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The fact that you could never take back the love you have for somebody, how do you deal with it? how do you cope when you're not at ease with yourself, your mind is in multiple places at once, you're trying to find yourself while trying to love the only person that can fix you, but you hate them at certain times, but the love out values the hate, you don't know if that person loves you as much as you love them, you have insecurities that they brought to your mental, they dont help or reassure you that you are the ONE, no relation is a relationship without god being the main reference, no relationship without trust, no trust but the love is still there, how do you deal with it? Is that person growing as you are breaking? Do you wanna know what that person is doing or are you scared? You are scared to break up something you're not sure is there? So tempted to say forget your feelings for the sake of that person, the love that you have for them, you find yourself praying for better days, a better them, a better future, you feel like your alone on a boat sinking, and all you can do is cry for help, the waves are driving you each and every way except your destination, never know where you'll end up at, just hoping to sail to peace and happiness , hoping that other person is on the land waiting to surrender themselves to you, but you know that person is so nonchalant and terrified.

Romance / Poetry
Woo Kartier
Age Rating:

How did we end up here?

Mystery man, first sight it was love, nobody in this world is more perfect for me. Conversation taken way too far, time spent way too much, who ever thought i would run into love so fast, but i cant ignore the fact that its there, its no running now, cant take back the way i feel, we got everything in motion, but i dont wanna stop, im willing to ride out not knowing whats at the end of that long road, took time to build and mold each other into the people you love the most, who are you? Whats the catch? Cause its no way you are this perfect, what is it that you're not saying? Behind you so many question marks, not enough answers. Lets hold on a second, give it a chance, give yourself a chance to be happy for a chance, you been praying for love, i may not be able to relate to everybody, first heartbreak was my father, the man that's suppose to be your superhero, the biggest man of men, the first man that's suppose to teach you how to be loved, no lead rope, what do i do? Daddy?

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