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Chapter 5

Joshua looked around at the roughly twenty persons squeezed into Anabelle’s living room. It was their first committee meeting. He remembered very quickly why he had never been a fan of group work. Everyone thought their idea was the best one to use. But he found Anabelle to be simply amazing. She took charge of the group as if they were a group of her unruly students. Somehow, by the time the meeting ended, they all had a consensus in terms of what was going to be done and how.

They decided that decorating the complex would take place the first weekend of December which was just a month away. Each block would have the same décor but in different colors to retain individuality. Lights would be hung along with Christmas balls along the rails while each door would have a wreath. They needed to ascertain if any tenants objected to the décor and point persons were named to filter that information. They also came up with a list of items needed. They realized right away that they needed to approach the procurement and finance committee to get funds. Earlier in the week the head of that committee had sent out a notice stating that one of the quickest ways to raise immediate funds needed would be through tenants themselves making donations of cash, kind and time.

A glance at the clock on the wall showed that it was getting late, yet Anabelle showed no intention of adjourning the meeting. Joshua yawned exaggeratedly and their eyes made four. She narrowed her gaze at him while he looked on innocently. But a glance at the clock herself made her eyes grew wide. Her gaze slid back to him and she nodded surreptitiously. He winked. He liked how they were communicating in a non-verbal fashion.

Since the night that she had fed him a barrier had started to come down between them. They had run into each other quite a bit after that and been able to have a conversation without her feeling as if she had to run away from him. He and Marlon had opened The Gentle Life two weeks ago and were quite surprised to find that at least half of the crowd at the opening were from our complex. Later they were told that Anabelle had knocked on people’s door reminding them of the business launch and that the tenants support their own. He had seen her do it for the girl scouts who lived in the complex. They never had to venture out to get sales for their goods. It gave him a whole new admiration for her. She was a caring and giving person and just the kind of person he needed in his life.

“We have just two things left to decide.” Anabelle spoke up clearly despite the soft groans around the room. She placed her hand on her hip and turned stern eyes on them all.

“If some of you,” she looked squarely at Joshua, “had not gotten so carried away with the intricacy of the decoration to be done, down to describing the very angle at which to drape the lights on the trees, we would have adjourned this meeting at least half an hour ago.”

He held up his hands in mock innocence. Anabelle pursed her lips and rolled her eyes.

“But we do need to discuss from now what we will give as gifts, and how we will get them. The marketing and promotion committee sent out an email with the list of homes and charities. There are three senior homes and two orphanages. We now need to be thinking of what each home may need and how we would come into the mix with our project. Any suggestions?”

Joshua raised his hand. “Could we ask the homes to give us some indication of any special needs they might have? I’m thinking of the orphanages. They tend to have children who have special needs. So rather than the usual toys we would like to be able to give them something from which they can benefit. I mean, I know we’re not rich, but it doesn’t hurt to ask what they need and see how we could genuinely assist.”

There were murmurs around the room as they tossed about his idea.

“Thanks Joshua. Are there any other suggestions?”

Someone else put up their hand. “We also need to know how many persons are in each home and what their ages and gender are so that when the time comes for packaging, we don’t end up being confused. I’m assuming that our committee is taking care of everything gift related for all five homes.”

“That is correct.”

“Exactly. We don’t want to wait until the eleventh hour to get that data.”

Joshua raised his hand again. “Could we take it a step further and ask for names so that we can label them individually?”

“That’s going to take a lot of time,” someone chimed in.

“But it will be worth it to see the joy on these faces on Christmas Day. If you were in a nursing home what would you appreciate more? A gift that says, ‘man, aged 73 – socks’, or a gift with your actual name on its ‘John Brown’? Yes, it’s a lot of work but if we all work together it will be worth it, trust me.”

All eyes looked at Anabelle. She nodded. “I think it is a workable idea and we have the time to get it done from now. The final thing I need to discuss is the actual distribution on the day. We must organize it, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that we must do it. We are going to need to co-opt persons from the other committees who don’t mind giving up their Christmas plans on the day itself. I think there are persons here from each block so can you please start spreading that piece of information. I will send out a blast from the committee sometime tomorrow, but word of mouth is always a good reinforcer. Are there any other issues we need to discuss now? Speak now or forever hold your peace.” She looked around the room. “Good. May I ask for someone to move for adjournment?” Almost ten hands went up immediately.

“I think that more than answers that question madam chair.”

“There are sandwiches and juice on the counter. Please help yourself as you go.”

