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Chapter 8

Cows. She twirls her hair and he twirls his pen. The teacher was taking too long and so he felt bored. He remembers a question that has been bugging him for quite some time.

“Do cows ever lie down?” He asks out of nowhere.

She looks at him weirdly before answering.

“Of course they do.”

“Do they?”

“Yes. When they sleep. Or when they’re tired.”

“Really? I thought they sleep standing up?”

She laughs harder than she usually does.

“The horses, though. They do that.” She says after a while.

Campaigns. She was running for a position in their school organization. They were campaigning on each room and they were in front of his class now. He was sitting in the back and he was waiting for her turn to introduce herself. Before she speaks her name, he yells a somewhat form of support which mostly contained the words “whooo” and “go” and a somewhat a modified pronunciation of her name.

The entire class looks at him before she starts her introduction. She laughs quietly from where she stands.

Graduations Pictures. It was their Graduation Ceremony. His hair was cut short now and it had a little style. He was now also taller than her. He awkwardly comes towards her.

“Hey.” He says.

“Hey.” She says.

“Hey.” He says again.

She looks at him and he looks at her back as if he’s forgotten how to speak.

“Hey can we have a picture?” She says, a little too unlikely.

“Yeah sure?” He agrees a little too fast.

He calls up his sister, who eyes both of them teasingly.

“Stop it and just snap.” He speaks to his sister.

Both of them were actually smiling for that one.

Phones. “Let me borrow your phone for a while.” He says.

“Why?” She inquires.

“I need to text someone.”

She doesn’t comment and gives him her phone. He takes a while but she ignores him. He hands it back to her after a few minutes.

“Thanks.” Then he leaves.

“Let me borrow your phone for a while.” Her friend says an hour later.

“You need to text someone, too?” She says in advance. Her friend nods and she is handed the mobile device.

“What happened to this?” Her friend says.

She sees a picture of him obviously taken an hour ago as her wallpaper. She instantly grabs it and restores it to normal. “Darn him.”

Her friend laughs.

Flowers. She shows no mercy for the soil. Her sharp blade goes through it and the top is dismantled. She pulls out the ugly plant and is left with an even uglier hole. She works on her blade again, and she tries not to get her hands dirty. She grabs the new one to be planted from her side. She checks if the hole is good enough, then plops down the roots. She covers the hole up until the plant stands on its own. She frowns.

“Unattractive flowers, don’t you think? Ours is better.” He says. She looks beside her and finds his uniform with blotches of brown. She looks at their flowers, too. She frowns.

“Unattractive, yes.” She replies. “And your uniform too.”

He looks down on his clothing. “Well, as long as I AM attractive-“

“Ha!” She says before he can finish. She grabs a little dirt and aims it at his direction. He’s quick to stand up and shield with his palms. She laughs.

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