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Chapter 8

For the three days after their encounter on Saturday, Anabelle and Joshua seemed like two ships that had passed each other in the night. Those were three of the longest most hellish day either of them had ever experienced. He refused to go back to the awkward days when she would barely speak to him. He wanted another opportunity like Saturday. He wanted to take her in his arms and show her exactly how he felt about her. He would have to wait until Thursday when they had their last meeting before the decorations went up on Saturday. As a matter of fact, he would have to wait until after the meeting. But the odds were stacked against him. When he went in to work on Thursday, he ended up having to do a double shift and barely made it to the last ten minutes of the meeting. When he walked in, he felt the chill that was Arctic Anabelle as soon as he entered. He frowned as he mumbled his apology, stating that he had sent a text explaining his delay. He sighed and leaned back against the wall. His muscles were sore, and he needed a hot shower. He closed his eyes and it was only when he heard his name shouted in his ear, that he jumped out of the doze he was in.

“Sorry. I’m not altogether here. It’s been a long hard day.”

“The struggle is real. Have a seat before you keel over.”

He gratefully sank into a vacant spot that had been made for him on the sofa between Cathy and Jerry and promptly dozed off again. When next he opened my eyes, he found himself stretched out on the couch with a light blanket placed over his legs. The apartment was dark but there was a faint light coming from the passage. He stretched and yawned before plodding along in his socks to the bathroom. He didn’t think it strange that his shoes were off. He relieved himself and washed his hands as if it was the most natural thing to use Anabelle’s bathroom. He made the few steps to her office and knocked lightly on the slightly ajar door.


He pushed the door open and found her knee-deep in wreaths. She was busy affixing bows and had gone through a fair number of them. Wordlessly he dropped to his knees and joined her. She handed him a wreath and a pack of flowers.

“I’m sorry I was so late. I sent an apology. Didn’t you get it?”

“I did.”

“So why the vexation?”

She shrugged and averted her head as she continued to work. He scooted closer until his toes touched her calf. He rubbed his foot up and down until she looked over at him.

“Tell me.”

Again, she shrugged. He decided to go out on a limb.

“I wanted to be here as much as you wanted me to be here. You know, that right?”

She shrugged and bent her head to continue working. But he could see her lips twitching as she hid a small smile.

“Thanks for putting me to bed by the way.”

“More like a short nap. It’s not even midnight yet.”

“Well it felt like the most comfortable sleep I’ve had in a while.”

“The couch isn’t that comfortable.”

“Maybe it’s whose couch it is. Ever thought of that?” He nudged her calf again and she touched him right back, giggling.

“We won’t get much done if you don’t stop playing around.”

“You know, you’re right.” He scooted closer still and this time He pulled her legs over his. He heard her large intake of breath just before he pulled her arms around him and planted his mouth on hers. He released all the pent-up passion he had been feeling since the last time he held her like this. His hands gripped her round ass as he pulled her closer. He wanted her to understand just what she was doing to him. He knew the instant his tented cock met the crease of her pussy as she moaned and wriggled in his arms as if lightning had struck her. He held her still as he humped her slowly, his tongue mimicking the movements of his lower body. He felt her tremble slightly as she groaned. He wanted to do nothing more than stretch her out on the carpet and strip off the t-shirt she wore, baring her chest to his hot gaze. He would take one plump nipple between his teeth and work it into a stiff nub of pleasure. She would beg him to pay attention to the other one and he would do just that. Then he would strip off these shorts, panties and all and bury his face in her sweet pussy.

He gave a loud groan himself as he tore his mouth from hers. He buried his face in her neck as he held her shaking body. He forced his body to go still. Their ragged breathing broke the stillness of the room. Slowly he pulled back and smoothed her hair away from her face. Her lips were slightly apart, and he fought tooth and nail not to take possession of her sweet mouth yet again. Instead he pressed his forehead to hers.

“I don’t want to leave. But I don’t want our first time to be like this. It’s got to be special.”

She swallowed shakily. “Okay.”

“As long as you know, we will do this. You got that right?”

“Right.” She nodded as if in a daze.