Automatically Joshua went into the kitchen space to give a hand with the refreshment. He poured juice and wrapped sandwiches. It was a good fifteen minutes later before the apartment was empty and Joshua got busy collecting the trash and leftover sandwiches and juice. As he stuffed a garbage bag and placed it by the door, he heard a clatter as Anabelle pulled out her vacuum cleaner.

“Hey. It’s almost eleven and you’re tired. Let that stay until tomorrow.”

She jutted out her chin and pursed her lips stubbornly. “Nope. I need to do it tonight.”

He stopped what he was doing and went over to her. Immediately her defenses went up as she was determined to vacuum and did not wish to be deterred.

“Well, I will do it. You finish clearing up. We’re both dead tired and I don’t have time to argue about you lugging around a vacuum at this time of the night.”

She gave him a curious look as he pried the machine from her fingers. He tossed his head in the direction of the kitchen and she stepped aside.

It took another fifteen minutes to be clean up. It was now past eleven. Tomorrow was Saturday and the day he went in late. He and Marlon had a team of six persons, and they rotated among them to ensure that no one was overworked, and everyone got equal time off to rest and recuperate. He placed the machine in the closet he had seen her take it from just as he heard the last clatter of utensils being put away in the drawers.

“All done.”

He looked over his shoulder to see her lower herself wearily into a chair. As tired as he was, he knew she was just as if not more tired than he. He shuffled over and pulled up a footrest.

“Put them up. You’ve earned it. Did you have anything to eat?”

She leaned back wearily and shook her head ‘no’. He went into the kitchen and hastily rustled up two of the leftover sandwiches he had already wrapped up. He poured two glasses of juice and added ice then placed them on a tray and proceeded to join her. He sat on the carpet beside the footrest and passed a sandwich up to her. They ate and drank in silence, stifling yawns. As soon as they were done, he rose and deposited the trash in the bag by the door and returned the tray to the kitchen.

He turned and caught her in the act of stifling yet another wide yawn. His mind drifted as his imagination opened to wonder what it would be like to put her to bed. First, he would rub her tired feet, working his way up her firm calves and thighs. Then he would take her to the bedroom and undress her gently. He would have her lay on her stomach while he massaged her back with peppermint oil. Then he would gently, oh so smoothly, part her thighs and slip between then from behind. As tired as they both were, he wouldn’t leave it to her to do any work at all. He would slide in slowly. His dick would find her pussy wet and creamy and hot and he would ride her gently… He looked down and found that the front of his jeans had become tented. That seemed to be becoming the norm whenever he found himself in her presence. The struggle to keep his hands off her was real. He knew his attraction to her was not just physical but if he made physical advances it would erode the strides, he had made in getting her to not be so defensive around him. Obviously, she had been burned by a ‘hunk’ before. She had made references to their differences on more than one occasion. What he didn’t want, however, was for her to get comfortable and start viewing him as just a friend. He wanted, no, needed her to know that he was seriously interested in something more profound than friendship and more than just a roll between the sheets.

He made his mind go blank as he slowly did some unnecessary cleaning to give himself time for his body to come back under control. When he thought he was deflated sufficiently he made his way back to the sofa.

“I’m going to …” He looked down at her and found her fast asleep. A smile curved his lips. It would be so easy to sit next to her and pull her head to rest on his lap. He sighed. One day. But as to the matter at hand, he couldn’t let her spend the night on the couch. But he did not have it in his heart to wake her.

He did a quick tour of the apartment and figured out which room was hers. He went back to the sofa and gently lifted her into his arms. He was used to bench pressing heavier than she was, so the task was accomplished with little effort. He laid her on the bed and pulled the cover up and over then went throughout the apartment checking windows and doors and turning off the lights. He was tempted to go to her room and crawl into bed beside her on the pretext of being too exhausted to make it the ten steps to his doorway. But then he thought better of it. If he continued to play his cards right, there would come a day when she would invite him into that boudoir. With a yawn and flick of the final light he secured the lock on the front door and let himself out.

Anabelle yawned and stretched as she felt her whole being come awake. A glance outside showed that it was still dark. She fumbled for her phone from its usual spot on the night table, but could not find it. She frowned as she felt a pillow under her head and a sheet over her legs. She didn’t remember coming to bed last night. The last thing she remembered was that she was sitting on the sofa waiting to let Joshua out while he finished up in the kitchen… oh shit! Joshua!

