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Chapter 2

Social Networks. He was lying on his bed in his home. He browses the internet with his phone and sees himself in a picture in social network.

“Don’t let this guy borrow your phone. Risk: Unwanted Self-Photos” was the caption she put atop.

He lets out a laugh as he sees it.His fingers land on the pad and he comments.

“She actually put this as her wallpaper.” It appears.

“Accusing and lying to the general public is bad.” She comments in response to his.

He almost falls on his bed from laughing.

Reports. They were assigned in the same group. It was English and they were asked to answer a series of questions the teacher left for them. She was figuring them out and she sees him playing with his phone. She scolds him and he mocks her before keeping his phone in his pocket. He leans in to see the questions better, but he doesn’t want to get too close. He leans back on his seat instead.

A member from the other group tells him to write the names of his groupmates down. He was told to indicate the leader. He looks at how focused she is and he writes her name next to the title. He puts the paper on the teacher’s desk.

When he gets back to his seat, she asks him to answer the last and final question. He smirks, and then watches her as she stands and roam about the room.

When the teacher gets back, she tells the leader of each group to report their answers. He smiles slightly because she has no idea he had just assigned her as the the leader. He writes down his answer and hands the sheet back to her with a smug look on his face. They were the first group and the teacher calls his name to stand in front.

“What?” He can’t help but say out loud. The teacher’s face wasn’t lying and he swats the paper from her hands. She smiles deviously at him and he narrows his eyes at her.

Diners. They were in the mall and she was holding paper bags in her hands. She feels hunger and so her eyes land on the diner farther ahead. She tries to get closer but he sees him through the glass. She was quick to turn around and decides to eat somewhere else.

Her cousins kept their pace at her back because she was walking too fast.

“Where are you going?” Her cousin asks. “I thought you want to eat?”

“Somewhere else.” She replies.

Then she sees his sister walking towards them. She knows the sister because she had been kind to help them at their group’s paper. Her cousin was the first to say hi because the cousin and the sister were classmates. She smiles at her politely.

She lets the two talk for a while and she waits for them to finish. She sees him still through the glass and he had something red stuck on his cheek. His mother points it out and he wipes it with a tissue. His eyes landed on her but he looks away. She laughs a little.

Handwritings. All the eyes were in front and all hands were holding a pen. He feels the dread of having told to copy notes from the board. He writes fast and he notices she has somehow noticed his pace. She leans her head to see his paper.

“Your handwriting is ugly.” She says, and she goes back to her own. He is forced to stop and purse his lips. He looks at her but she’s looking up front. He goes back to writing. He hates how careful he does the words then.

“Shut up.” He says, a little too late. “You’re ugly.” He tries not to laugh out loud at her reaction. She kicks his legs a little too hard. His pen etches a diagonal line through the words.

Phone Calls. She was at her house and her sister is pestering her with the same question.

“Where were you?” Her sister asks for the third time.

She doesn’t respond.

“Huh. You said you were hiding. You said ‘secret’ when I called you where you were. Who was with you, anyway?”

“My friend.” She says.

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