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Chapter 5

Lunchtimes. It was lunchtime and he brings out a lunchbox for the first time.

“Woah! Now that’s new!” She exclaims after seeing it.

“Shut up.” He says as he opens up his food.

“I should stay in my seat this time.” She calls out to her friends in the back, who were already forming a circle. “This is such a rare moment to be passed.” She points at him.

He ignores her and eats a spoonful. She stays beside him throughout the meal and she ate silently.

“You’re boring and you eat too fast.” She comments as soon as he finishes his food.

“No, you’re just slow.” He replies and looks at her as he drinks his water.

Advices. “How do you handle them?” She asks.

They have discussions like this when they feel like it. He finds it unnecessary but rather interesting.

“Ignore ignore ignore.” He replies. “It’s not that hard when you know it isn’t true right?”

“Yes. You’re right.” She replies and she smiles.

He resorts back to reading.

Practices. He places one hand on her waist. She rests hers on his shoulders. Their free hands were attached. They are moving awkwardly.

“Curse this PE.” He complains.

“Curse how awful you are at this.” She says.

“You two, there! Do it right or start over again!” They both sigh with annoyance as they look into each other. He slows down to keep up with her pace.

Disturbances. “Do you think I’m annoying?” He asks.

“I think most people here are annoying.” She replies.

He ruffles her hair. It comes out as a mess.

“Yes. You’re really annoying.”

Diners (Again). He was eating with his family outside. The walls were glass and he sees her holding paper bags of clothes. He looks away before their eyes can meet. He hates it because the walls of that diner weren’t very appealing, and they were sitting directly near the glass, so he doesn’t have very much to look at. He was averting her gaze.

“Hey!” His sister snaps his head at her direction. “That’s your classmate over there-“

“Yeah yeah I know and shut up.” He says. He eats a spoonful.

“That’s my classmate over there, too.” She says. “Aren’t you going to say hi?”

“No.” He says and sips on his coke. His eyes land on her but quickly escape from it. He looks at his sister.

“If you’re gonna say hi to her cousin don’t you ever say stuff about me over here, alright?” He adds.

“Yes. Calm down, lil bro. Why are you sweating?” His sister taunts.

“I’m not sweating.” He replies fast.

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