Slowly he disentangled himself from her and stood. His still erect dick bobbed in her face and she blinked. He pulled her to her feet and pressed her close. Damn! She felt so good in his arms. He took one last squeeze before putting her away from him. If he didn’t walk away now he would break the promise he had just made. He cleared his throat and beckoned in the direction of the living room.

“Walk me out.”

“Sure. No problem.”

Silently they made their way out. She clicked on the light as they went. He sat and found his sneakers and then stood and shouldered his backpack. She was already standing by the door. He leaned down and rested his head against her forehead briefly. He feathered a kiss across her lips and felt her lips move in response.

“Saturday morning bright and early we start decorating.”

“Bright and early.”

“Rest well and sweet dreams.”

“Sweet dreams to you too. And have a good day tomorrow.”

He brushed his knuckles across her cheek. “You too.” Stepping through that door was hard.

Sleep was not Anabelle’s friend after Joshua left her. She had no idea how they had gone from just being on a committee to almost sleeping together in under a week. She had a shower yet still she tossed and turned restlessly. Each time she fell into a daze, she was startled awake by thoughts of what had almost happened in her office a few hours before. It was nearly six a.m. before she gave up the fight to sleep. Her body was on fire and not because her apartment was warm. Her pussy had been creaming all night and screaming for relief. And she couldn’t take it anymore.

She sat up and pulled off her t-shirt then her shorts and panties. As she tugged on her nipples she groaned softly. She pressed her head back into the pillow and closed her eyes, imagining that it was Joshua pulling at the turgid points. She lifted one hard nub easily to her mouth and suckled hard. She felt as if someone had lit a fire in her clit as it jerked and throbbed almost painfully. One hand drifted down to her stomach as she allowed her breasts to fall however, they wished.

Her fingers drew lazy circles over her lower stomach until they touched the top of her labia. She moaned Joshua’s name softly as she imagined it was his lips touching her down there. Slowly she spread her legs as his invisible hands parted her thighs to get better access to her. Her middle finger found her stiff, hot, throbbing clit and she bucked up off the bed. Three of her fingers stroked up and down, dipping into the warm wet pool of her pussy. She felt the juices trickle down to her ass. Her hips circled as her fingers dipped and stroked. She quickly turned over on her stomach and grabbed a pillow. She stuffed it vertically between her legs to give herself some leverage as she began to ride her fingers.

“Oh shit! Just like that Joshy baby. Right there. Give me that cock. I want it baby. I need it.” She felt a shiver run through her body as the fantasy got even more intense. She twisted and turned and ground herself hard against her hand but the relief she sought teetered on the perimeter of her fantasy. She flipped over onto her back and immediately felt the tension begin to rise within her once again as she approached the point of no return. She found that sensitive spot on the right side of her clit and stroked it once.

“Oh fuck!” Her head rolled back as she bucked her hips up. She stroked the spot again. She was almost there. Just a few more strokes…


“Oh shit! Not now! Whoever the fuck you are not now!”

Riiiinnnnnggggggg!!! Riiiiiiiiiiinnnnnngggggg!!! Riiiiiiiinnnnnnnggggggg!!!

She grabbed up the offending device.


She groaned and rolled her eyes at the voice of her vice-principal. She took a deep shuddering breath as she felt all the pent-up frustration of unrelieved sexual tension sit in her stomach like a brick. She looked at the time. There was no way she was going to have time to get back to the point that she was at before she had to get ready for school. And by the time the call ended she barely had time to prepare herself and make it to school on time just the same.

Joshua found himself in a predicament as sleep was the furthest thing from his mind after he left Anabelle. The very thought of whispering her name as he imagined how it would sound rolling off his tongue made him go into mini trance, His imagination went in a direction that only heightened his physical dilemma. Even while he showered, he imagined she was there with him, her sweet round ass bent over in front of him. Thoughts like that did not help his situation at all and so he exited the shower in no better state than he had entered. He didn’t even bother with clothing and just slid between the sheet’s nude.

