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Chapter 3







“53! Ha! I’m higher in Science.” He shrieks, and he does an awkward dance. She is slightly amused.

Quick Pictures. He was looking for something from his bag. The sun was too hot and everyone was moving. His hair was still uncool and he was short, like the first time they met. He bets he’s as tall as her now, who was walking past him. A classmate comes around and his hands were still wriggling inside the bag. He looks at her and sees that she was smiling at something. A camera was aimed at the two of them. He was not prepared when he hears the click. The picture comes out with her smiling, and him looking at the lens with unset eyes. That was a ridiculous picture of him, he thinks.

Snacks. She was shopping for food and she sees him as she passes by the junk food isle. She walks fast but then he calls her. She walks towards him while he holds out to bags of chips in front of her face.

“Which of these two tastes better?” He asks.

She thinks for a while. “This one.” She points on the food to her left.

He grins. “Okay then. Thanks!”

“Okay.” She says and turns around to leave.

Homeworks. She runs. She hates the fact that their room was located on the second floor. She doesn’t like the stairs. She also hates why she was late on that Monday morning. She reaches the door and it was already locked. Her classmates were out for flag ceremony and she had just arrived.

“A little tardy today, aren’t we?” He says. He was still wearing his backpack. He still smelled of shampoo. He had just arrived too. His room was also locked and they both looked at each other, discussing in their heads whether they should still attend the ceremony or just wait.

“Would you-“ She says.

“Nah. My bag’s too heavy.” He says. “I’ll just wait here.”

She thinks for a while. She’s never missed a ceremony before. She doesn’t like breaking a streak.

“We can wait together.” He says.

She was silent. She sits down on the floor.

He sits down next to her. He takes out his notebook and she wonders why. He looks at her curiously.

“Did you have a homework in Math?” He asks.

“Yeah. Why?” She replies.

He clasps two hands together as if in prayer. His lips curve at the corners. “Can I?” He says.

She rolls her eyes, but she opens up her bag. She searches for it. Nothing.

“Aaaaggghhh.” She screams in frustration. “How much time is left before the first period?”

“15 minutes?” He bets.

She grabs a paper and starts answering the problems. She’s good in math, at least. She hopes she can finish it in 15 minutes.

“A little forgetful today, are we?” He says. She turns her back on him and hides her answer away.

“Hey!” He complains. “I forgot my lunch too, you know.” He says.

Lists. The list comes up showing names of students and their sections. She traces her fingers on the paper and finds her name. She looks up the name of her new classmates.

“We’re not in the same class now.” He says.

“And why does that disappoint you?” She asks as she notices his tone.

“No. The question is: why DOESN’T that disappoint you?” He says and slams his fist on his palm. “BAM!”

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