanted to keep it under wraps. For her protection, he had said. The truth was that it had been to keep his reputation as a hottie in check.

Inevitably that season rolled around where boys asked girls to be their date to the annual grade social. She felt sure that Brian was going to make their relationship officially known. And so, she waited and waited and waited. But it never came. She didn’t go to the social but the next day she had walked right up to him in the cafeteria and confronted him – in front of the entire school. She would never forget the words he had said when she asked him why he hadn’t asked her to the social. A pretty little brunette who was on the cheerleading squad had threaded her arms through his. The other girl had then turned to look at her as if she was a piece of gum she had found stuck to her shoe. He had turned cold eyes on her then.

“Me? Ask you to the social? You must have me confused with the box of donuts with which I’m sure you spent the evening. I don’t even know your name! Whatever little fantasy you’ve conjured up in that chubby brain of yours does not include this guy here, although I am pretty hot so why wouldn’t I be included?” He had looked around then and his friends had laughed. He had turned back to her in the coldest tone she had ever heard. “You might have been good for a quick fuck. If I didn’t think I would throw up from all the rolling around I’d have to do to get my wick wet. Why don’t you run along and find a box of chocolates to eat your fantasy away and let me have lunch with my girlfriend.”

He had turned then and placed a chaste kiss on the cheek of the girl at his side. She was everything Anabelle was not. They were the same height, but all similarities ended there. Her hair was curly and fell to her waist. Anabelle’s hair was bone straight and barely touched her shoulders. Her complexion was all milk and cream. Anabelle’s was all freckles and spots. Her body looked as if she could shop in the pre-teen department for the rest of her life. Anabelle’s body was already middle-aged. She had run out of the cafeteria then and headed to the bench where they had first spoken. She had broken down completely. That was where Petra had found her. She had faked being sick for the rest of the week, hoping that by Monday it would be forgotten and replaced by the latest weekend gossip. She was wrong. It was a good two weeks before new scandals brushed this old one under the rug.

At this time Brian had called several times to explain himself. She hadn’t taken the calls, but her older sister had. He had given her some cooked up idea that he was trying to save both their reputations, but Liza had called him out on his bullshit without hesitation. She never told Anabelle what she said to him that day. But there was a noticeable shift in the tension after that.

Everything in her life went back to what it had been before Brian had come along. She easily topped her class for the year and had regained some amount of her self-confidence. At the end of the semester, there was a school fair. She was there in all her glory with her clique. Who turned up, falling into step beside her – Brian. She had stopped dead in her tracks. She had sensed the air around them crackling.

“Bella, can I talk to you please?” he had kept his tone low, so no one heard what he had said.

Her only response had been, “I’m sorry, but do I know you? I don’t look up from my box of donuts long enough to introduce myself.” She had tossed her head and flounced away. He hadn’t come back to school in the fall. She heard afterward that his father was being transferred and so the family was uprooted yet again. Sometimes she wondered if she should regret not giving him that last conversation. Each time she knew she had made the right choice. He had only reached out then because he knew he was leaving and would no longer care about his reputation.

As she pressed back the thoughts and pressed against the door, she forced her breath to come under control. Brian had been the first hunk, but he had certainly not been the last. But she had learned her lessons well.

She stayed away from the Brians and Joshuas of this world and stayed in her lane with guys with names like Stanley and Theodore. Her first real boyfriend was not until her first year in college. And they had remained together for their entire time in college. But as one knows with graduation comes decisions. Jimmy Baker was your good old glasses-with-the-tape, pocket-protector-wearing nerd. He had an overbite only a mother could have loved but surprisingly she had found him to be a pretty decent kisser. They had made a pact that if by the end of college neither of them had found someone to give their virginity to they would give it to each other. And so, a day after graduation they checked into a little inn. Twenty-four hours later they had emerged with much awkwardness. They had bid each other farewell and success and never saw each other again. The last she had heard he had taken up a teaching position halfway across the world.

