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Chapter two

He was rushing towards the car, walking through the corridor, when he heard Sabika Begum's voice. Sabika Begum and Haider Sanjarani were sitting in the lawn, taking tea. Haider Sahib was also holding a newspaper in his hand.

"Basil! Listen!" Sabika Begum was calling him.

"Sometimes, bother to sit with us, son." This time Haider Sahib had called him.

"Oh, what's the matter? They again stop me, now what to do?" He was muttering in his mouth. His back was to them so they couldn't hear him.

"Okay, I'm coming." Finally he walked towards them saying.

"How long are your exams over?" Haider Sahib was asking in a soft tone.

"Until next week ..." He gave a short answer.

"Okay, then you need to visit my office as soon as the exams are over and take care of all the work yourself ... I can't do it now ... my old bones want retirement now." Haider Sahib said placing his hand on his waist۔

Both Basil and Sabika Begum laughed at this.

"Okay. Then next week you're going to meet a well-known businessman of the future ... Be Ready dad." ... He was wearing black jeans and a high-necked sweater and laughing hysterically. This sight had the characteristic of beating millions of hearts at once. Moreover, he was wearing a shiny black watch on one hand as well as a chain-like bracelet along with it; The other hand was empty.

"Hahahahahaha !!! You will come then, i would see how big businessman, you are." Haider Sahib also wanted to seduce him.

"Hey ... don't take my son lightly..., you will see how much my son would progress ..." Sabika Begum was taking her son's side.

"Oh, that's the thing mom ... look, Dad!!! Mama is in my team, not yours ..." Basil said in a triumphant tone.

"Yeah! What can i do now? In old age, everyone leave like this and change team......"۔He said showing artificial resentment.

Then everyone laughed together.


Three hours had passed since Hemayal was crying ... but still she was crying silently with her head in pillow. Her life always seemed like a maze to her, where there was darkness everywhere and every path pushed her in despair ... where no one listened to her cries ...

She grasped for breath in between my cries, but it seemed as if her lungs were also frustrated and tired of her daily sessions of painful growling.

She wanted a special place at that moment where there was no one but her Lord ... she wanted to cry out loud ... she wanted to scream ...she cried as hard as she could until her throat became dry and her voice box started to curse her for being so harsh on it. She tried her best to voice her pain out loudly and clearly in front of her Lord, but could only manage to mumble with her weak and cracked voice once again.

"After all, why do they all do the same with me ... why do they send that jerk with me everywhere as my father?" Hemayal's heart was asking the same question over and over again. She knew the reason ... but she didn't want to think about that. Her mind was lost in strange thoughts when someone tried to open the door of her room. She got up quickly and rubbed her eyes with the tips of his fingers and asked.

"Who is it?" ... Her voice grew heavier as she cried alot. When no one spoke, she opened the door to check.

As soon as the door was opened, zarar jumped up in her room like the owner and sat on her bed.

"What's this manner? How dare you come into my room?" .. She was roaring at Zarrar، holding the door.

Zarrar was constantly showing his teeth, being uneffective from any sentence told to him by her.

"By the way,..Did you like today's lunch, Hemayal Dear? ... How you were bragging at table? I won't go to Zarrar Brother's university" ... he mimicked her emphasizing the word 'Brother' angrily.

"By the way, why did you call me brother ..?" Now he hurried towards her. Hemayal was suddenly frightened. Zarrar grabbed her by the arm so hard that she felt her soul coming out ... and she started screaming unintentionally. "Granny!!!... Mom.. !!!!!!!"

Zarar immediately pressed her mouth ...

"Be silent!!!, if another sound will come out from your mouth, then I will strangle you ..."

Hemayal bravely released her hand from his grip and punched Zarar at the nose. Zarar immediately fell out of the room. Suddenly his mouth turned bloody . Hemayal looked at him in shock and at the same time locked the door of her room in fear. She knew that no matter how much Zarrar bullied her, but he would not mention the incident in front of family to not destroy his false honor, but she was also afraid. After waiting for a while, when she did not hear any noise or commotion from the house, she calmed down ... but at the same time, this incident gave her the courage to respond to every insult of Zarrar in such a manner.

