Unloving You in Paris

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Mark Writter and Jade Longford were the son and daughter of rich families accordingly who were friends , their parents promised that their son and daughter will both marry when they are old enough . But do they both try to love or Unlove each other without any efforts ?

Romance / Drama
Poorvisha Vasanth
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Chapter 1

Jade Longford

Sipping my coffee in one of the local coffee shop in Paris has become my habit these days . I pull my long coat little close feeling the warmth as I push my Chanel eyewear up .

" Hello mom " I answer her call

" Hey sweetie , we are having a dinner party with Writter's family tomorrow "

This is something I don't like , we have to meet them after ages . I need to buy clothes, even though I have enough in my closet .

Like come on I'm a women , you understand me .

"Yeah mom ,I will be there " I said her as I ended the call .

I finished my cup of coffee , and wrapped my magazine and Mac book as I put them in my bag , I saw my twelve year old friend .

Yes , a twelve year old . We had one of our encounters here , since the other day , the coffee shop was filled , Harry and I had to sit in the same table and we had an amazing encounter , and this was something we were accustomed to.

" Need to go to run some errands , I'm sorry I can't accompany you today " I apologise to him .

"It's alright I understand , take care " , Harry being a little gentleman said .

" Adios Harry babycake " , I teased him

" Don't do that " , he said being flustered .

I chuckled as I leave .

It was evening , I got new pumps , skirts , tops , attires and most importantly dress for tomorrow . I reached my home as I made my way in dropping all the bags in my room, I went in to have a shower .

Nothing compares to coffee , shopping and a warm shower with slow song playing watching the Eiffel Tower in Paris .

I got out of the bathroom with my white robe on , wiping my wet hairs with towel . I wore the black sweatpants that I brought earlier with a melange top .

I cooked myself some pasta , as I binge watched some new series only after revising the work and documents

Mark Writter

Darn it , they have all become irresponsible. I type furiously , because of the workers errors .

It's so annoying . I hear my phone ring z I pick it without seeing the ID.

"Hello" I say a little rudely.

" Hello son , that's not how you treat your father " , it's dad I did not see the caller ID .

"I'm sorry , some problem at work " I say

"Alright I'll let you carry on , but tomorrow we are meeting Longford's family " he said

Uhhh , he and his friend , they are like the kids in relationship these days doing their thing everyear like an anniversary , frieniversary will be correct I guess .

I finished my work today , I hope those mistakes won't repeat again .

I got in my Porsche as I sped up on my way back home . The wind hitting up on my face , the cold breeze , I release my frowns and feel relaxed .

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