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This story revolves around a girl who always complaints to God about the deficiencies of her life۔ This is the story of a girl who can take any step to achieve her desires. This is the story of a character that any of us can be. This is the story of such turning point and the moment in our lives in which the punishment for the mistake may last for centuries, but the Lord then loves more than seventy mothers, and understands the suffering of His servant۔ Knowingly, He passes the human through the worst to the best, that even though he knows a million evils of the human, but he does not give up the connection with him. If you believe in the glory of Lord, then he will show you the way even in the dark. If the way is bright, then it would be difficult to find the destination, because every way is lighten, but they are the chosen people of the Lord whose lives are dark. He who shows the straight path in the darkness does not allow the beloved human to wander in the useless lights. Read with me the story of a girl whose desires lead her to pass through thick and thin of the life.

Romance / Fantasy
Bismah Tariq
Age Rating:

Chapter one

The room was dimly lit. Outside, the cold was at its peak. After nine o'clock, in December, outside the main roads were deserted. She also hovered the blanket on her and probably was constantly calling someone.

The call was going on but no one was answering.

"Hey dude, pick up the phone. If you can't pick it up, why do you even bother to buy it and waste your money?" She was addressed to herself. She kept on trying the line. This time the call was picked up after two rings.

As soon as the voice of hello came from the other side. There was a great outcry from her side.

"I thought my friend is dead and I was upset that you died and my aunt didn't tell me."

"Hey, listen to me; I went to the washroom, so I couldn't get up and you!!!!! tell me why are you in such a hurry."

"Come on, I'm so sorry girl, it just crossed my mind that your house doesn't even have a washroom, so you have to go to Mars to meet your needs ... so sorry girl." She was speaking in a flat tone.

"Hemayal Shut you dude. Leave this anger now and tell me what happened to you?" She knew she would lose, so she surrendered herself before.

"Okay, let's it go, how will you find a friend like me? ... Actually I was thinking that tomorrow we should go and get the forms of two or three universities; then we will apply in such university which we like. when the bachelor's result has been announced, then why are we waiting now? Time is running out. " Hemayal said in a slightly serious tone.

"Yes, that's right, but how will your family agree for this? I mean they used to say that you can do masters at the same university where your cousin Zarrar is doing masters. So, what is the purpose of wandering in other universities" Merha said reminding her.

"Hey, leave this fat rat, he can go and study where he wants, so why should I go where these people want? Anyway, I did my BS in college, at Baba's request, now I will go to the university of my choice. You will see. " Hemayal also burst out the whole fire at once.

"Hahahahaha, dude, don't call him a rat now, he's not even fat anymore."

"Why are you taking his side? One minute, one minute! You're my friend or his? Tell me today." Hemayal always got angry with Mirha when she supported Zarrar for no reason.

"No, dude, i am yours." Mirha was constantly laughing.

"Okay then i will call you tomorrow when we have to go for applying in universities." Mirha said.

"Ohh! That's great!!!!". Hemayal's joy was about to Skyrocket, when her father's thoughts shattered his emotional feelings. It was a favor to her by her father that Mirha was her good friend and she was allowed to go anywhere with Mirha . She was thinking that she had cooked imaginary pilaf but how could she mention this to her father.

"I don't know, Baba, how are you going to digest my imaginary pilaf?" That thought paralyzed her for a moment. But she had to try for it, Just for yourself.

And she didn't want to think about it anymore. So she changed the subject of conversation.

"Oh leave it Mirha for now, tell me, how's my aunt?"


"Get up, son. Didn't you have to go somewhere today?" Sabika Begum has been making noises to him for a long time but he even didn't bother to make a little stir. This time Sabika Begum shook him by the shoulder and he sat up confusely.

"What's the matter, Mom? Why are you making noise this early morning? What's the matter?" He rubbed his brown eyes, while saying this.

"Wow, son, Isn't it morning yet?............. It's nine o'clock and you said you have to get up early tomorrow morning for university." Begum Sabika was saying in surprise.

"So Mama, I was just about to wake up. Which train is missing me? It's just a matter of one topic, which i have to learn." He was rubbering his eyes, which made his glassy brown eyes a little red. He was tall and had light golden and brown mixed hair falling slightly on his forehead.

"Okay, let's get ready. Now!!..... and will you take something for breakfast?" Sabika Begum insisted.

