What would Love do ?

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Is it impossible to Love while you are a teen Lesbian /Does she Loves me ?...

Romance / Other
Emmaly Camanity
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I'm Lesbian and I'm in love

Hi I'm Ana and Im Lesbian .

Yes I only Love girls and I found that just a few months ago because I dont and cant Love boys I only Love girls and now Im in Love with my Best Friend and she is a girl her name its Lany.

We have been best friends since we were child it has took us a long time but she stills doesnt knows that Im lesbian and Im in Love with her because I dont want to tell her and I cant tell her because if I tell her do you imagine how she is going to react she is going to think Im joking or Im crazy or something

And I know I cant love just because Im lesbian so I have to suffer in silence .

But can I escape from the truth

This all happened in USA in L.A...

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