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Chapter 4

In the week after the meeting, there were several things to be done as it pertained to formalizing administrative issues for the complex. Dana, the appointed secretary, lived on block two. It had been just sheer coincidence that she had been the first-person Annabelle saw when she got to the room that evening. She had volunteered to set up a registration area to keep track of the attendees and capture their pertinent data. They had sat down one evening after work and created an email address for the complex. They then proceeded to add all the tenants whose information they had to a database. They sent out an introductory message as well as text messages. Right away they got some positive responses. Between them both, they also discussed the need for more adding more persons to the executive and how they would go about doing that. For starters, they would need one representative per floor and with one of them being the block leader. That would be ten additional persons. They would split duties among them in terms of treasurer and assistant, PRO and assistant, assistants for both Dana and Anabelle, and any other responsibilities they would find necessary. It was clear, though, that the task of pulling the complex together was not a two-person job. The previous president had thought it was just enough to have the title and deal with complaints when they arose, but Anabelle took her job seriously and wanted to leave a lasting impression. She wanted to leave systems in place so that even if she moved from here the incoming president would have a template to follow.

It was nearly ten pm when Dana left Anabelle’s apartment. She walked with her down to the block three foyers as she wanted to check my mailbox. She collected the mail and was about to turn and head back up the stairs when she heard the entry door open. Curiously she looked up and wished she had held her head straight and gotten a few seconds head start.

“Hi.” Joshua greeted her with a weary smile.

“Rough day?” The caring question slipped out before she could hold it back. Traitorous tongue!

“You could say that.” He approached the staircase and they walked up together. She was conscious of his gaze on me as she had not thought much about what to wear to collect the mail. A tank top and shorts had seemed appropriate at the time. But it was the kind of outfit that left nothing about her curves and swells to the imagination. She tried hard to keep her composure as she felt the heat of his gaze. He turned as he got to his door.

“We open in two days and there’s still so much to do. Marlon is still there. But I’ve been doing some long hours and it’s caught up with me tonight. He pulled rank and sent me home.”

“You’ve both got to take better care. It makes no sense to tell people how to be healthy if you’re not. When last did you eat?” What the hell was going on? Did her brain and tongue enter an allegiance that she knew nothing about that dictated that she about Joshua Gentles? But before she could backpedal the two traitors took it further.

“I have some left-over shrimp mac and cheese if you’d like.” Shit! Please say no. Please say no. Please say…

“That sounds delicious. I’ll come and get it before I go in.” He placed a hand in the small of her back and ushered her the few steps down to her apartment. She had no choice but to open the door and let him in.

All the apartments had the same floor plan that consisted of two bedrooms and one and a half bathrooms. She used the bedroom to the back with the balcony, and kept the bedroom to the front as an office space. The living, dining, and kitchen used an open floor plan, and flowed from one to the other seamlessly.

“Please, have a seat.” She gestured to the sofa, but he followed her straight to the kitchen and plopped down on a stool at the counter. She kept her face averted as she dished up a serving and stuck it in the microwave. She leaned a hip against the counter, avoiding his gaze as she waited for the longest three minutes of her life to elapse.

“Hey. Am I that hard to look at?”

She glanced at him and quickly looked away. She opened her mouth, but nothing came out. He chuckled.

“I guess I am.”

She muttered under her breath. “Quite the opposite and that’s the flipping problem.”

He leaned forward “What was that?”

“Nothing.” She said too quickly in a voice that was suddenly pitched too high.

She turned her back and busied herself at the sink.

“Nice view.”

She spun around quickly.

“Nicer view.”

She tried to dart to her bedroom for something to cover up but suddenly found the exit blocked. Damn! Joshua moved fast for a big guy. She was suddenly very aware that she was very alone in her apartment with someone she could pretty much call a stranger. She quickly processed how to defend herself if it should come to that.

“Relax Anabelle. I’m no rapist. I want you to stop being so damn jittery around me all the time.”

“Guys like you and girls like me…”

“Guys like me and girls like you what?”

He took her by the hand and pulled her around as he took his seat back on the stool. He pulled her to stand between his widened knees, keeping his hand on the small of her back. She had no idea what to do with her hands except to fold them across her chest. She tried her best not to allow any other contact except his hand on her back.

“Hunky guys like you and chubby girls like me don’t match.”

“Says who?”

“Says the status quo.”

“Well the status quo can’t tell me to whom I should or should not be attracted. I don’t see myself as a hunk and I don’t see you as chubby. All I see is a man who is attracted to a damn hot woman. And I can only hope that this damn hot woman is attracted to this man.”

He gave a little tug which brought her a few centimeters closer, enough for his inner thighs to touch her outer thighs. His eyes held hers and she knew it was a mistake the moment they locked. She felt as if something was pulling her into a current, one she had no control over. As he leaned in closer and closer, she felt her heart begin to race. She was caught in a web from which there was no escape. She took a sharp breath as she felt his warm breath whisper on her face as he exhaled. She caught a whiff of his musky scent and felt her knees go weak. Damn! Even when he needed a shower, he was hot. She felt his other hand move to the nape of her neck as he drew her in…


The sharp sound of the microwave ending its warm-up cycle startled them both. He pulled back and she used the opportunity to slip back into the kitchen. She got a dish towel and took the piping hot plate out. She slid it over to him with a set of utensils. Gratefully he dug in. While he ate, she did some straightening up in the living and dining room. She turned at the sound of water.

“I’ll get that.”

“You fed me, darling. The least I can do is clean up after myself. That was damn good by the way. But don’t tell Marlon I said so.”

She chuckled despite herself.

“I got the recipe from my best friend, Petra. She owns a restaurant downtown.”

He licked his fingers and patted his stomach.

“My compliments to Miss Petra.”

She sidled up beside him as he finished washing. She took out a dish towel and proceeded to dry. Standing this close to him made her realize just how different they were in height. She barely came to his underarm. Silently they completed the task and before she knew it, he had his bag slung over his shoulder and they were at the door. He placed a hand on the knob and turned to her.

“Thanks for dinner. It sure beats the cereal I was looking forward to as the quickest thing to rustle up.”

She smiled up at him and a curious expression crossed his face.

“Do you have any idea just how beautiful you are? I’d love to see that smile aimed in my direction more often.”

She blushed then and he laughed. Quickly and before she could react, he bent and feathered a kiss over her lips.

“Sweet dreams darling.” And with that he was gone. She locked the door as if in a daze and floated off to bed. She now had something more tangible to add to her nightly fantasies.

Joshua made his way back to his apartment as if in a cloud. He could hardly believe his luck that as he walked in that night, he would find the object of his desires right there at the foot of the stairs. And what a sight she was!

She had been in a very relaxed state. Why else would she have been dressed as she was? The spaghetti strap tank top had left her arms and shoulders bare. It was clear to see her skin was creamy was all over. Her breasts had been unfettered by a bra and bounced and jiggled as she walked. The tank had hugged every curve and he had felt my mouth go dry at the thought of kneading his fingers through the soft flesh of her breasts and stomach. There was a slight indentation where her waist was but immediately her hips flowed out and down to a pair of thick, juicy, beautiful thighs. Her shorts had only emphasized their thickness and his cock had twitched at the thought of what hid between them. He just imagined what it would feel like to kneel before her and nuzzle his way up to find her wet pussy creaming for him.

As he entered the dark apartment, he picked his way to his room. He had a quick shower before jumping into bed. The last thought he had was of a chestnut head resting on his bare chest after a vigorous bout of lovemaking.

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