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Chapter 6

Glances. He had friends now and they were a bit crazy. They were a bunch of kids just like him, and they were making a noise. The room was full of its constant costumers: chitchat. The two seats in front were empty. He was at the back; she was outside. She talks to her friends and her eyes don’t land on his. His does on her.

Notebooks. At noon, he goes home. He leaves his classmates behind because he doesn’t bring lunch. He stands up and takes his bag with him. He doesn’t say goodbye to her. He goes through the door. Not an hour later, he comes back and she’s asleep on her desk. His seat beside is occupied by her notebook. He picks it up and puts it over her head. The sensation wakes her up. Her head rises and she drops the notebook on the floor.

He doesn’t look at it and pretends he didn’t see the thing sprawled near his feet, but he was stifling a laugh. She eyes him and scoffs at him and picks up the object. He sits down and rests his chin on his hands. He hears a noise from his side. He ignores it, but he looks at her, anyway.

She was back to sleeping but she was now a few inches farther from him. His lips does a little twitch, and he sticks his tongue out to her.

Early Mornings. He was a little too early at that moment because they were assigned to clean their backyard garden. The flowers had bloomed well enough, at least, and the place was a little too quiet. She was sweeping the ground and he was holding the dust pan. He’d collect the leaves and he’d throw it in the sack.

They were a little too early and it was a little too quiet. He starts to speak.

“Your head was kind of heavy.”

Her brows scrunch up for a moment, then they separate as her eyes grow wide. “I’m sorry, I was just too sleepy that time.”

“Don’t have to say sorry, you know.” He replies, not looking at her, but rather on the leaves on the ground.

She doesn’t answer because he was a little too serious and it was a little too unusual. So she swept again on the ground. And once again, it was a little too quiet.

Attires. She wears a dress. He wears a tux. She doesn’t like how everyone else was excited for prom. He sneaks up behind her and says something.

“You look good in a dress.” He compliments.

“You too.” She replies.

“You mean in a tux?” He says.

“What do you think?” She replies slyly.

He grins.

Dogs. She comes at his house along with a few others for a class requirement. She notices the dog walking past her legs. She wasn’t a fan of dogs, but this one is actually kind when she touches it. And it was calling for her attention anyway.

“Your dog is cute. What happened to you?” She looks at him.

He’s about to start a reply but then the dog barks at her. He laughs instead.

“He actually thinks he gets that cuteness from me so he hates it when I get insulted.” He says cunningly.

“So you’re saying you share your genes with a dog?”

He raises a finger before answering. “That’s not what I meant.”

The dog barked again at her.

“Okay.” She holds her hands up. “I think he’s pretty much like you.” She snickers.

“Coming from you, is that a good thing or a bad thing?”

She laughs and doesn’t answer. The dog sits next to her as she typed on his laptop.

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