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XIV - The River Front

“Okay, is this it?”

Audrey pulled her car over outside my house, and I nodded. She smiled and switched off the engine, looking up at the house in interest.

“Looks nice,” she said, as we got out of her car. “Maddox lives just opposite you, right?”

“Exactly opposite,” I responded with a smile and slight roll of my eyes, “just my luck. Come on in - my mum’s at work, and my dad... well, he won’t bother us.”

“Cool. They won’t mind you going, then?”

I shook my head and unlocked the main door, pushing it open and dropping my keys on a table. Once we were inside my room, Audrey’s eyes widened and her smile grew, bright eyes wandering over the room and decor. My bedroom’s pretty simple, but quite big, with white and pale blue and sunny yellow as the main theme. Her hands traced the furniture approvingly, and she looked out of the window with a grin.

“That’s his room, isn’t it? Damn, you were right. This is a really nice place. You’re great at decorating, Es.”

“Thanks,” I said with a smile, opening up my closet and throwing a couple of jumpers and leggings and tops down on my bed. She watched and then raised a brow, picking up Maddox’s hoodie.

“I swear that’s-”

“It is,” I finished for her, “we were working on a school project, and it was raining... you get it. I should probably give it back at some point.”

“Uhuh,” she said with a smirk, sitting down on my bed and flicking ebony strands of hair out of her face, “I so ship you two.”

I rolled my eyes and smiled, a light blush tinting on my cheeks for a moment. “Shut up.”

She laughed and I pulled out a rucksack, putting clothes and things I’d need inside it and zipping it back up, pausing afterwards in thought. Was this really such a good idea, going to a hotel full of extros and partying with Maddox and the Lennards?

“Hey, don’t worry,” Audrey spoke up, with a warm smile as she stood up and pushed the backpack into my hands, “trust me, I won’t let anything stupid go on. It’ll be crazy-fun, trust me.”

“I believe the crazy part,” I said with a grin, and swung the backpack over my shoulder. My phone suddenly started buzzing from inside my pocket, with Maddox’s ID on the screen. I rolled my eyes and looked to Audrey with my brows raised, which she returned with a smirk and took the phone off me, accepting the call and putting him on loudspeaker.

“Fudge off, Maddox, we’re coming.”

“Well, hurry up!” Maddox’s voice answered with a laugh from Sebastian nearby, “seriously, it’s one night, not a lifetime.”

“I’ll remind you that when you’re getting prepped for some lousy football match,” Audrey shot back with a smile, and ended the call.

“We should probably go,” I told her, as she handed me back my phone, “before Maddox and your brother blow a fuse.”

Audrey laughed on nodded in agreement, going back downstairs to her car. “Hey, how do you feel about riding a motorbike?”

“Uh, I don’t know - terrified?!”

“All you need is a leather jacket and boots and you’d look like a right bad ass, Esme,” Audrey joked as we got in her car, and she started up the engine again. “We’ve got, like half an hour or so on it, since it’s a loan, I think. The hotel’s called The River Front. You know it?”

“I’ve heard of it,” I replied, as we pulled away from my house and the car exited the street, “doesn’t it have fire pits on the roof area?”

Audrey nodded excitedly. “We’ve got one for the night too. Good job the traffic’s low, otherwise my brother would nag at me so much I’d feel like pushing him off the roof.”

Maddox and Sebastian were waiting for us in the main hall of The River Front, and smirked when they saw us.

“If it isn’t the two Miss Latelys,” Sebastian commented with a grin, and Audrey shoved him playfully.

“Push off. We actually care about looking decent.”

“Yeah, sure. We got two rooms upstairs,” Maddox told us.

“Okay. Girls share one room, you two share the other.”

“So we’re not all-”

"No," me and Audrey said in sync, and Maddox grinned at us.

“Just drop your stuff off,” he said, handing me the room’s key card, “we’re going on the bikes soon.”

“Cool! Esme, we’re sharing,” Audrey said, but Maddox raised a brow and folded his arms in mock defense.

“Excuse me - are you trying to take over my club, Audrey? Esme’s riding with me,” he told her with a smirk.

Audrey rolled her eyes with a smile.“Come on, Es, leave the kids to it and let’s put our stuff away.”

“Kids?” Sebastian repeated, with a look of mock offense. I smiled and him and rolled my eyes, and Audrey nodded, pulling me away from them to get to our room.

The room itself was incredible. I had been away and abroad once before, but I was really young and didn’t remember much. My family wasn’t rich, so we couldn’t afford to go away much anyway. This room was massive, with an en suite at one side and then the main room, with two double beds and a small bar opposite, beside a mini fridge. There was a long desk with hotel memo paper stacked neatly at one side, and the view of the balcony overlooked the sea.Audrey’s eyes lit up in astonishment, as did mine.

“Wow! Talk about luxury!” she exclaimed, dumping her bags on one of the beds and laying back on it, her dark, inky waves of hair contrasting with the pure white of the duvet. “We’re so coming here again.”

“Yeah, it’s amazing,” I agreed with a smile, glancing at the door, “but, we should probably go back to the boys - you know, for our ride of death.”

Audrey laughed and rolled her eyes at me, getting back up off the bed and leaving our room with me.

“Don’t stress - I’ll push him off the bike if he tries anything.”

“Mm... no, don’t do that.”


“’Because that leaves me on the back of the motorbike. And I wouldn’t be on the back of it for that long if you shoved him off.

“Audrey grinned, taking my words into consideration. “Good point. Okay, what if you use super fast reflexes and switch to his place as soon as he falls off?”

We both burst out laughing, and Maddox and Sebastian looked at us with their brows raised.

“Oh, hi Maddox,” Audrey greeted him with a wide smile, “we were just talking about our plan to push you off a motorbike if you try anything.”

Sebastian snorted with laughter, and Maddox grinned.

“You’ve known Esme for like, two days, and you’ve already turned her against me,” Maddox told her with a smirk, and Audrey smiled.

“We’ll be okay if you don’t try anything,” I said, and Maddox rolled his eyes as we all came out of the hotel and made our way to the bikes.

“Hey, we’re The Crazies, Esme. This is crazy. Don’t push me to go further,” he said with his signature smirk.

“I’m trying to do the opposite?"

“Yeah... it’s not working.”

“No fear, Esme, I’ll do the honors if Maddox screws up,” Sebastian assured me with a grin, and Maddox raised a brow at him.

“That’s not something a friend would say,” Maddox said accusingly.

“Well, there’s not much point in arguing about it now,” Sebastian responded, “because we’re here.”

I looked up to notice two motorbikes, with a guy in his thirties with messy light brown locks leaning against the bars of the rack. He nodded at us in approval and handed the boys the keys - Audrey snatching them off Sebastian with a smug smile and causing a wrestle between the two of them - and Maddox turning to me with a smirk.

“You ready, Essie?”


Maddox smirked, and grabbed the keys off Audrey, tossing them to Sebastian, who caught them in one swipe. Audrey pouted, rolling her eyes and turned to Maddox, then to me.

“I don’t like him.”

I grinned and Maddox raised his brows in amusement. “Go ride your bike with your brother, weirdo.”

Audrey stuck out her lounge at him and climbed on the back of Sebastian’s bike, and Maddox grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the other.

Fifth crazy decision, counted for.

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