She jumped out of bed and rushed to the living room. The whole apartment was dark. She flicked on the light. The couch was empty. She checked the front door. Joshua had put on the night lock. She breathed deeply as she picked up her phone from the kitchen counter and wandered back to bed. She was still in her jeans and t-shirt from the evening before and stripped down to her underwear quickly. She frowned as she began to put bits and pieces together. How had she gotten from the sofa to the bed? How had the bed been turned down? She vaguely remembered being lifted… wait… lifted!!!??? What the heck!? Could Joshua have lifted her into his arms last night? And she had been too knocked out to know it! Damn! She stepped out on the balcony for a breath of fresh air reveling in the feel of the cool air hitting her scantily clad body. She lifted her arms and stretched as high up as she could. Her breasts pressed against the confines of the brassiere. With a quick flick of her wrist behind her, she released the snaps, and they bounced free. She bent and touched her toes to stretch her spine and hamstring. She spent just a minute or two more in the cool night air before going back inside.

She crawled back between the sheets and fluffed her pillow slightly, willing herself to drift back off to sleep again. But it didn’t come that easily. Joshua filler her thoughts. She imagined he was lifting her off the sofa. But this time she was wide awake. Not only that, they were kissing passionately, and she locked her legs around his waist. She could feel the press of his hard dick against her pussy and moan into the kiss. She wanted him and she wanted him bad.

She felt her nipples grow hard and her pussy grow wet and warm as she brought her wandering thoughts to a halt.

“He’s just a neighbor. He doesn’t see you that way.” She flung the sheets off yet again, and went to the bathroom. She stripped out of her underwear as she went. She stepped under the cool spray, and in a few minutes felt refreshed and revived… and horny. Whoever had come up with the myth of cold showers relieving horniness needed to be drawn and quartered.

She wrapped herself in a bathrobe and made her way to the office. Sleep had officially fled. She might as well get some work done on some jewelry pieces. Christmas was just around the corner and she had several orders to fill. It wasn’t long before she had erased all thoughts of Joshua from her mind as she became immersed in piles of beads and jewels.

Joshua was in a state after what he had just witnessed. He shook his head as he thought to himself that whoever had come up with the myth of cold showers relieving horniness needed to be hung high from a ten-foot gallows. It had been over three hours since he had put Anabelle to bed and returned to his apartment. Just picking her up and walking her to bed had set his libido on fire. His dick was as stiff as a board by the time he got to his room. He had jumped into the coldest shower he could bear immediately. He was barely deflated. In frustration, he had gone to sit on the balcony that led off his bedroom. He had taken his iPad with him.

He had no idea how long he had been sitting out there. He had turned off the device and was just about to go back inside when he had heard a door opening. He had turned his head toward the sound and before he could move Anabelle had stepped out onto her balcony. He had opened his mouth in greeting and felt his tongue cleave to the roof of his suddenly dry mouth.

Anabelle had done nothing short of a striptease. In her defense she had not known she was teasing while stripping. Even now that the show was over his dick was so hard and vibrating so much it could lift weights. He could barely breathe as he replayed the scene in his head. That stretch upwards had him imagining her doing just that as he peeled her top off. His mouth watered at the thought of nibbling and suckling those stiff nipples as she wrapped her legs around him and pulled him into her… damn! And when she had bent over! And now a whole other scene unfolded in his head. She was bent over just like that in front of him. He would be sitting on the sofa. He would knead her ass cheeks through the flimsy fabric of her panties before pulling the crotch aside to lean forward and taste her. He would find her stiff little clit with the tip of his tongue. He could imagine her groaning in ecstasy as he lashed the little nub mercilessly. When she was on the brink he would pull back and quickly pull her panties down and off. Then he would lean back in the sofa and guide her to sit, positioning his dick to line up perfectly with her pussy as she descended. He would pull her back to his chest and spread her legs wide as he pumped upwards.

He felt his whole body vibrate and he stopped breathing. He could only imagine what would happen if she had known he was watching her little striptease. His hand had a mind of its own as it found its way into his shorts. He had been on edge for weeks now. He needed to get his body back under control. He closed his eyes as he leaned back and willed neutral thoughts to come. He would not think of Anabelle. And a quick stroke of his dick would not suffice either. He wanted the real deal and that would be Anabelle in bed underneath him, above him, beside him, riding him, licking and sucking him, kissing him, however they chose and whenever they wanted.

He breathed deeply as he felt the edge begin to ebb away. He felt the damp spot on his shorts from where the precum had flowed freely. Those would still have to be changed. But his desire had been tempered temporarily. One day. He would not have to hold back. With one final deep breath of the crisp and cool night air he made his way back inside. It was nearing 3 am. He stripped out of his shorts and got between the crisp fresh sheets. He had been up and about from 6 am the previous day and exhaustion finally caught up with me. In a few minutes he was out like a light.

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