And now, here was this fellow next door awakening all kinds of feelings she did not need to be having now. Joshua Gentles was trouble with a capital T. She was going to make sure she stayed out of his way and kept him the hell out of hers.

Next door Joshua was getting a fine reprimand from his brother.

“Now look what you did.” Marlon cuffed him upside the head as he pushed his head out the door just in time to see Anabelle slip into her apartment and close the door behind her.

“Me? What did I do?” Joshua held his hands out helplessly.

“Well obviously she would find you intimidating in every sense of the word. You could have found something to put on, you know.”

“You made the call seem urgent. How was I to know you wanted me to come and entice our neighbor with a perfect shot of what a real man should look like?”

Marlon looked around exaggeratedly.

“Where’s the real man?”

Joshua slammed the door shut before cuffing Marlon on the head.

“She probably saw your ugly mug and decided to take off before it rubbed off on her.”

“But seriously though, bro. She’s as cute as you said she was. If you hadn’t met her first, I would probably take a chance. But you saw her first, so you have dibs. Wonder if she has any friends just like her though.”

Joshua slid on to a stool at the counter, making sure to keep his towel secure.

“I’m just a bit puzzled by her reaction though. She seems to have this wall up and this blankness when I talk to her. You know what I mean.”

“Well trust me when I say her mind isn’t blank. Why do you think she hightailed it back to her apartment after she finished stripping that towel off you mentally? That alone tells you that she’s not unaffected. Don’t worry about it, bro. She digs you. If she didn’t, she wouldn’t have felt embarrassed and we would still be standing at the door discussing the tenants’ association meeting. Speaking of which…” Marlon pushed one of the brochures towards his brother. “Let’s see what kind of place we live here and where we can make a valuable contribution as upstanding citizens.”

Joshua skimmed over the single sheet of folded paper. If Anabelle had done this up all on her own it was well done. She had outlined clearly some of the things she wanted to undertake as president. She had then included a calendar of events for the rest of the year. Her email and contact were at the bottom. That information was going into his phone immediately.

“So, are we going to the meeting next Thursday or not?” Marlon leaned across the counter.

“Well considering we haven’t opened up for business yet I think we could take some time off that evening to make our presence felt and known. It would also be a good chance for us to introduce ourselves and the business and hand out a few business cards.”

“Who says you’re not smart? Well, with me for your brother you must be.”

“Bite me.”

“No thanks. I’ll leave Miss Anabelle to do that. Although I’m sure she would like to lick you first. Bro, trust me when I say she’s interested.”

“Well she didn’t act like it.”

“Go slow. She’s a bit nervous. Maybe she doesn’t know how to handle a man like you. We can be a bit intimidating you know.”

“She doesn’t strike me as a woman with no confidence. She dresses nicely and speaks authoritatively. She’s got confidence. But the two times I’ve met her I don’t think I’ve gotten ten words out of her altogether.”

“Relax and let things flow naturally. If you go in pursuit it might be a turnoff.”

“But I can’t help but pursue. I see what I want and I’m going after it. That’s all. But I hear you. I’m going to rein in the natural inclination to pounce and let her come to me naturally, like I know she’s going to.”

Joshua slid off the stool and stretched. The towel slipped off completely.

“Dude! No one wants to see your teeny tiny ding-a-ling!” Marlon threw his hands up to hide his eyes.

You may not want to, but I wonder if Anabelle would show me hers if I showed her mine?” He casually picked up the fallen towel and strolled to his room, shaking his ass exaggeratedly to hear Marlon’s protests.

He tossed the towel into the laundry basket and took a good look at himself in the mirror. There was not a spare ounce of fat anywhere on his lean physique. Sometimes he wondered what those who had known him back in college would say if they could see him now. He was built.

As he continued to examine his nudity a picture of Anabelle flashed into his head and immediately his cock twitched. Yes. There was an attraction there. He quickly pushed her out of his mind as he needed to get dressed and could do that better without an erection. He pulled on a pair of underwear and shorts. It was his evening to fix dinner although Marlon was the chef in the family. Any fantasizing about his neighbor would have to wait until later.

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