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Chapter 4

Hiding. They were playing hide and seek. The teachers were out and they were given a three-hour period with no academic interruption. Though they didn’t limit the area for just their room alone, it was still hard to find a good hiding spot.

She goes out in the back, where they had just planted new flowers a week ago. She sees him there.

“Hey. Find another hiding spot.” He says.

“This place is so big. What is wrong with you?” She replies.

“No, really. I’d get caught if you’re here because you easily get caught.”

“What the hell? You’re annoying.”

“You’re more annoying.”

She rolls her eyes. She turns to her side and tries to leave.

“No.” She hears him say. She was forced to glare at him. “If you leave now, you’ll get caught once you turn the corner.”

“I remembered a good hiding spot over there.” She says.

“No, really. If I get caught, it’ll be your fault.”

“I don’t care if you get caught as long as I don’-“

She doesn’t get to finish because he covers her mouth with his hand. They hear someone say “Ready or not, here I come.”

He looks at her carefully and she looks back at him warily. They stay like that for minutes. His hand was covering her mouth until they heard the sound of footsteps recede. She pulls out his hand and complains.

“Your hand smells fishy.” She says.

“Because I had fish for breakfast!” He replies. “And I think you’ve gotten spit on my hand.” He tries to wipe it on her uniform, but she was dodging.

“Ha!” Someone says, and they both look at the same time at their captor. They glared at each other.

“That’s for being noisy.” The captor said.

Weekends. “Hey.” She sees him first in another weekend.

“I thought you don’t like seeing me outside of school?” He asks.

“This is different because a friend is with me today.” She says. He sees the friend behind her.

“How is that any different?” He asks.

She’s about to answer but she gets a call from her phone.

“It’s a secret.” She says to the caller.

A pause.

“I’m hiding.” She says then hangs up.

“Who’s that?”

“My sister.”

Erasers. She is one of the few left. The others had gone home. They were cleaning the room. She was wiping the board and she lacks in height. She doesn’t try to jump. She decides to leave it be.

He comes inside the room and sees her on her toes. He laughs at the situation and he grabs the eraser from her hands. He raises his hand easy and the top is cleared of white marks.

A voice calls their attention. “You’re cleaning their board, not ours?”

He grins at his friend and he leaves. She continues to wipe the board, though it was clean already. Someone fakes a cough from her back. She is forced to turn around and see her friend with dust on her face and a rag on her hand. The smile is evident.

“Shut up.” She says before wiping the board for the third time.

Texts. She is sick and has been absent for two days. She lies on her bed and keeps a tissue ready by her side. She sneezes and stares blankly into space. The thought of getting admitted to the hospital comes. She hopes most of the time that she won’t. She gets a text message.

“You miss me, right?”

“That’s inappropriate. I think you’re the one who’s actually sick here.”

“Very funny. You should come back to school already because you miss me and so I can see you.”

“There seems to be something wrong with that sentence. And you’re texting at school. I’ll tell the teacher when I get back.”

He tries to make a reply but the teacher was asking them to bring out their calculators.

Hospitals. She was sitting on the bed. There was a tube attached on her hand. The room was cold and suddenly the door bust open. He comes in but suddenly retreats back out when he sees her relatives inside.

A brief moment of silence fills the room.

He comes back seconds later along with his companions.

They were filling up the room with their noise. She wonders if the patients next door could hear them. It was 4 in the afternoon and they agreed to visit her at 3.

“He was still in bath, that’s why.” One of the guys say.

He ignores them.

She ignores them.

They continue to talk. Her relatives were watching television. After a while, the room was bare except for her and her cousins and her sister.

“Hey, do they tease you a lot with the boy in black?” Her cousin asks with a smile on his face.

“You think?” She rolls her eyes and stuffs food in her mouth.

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