After School Club

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★ Author's Notes ★

Hi! Thanks for reading, and I really hope you enjoyed After School Club 😄💕

This was such a fun book to write, and not bad considering it’s actually my first completed romance novel 😅👍🏽

I’m super excited because I’ve got some really amazing new romance novels I’m going to be releasing asap! They’ll also have another book to come with them.

The first one’s called Black & White, and that’ll have another book called Colour Blind after it - not a sequel, just the same as Black & White, but in the boy’s point of view. It’s a going to be an awesome long romance novel - an “emo boy” and a determined-to-be-positive girl. I’ve been planning this for months, and I’ve got real high hopes for it 🖤🤍

The other is called The Black Pack, which has a book after it called The Ashens. Again, The Ashens won’t be a sequel - the same storyline but with different main characters from the other group/pack. I don’t wanna give too much away with this - what I will say is the groups are superhuman and the girl’s just... human 😂💓

So if you’re interested in these romance-packed books, make sure you follow me and stay in tune!! They’ll also be available to read on my Wattpad (@meeshapatricia) and Quotev (@MindOfMeesha) 😊

Again, thanks for reading! Feel free to comment and give me your thoughts on this and the upcoming books! I’ll make an announcement on my profile on the date they’re due to be released, along with book covers.

𝓜𝓮𝓮𝓼𝓱𝓪 c(^-^c)

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