Hold My Hand

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Its a story of two soul Started as strangers, Bonded to be friends and Destined to be lovers!

Romance / Other
Manisha Venkatesan
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Chapter 1

A girl in her teens was sitting on her bed and thinking, “Today is another normal day, but I don’t know why it feels as if something special is going to happen.” The girl was wearing pink/white sleeveless shirt and a grey sweat pants. Her silky black hair was in a pony tail and she was wearing a light purple coach branded glasses. The girl was none other than Priya. Priya was living with her papa, mama, and her elder sister. The weather was very pleasant outside so Priya planned to go for a ride on her bike. She went down stairs and told her mom where she was going. After that she got her bike out of the garage and sat on it. After sitting on the bike, she plugged in the headphones which was playing her most favorite song “Apple Penne Nee Yaaro” and then off she was into the chilly roads. When Priya finished riding her bike, she came back home and directly went to take a shower. Right after the shower, she dried her self off and wore some comfortable dress and then went to her bed to take some rest. While laying on the bed Priya thought of checking instagram, so she opened the app and started scrolling through the news feed. While browsing instagram she came across a beautiful couple picture. Priya liked the picture and when she went to type a comment, a specific username caught her attention. The name was none other than aa********. Priya was debating on if she should or shouldn’t check his profile, but she ended up doing so. When Priya opened the account, she saw some handsome pictures. After scrolling through all his pictures and liking some, Priya sent him a message.

Oii: Hey (She thought the person will take sometime to reply but the next second reply came)

A: Hello Dear ♡

Oii: How are you? :)

A: Oh thanks I’m good dear and you?

Oii: Doing good! Didn’t sleep?

A: LOL Nope! Ninni nai aa rahi (*⌒*)

Oii: Phir kya kar rahe ho?

A: ?

Oii: Do you know Hindi?

A: Yeah

Oii: Maine poocha kya kar rahe ho?

A: Just laying on the bed yaar

Oii: Same pinch

A: Haha! Mai aau side me? (’ںˉ )

Oii: Pagal

A: Tum kaha se ho?

Oii: Asmaan se

A: Oh meri angel kaun se universe ho?

Oii: I don’t stay in one place, I keep changing

A: ohh....

In the middle of the conversation Priya remembered that she had homework to finish, so she closed instagram app and started working on her assignment. Priya is a 12th grade student who is studying in LHS.

(Hey family how are you all doing? This story is very closed to my heart. I hope you all will enjoy this story. Please do leave your precious feedback. I ♡ you all..... Muaaaaaaah)

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