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chapter 2: the beginning of torture


While talking to Zarina and James I saw Roseline walking really quietly to her room.So when I saw her close the door I told Zarina and James I had to go to the bathroom. I went into the bathroom and looked for Roseline's shampoo. It was not hard to find her shampoo because her shampoo was the only one there. You might be wondering why I'm look for Roseline's shampoo right. Well then let me tell you why. I'm looking for Roseline's shampoo because I'm going to but some pink hair dye on the shampoo because she doesn't like pink in her hair and we don't like each other because ever since's I broke her best friends heart she hate's me . I walked out the bathroom like nothing happened. When I got back to the living room where Zarina and James were talking and helping me put my things in the room. We finished putting the thing in my room and went to bed.


It was 5:oo am when I got up to get ready for school. I went to the bathroom to brush my hair. When I got there I went to the to mirror. I saw the horrible thing that was in my hair. I couldn't believe my eye's. My hair was pink oh all color's pink. I don't hate the color pink I just don't like the color pink in my hair. I tried washing it off but it don't work. I couldn't do anything until I get out of work and drove to Sally's to buy some hair dye so I brushed my pink hair and left to Madison's house to pick her up.When I got there she was all ready outside. " What the happen to your hair Roseline", Madison said. " I don't know but I think Jack but pink hair dye in my shampoo", Roseline said. " What are you going to do about it Roseline", Madison said. " Well I find out his girlfriend is going to have dinner with us so I'm going to but a lot of hot sauce on his food", I said." cool if you need help with anything call or text me okay" Madison said. I nodded and started driving to school. When we got to school we went to are class and take note and take test's and at gym we had to runner a mile and do push ups. After school I drove us to are jobs. I parked my car and went to the changing rooms to change are clothes. After we changed we started working.


I got up and saw Roseline getting out of the bathroom. You should have when her face. After Roseline left to go to school I went into the living room and watched a movie. James and Zarina come a couple minutes after i started watching the movie. After the movie we started talking."Hey Jack want to got get some food and then go to the movie with us ",James said . " sure just let me change", I said. I walked to my room and changed and left with Zarina and James to go get some food and to go the movies


After work We went to Sally's to get some black hair dye and some blue to put it in end of my hair. When I bought the thing I asked Madison to stay over and help me put my hair dye and help me cook. "Sure just take me home to get some clothes and other thing", Madison said. I nodded and take her home. when we got she when inside and got her thing and went into the car and I started driving. When we got to my house she helped me put the hair dyes in my hair and started doing Zarina's, Jame's and Jack's girlfriend dinner. After we were done with there dinner we did Jack's dinner with a lot of hot sauces. When they came in the house they started eat. when Jack take his first bite of his food His face turned red and he run to the refrigerator to get some milk. You should have seen Janel's face (p.s Janel is Jack's girlfriend).HA that what Jack get's for putting pink hair dye in my shampoo.

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