"No, No...i have no mood ...... when I would be hungry, I will eat something from University" He made up excuses not to have breakfast ,got up and went into the washroom.

"Come on, it's okay. This is the usual behaviour of yours." Sabika Begum also went outside, saying this.


Everyone was at the dinner table. Hemayal and Zehra were sitting together. Zehra was five years younger than Hemayal but Hemayal had a good friendship with her. Zarrar was sitting in front of them who was busy eating at that time. Hemayal's was never close to him before and is not going to be close now and after. Granny sat on the master chair. She once looked at everyone and started eating. Granny whose real name was Razia Jahan Begum but everyone called her Granny or B. Jan. She was married at the age of 21. After coming to the mansion of her husband, she showed patience. Her perseverance and kindness won everyone's heart. Shee had two sons; Farooq Ibrahim and Iqbal Ibrahim. Farooq Ibrahim was older and Iqbal Ibrahim was younger. Shortly after their marriage, their father died. Razia Begum was deeply saddened by the sudden death of her husband but she did not lose patience. Since she did not had to face any financial difficulties, so she did not stop her sons from moving forward in the world of business. Although Farooq Ibrahim himself had a soft corner, but he found his wife the opposite. And Iqbal was a little angry. Shortly after father's death, these two brothers moved to the city with Razia begum, because granny could only be happy where her children were happy. Farooq Ibrahim had two children. Eldest son Zarrar Ibrahim and youngest daughter Zahra Ibrahim. Iqbal had only one daughter. Hemayal Ibrahim.

Henayal wanted to start the matter but the vocabulary was running low due to fear and nervousness. At last, she said after masturing up courage. She cleared her throat for a moment. Everyone was looking up at her. However, Zarrar seems to be curious to listen to her matter. Hemayal didn't want to look at him. So ,sometimes she would look at her plate and sometimes at her father.

"Dad!!!!, I want to talk to you." She was talking intermittently.

Iqbal Sahib was a little surprised and said, "Yes, say,.... what you want to say."

"Dad I was thinking that now graduation has completed, so I should take admission in Masters now." She was speaking in a normal way.

"Yes, ....well, you will be taken by Zarrar tomorrow for admission. Just you have to tell me the fee. Zarrar will submit it". He was speaking with great ease.

Zarrar threw his devilish smile at Hemayal.

Hemayal was holding her breath, but she didn't have to lose from Zarrar today. Everyone else was just listening in silence.

"Baba, I will not go to the university where Zarrar brother studies," Hemayal said, emphasizing the word 'brother'. But the next moment all her bravery fell to the ground.

Iqbal Sahib bursted at her the next moment. "So where will you go, if you don't want to study in this university? What's the matter with this university?"

"But Dad...." ... This time Armeena aunt jumped into the matter cutting her words, and the words died in Hemayal's mouth.

"I used to say that don't permitt this girl for education. But no! Who even listens to me here? What is the benefit of holding a pen? Is the advantage is this, that now, the girl of our house will debate on the decisions of the elders. Oh, come on!!! tell me this girl, Is my son is a satan, who will eat you if you go there."

Hemayal was getting emotional. She was holding her tears , if no one would be there, she would have cried so far۔

"Yes, your son is a satan۔ I will not go to this ugly man's university۔۔۔" She was crying now.

"Hemayal just shut up. Go to your room and don't dare to utter a single word beyond that..... And if you want to go to University, you'll just go where I say ... That's it... or the best option is to stay at home." Iqbal Sahib said angrily and left.

"Mama, please say something....." Hemayal was saying helplessly to her Mom.

Alia Begum said sadly. "When you know he won't allow for it...., what difference does it make whether I say it or not?"

Hemayal got up from her seat and looked at granny with crying face, but that was all granny said to her.

"Be patient, my daughter. No matter how much a person fights against destiny, from circumstances, from people's attitudes ... but lastly, what happens is what the Lord wants; what the lord has decided for you would be the best."

Hemayal looked at granny with teary eyes and went to her room. And granny also went to her room.

Now only Armeena aunt was left on the table. "Hahahaha ... one is our daughter, there is not even a single chance that she will go against her father's order and the other is this girl... big madam and big university!!!!" The maid had come to pick up the dishes, so Armeena aunt also went to her room with a smirk on her face.


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