He tossed and turned all night. He gave up fighting the urge somewhere around six am. He threw the covers aside and took things into his own hands literally. The precum flowed liberally and he used his thumb to swipe the warm liquid around the head of his throbbing cock. He used the other hand to reach down and cup his full balls. They had been screaming for relief for weeks now. Well the time had come. He closed his eyes as he imagined Anabelle’s soft hands working his balls even as her sweet mouth kissed his cock. He groaned as her tongue licked at the precum before dipping into the tiny opening at the tip. She would then slowly and carefully swallow him, and his cock would swell in her mouth as she sucked. Her full breasts would be pressed against his thighs as she held him in her hand and licked up and down. Then she would envelop him between her breasts. He would fuck her titties and watch them bounce with each thrust. As his cock head peeked out at the top, she would lash at it with her tongue. He gripped his cock hard and started to thrust into his hand at the thought. But he didn’t stop there. Slowly she would climb up his body until her wet pussy was a mere whisper from his hard cock. Then slowly she would sink her full body on to him. And he would grip her ass as she started to ride him and ride him and ride him. She would ride him until she came, screaming his name. Then he would roll over and spread her legs even wider, forcing her to grip behind her knees as he plunged deep. His hand became a blur on his cock as he felt his body begin to tense. He would thrust into her so hard and fast the bed would be banging against the wall. And she would be bouncing with every thrust. He would begin to fall apart as her pussy tensed and spasmed around him as she screamed his name and came again. He felt the tingling at the back of his knees and his breathing became shallow—just a few thrusts more.

Knock, knock, knock

He barely had time to flip over and cover his ass before Marlon pushed the door open.

“You awake? I know you are. Heard you tossing and turning all night. Anyway,” He took a seat on the edge of his bed and he balled my fist. His throbbing cock pressed into the mattress, desperately seeking relief but he couldn’t very well finish the job with his brother sitting right there now could he.

Joshua sighed, “Could you at least let me take a piss and get some clothes on before we have a staff meeting?”

“You naked under there? Ewwww!” He felt the bed shift as Marlon got up. “Go do what you gotta do and meet me in the kitchen. I’ll get the coffee started.”

He took a deep shuddering breath as he left the room. His cock was still on fire but with Marlon waiting there was very little chance of getting back to where he had been just before he entered. With much difficulty he got it deflated enough for him to relieve his bladder. He hauled on a pair of boxers then met his brother in the kitchen to hear what else he had dreamed up for the business.

When Saturday morning came a part of Anabelle wished that Joshua had to work. She couldn’t face him. Not with the thoughts she had had about him the previous morning. She just felt as if every time she looked at him now, she would imagine things, sexually obscene things. But as luck would have it, he was one of the first persons in the center. The evening before he had been at work so he had not been on hand to assist with moving everything down. They would be working in teams of the three according to their blocks. So automatically they were on the same team. The air had a slight nip to it the closer they came to Christmas. He wore a plaid wool-blend shirt with a winter vest over it along with mittens. He had on a beanie and a scarf was tossed loosely around his neck. The work jeans and boots did nothing to hide his sexiness. She stifled a groan at the thought of him being up on a ladder that she had to hold, while looking up, at his ass, that same ass she wanted to grip and stroke as he thrust into her. It was going to be a long and challenging day working in such close confines with Joshua.

For what felt like the umpteenth time Joshua snuck a look at Anabelle. Why did she have to look so damn hot in that get up? He adjusted his tool belt so that any movements in his groin area would be masked even partially. She had stuffed her hair under a wool cap with ear flaps, but that just made him want to move the flaps and lick and nibble on the tender lobes. The big woolen shirt she wore hung loosely around her and just made him want to run his hands up underneath and free the twins who he knew would welcome his cock between them. He whistled tunelessly as he worked, trying to turn his thoughts away from loosening the waist of the oversized trousers she wore and dropping them to the ground while his finger found her little passion button. He would kneel and let her ride his tongue, up and down, back and forth, until she came all over his lips.

“Shit!” He dropped the hammer as he smacked his thumb. That was the first and last time his thoughts strayed for the day. Each time he looked in Anabelle’s direction his thumb throbbed, and he looked away.

They had a whole day’s work to get done and his cock’s needs would have to come after.

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