"People said so right that It is fun to kill the enemy with the tactics of the enemy. ... live long people ...hahahah" Hameel celebrated her victory with applause.


Examinations had begun at the university and with it the admissions for the new academic year were also started. There was a hustle and bustle in the university.

Today, even Zaidi was struggling with a pile of books and notes, who kept saying all year long that a believer is in fact the only student who recites the "O Lord! Increase me in my knowledge" on the morning of the exam. According to him, Not only the chances of passing the exam but also the chances of topping the exam increase with this.

And Haniya, who used to be the don of her group throughout the year, was repeatedly visiting the bookshop as if this shop was some court and Baba, who was present there in the form of shop owner, had to give her the amulet to take the exam.

As for Jamal, today he is wandering in University and his search today is the topper whom he used to call "an educated jin" all year. If he met some students, Jamal would tell such a sad story as if he had spent years sacrificing his sleep for the sake of learning some topics, but no cure had been found.

And then there's Lisa, who informs her classmates for 12 months of the curriculum, "Hurry up, there's only one day left for Al-Karam's sale, don't ask me if it's out of stock." So Lisa is also visiting the staff room in search of important topics.

But there is someone who finds all this useless. According to him, it is the fault of the university administration that they take the papers. Will a piece of paper decide the whole future of students? and that is Sabir Chaudhry. According to him, the standards of the society are forcing him to take this invaluable degree. Otherwise, Nasir, his brother, is the best car repairman in Europe and earns many euros. He will also go there. In the end, why did parents brought this trouble to him?

And these are some of the great descendants of the nation who were busy to show the ways of the university to the new students coming for admission in the university ,instead of preparing for the exam. If someone had to go to the account office, they would send him to the library two kilometers away and show him the way to the bathroom as if he had to go to the admission office.


Gathering all her courage, Hemayal went downstairs to the lounge where granny was reciting Tasbeeh and Alia Begum and Armeena aunt were also sitting.

"Ah, thank goodness Dad isn't here." Hemayal breathed a sigh of relief.

She looked around and didn't find Zarrar anywhere.

"Hemayal! Just give Zarrar turmeric milk! Rashida is washing clothes, otherwise i would tell her to do so." Armeena aunt said.

"Why aunt? What happened to Zarrar brother? Is he okay?" Hemayal showed her innocent ignorance as if she had no knowledge of this matter.

"He is Injured! He says he fell, but I think he got into an argument with someone," Aunt armeena expressed her concern.

"Oh well! It must be some minor injury... don't beat about the bush, daughter-in-law," said granny.

Hemayal took a glass of milk and walked towards Zarrar's room. Hemayal's was so excited to reach his room and see zarrar's dilapidated condition.

She entered the room. Zarrar lay like a corpse on the bed with his hands over his eyes. Seeing his condition, Hemayal felt a wave of peace in her soul.

"Yes, my dear brother zarar ... the punch was not this strong i guess..." Hemayal cleared her throat and laughed.

Zarrar sat up as soon as he heard her voice.

"So you lizard! You've become so brave,

I will surely reward you for the courage you have shown. Don't worry Remember, I will keep you tied up in this same room. I will beat you day and night, Then i will see how these teeth of yours comes out. ”Zarrar said chewing in anger.

"Ah, my dear Zarrar! Don't shout so much otherwkse blood could come out of your nose again. And give me these threats when you are able to suffer that punch again. And take this, Your mother has sent milk. How i wish it would be poison and you die, drinking this. A deadly Anaconda you are!! "Hemayal also shot back.

"Speak with care, I am your childhood fiance, remember this. I will tell your father that his daughter's tongue is moving so sharply. If you would go to any university, then it would be mine ۔ You can go there if you want to go, otherwise it is better to stay at home and learn how to cook, surely I wouldn't like to suffer hunger after marriage. "

Zarrar threatened as if it was a matter of life.


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