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I watched as Ivonne walked out of the “Trucker’s Lounge” as the sign next to the door called it. She was even more attractive up close and not covered in ice. The cold brought a rosy flush to her olive skin. Her face was delicately heart shaped with full rose-colored lips.

Hm, maybe I should call her Rosy instead of kitten.

I chuckled at how angry she was that she didn’t understand my Russian nickname for her. Her long dark curly hair shook as she spoke angrily at me.

She thought I was kinky. For her I could do kinky.

When she agreed to go on a date with me, I couldn’t believe how easily she accepted. I expected a long drawn out chase for her number, involving a lot of pestering up at that shack she’d be in all night. But I grinned at the slip of paper still in my hand, admiring the beautiful handwriting on it.

Her numbers were slanted and curly…she probably wrote in cursive, I pondered.

I groaned. Ivonne was really something. She was beautiful, intelligent, well—spoken and sensual without even trying. I had only known the girl no more than an hour but damn she was already in my head.

I took out my phone, making quick of adding her number to my contacts list.


I grinned like a fool at my screen as I typed in the name. I felt like a high school boy with a new crush. It’s been awhile since I’ve taken an interest in a woman on a deeper level. I’ve been on the road non-stop for the last 2 years which has left little room for any attachment. At 28 I felt like I was still in my prime, but maybe my prime includes a partner.

I opened up my messages and tapped on the screen to start a new conversation.

Hello there kitten

I pressed send and quickly exited my messages. I didn’t want to turn into someone who waits by my phone for text messages.

While I waited for a response from Ivonne I checked on some business investments. I drove cross country for the extra money. Driving across the country transporting loads allowed me to see what areas brought in traffic and what kind of business was profitable in those towns. I owned quite a few properties across some of the states I’ve delivered loads to. I answered some emails from the managers taking care of my rentals, buildings and the caretaker who watched over my home in Buffalo, making sure to note the times they were emailing me to ensure they’re being paid for their time.

As I sent Maria, who looks over my San Diego rental, an email regarding a lease renewal, a notification popper up on my phone

What did I say about calling me kitten?

I smirked at the text and tapped to open it.

Okay, how about Rosy? That blush is cute

I was laying it on thick. I was raised to not hold my tongue and say what was on my mind. My father, before he and my mother passed, always told me to take my shot at girls who made me feel anything more than desire.

I sighed as I leaned my head back in the seat placing my phone on the table in front of me. The fatigue from driving the last three days from California was starting to settle in. I knew I had at least 2 hours before my trailer would be ready to take to a trucker’s stop overnight. Thankfully the hotel my company was putting me up in was only down the street along with a truck stop another 2 miles down. I’d probably catch an uber back to the hotel after getting out of here. I could afford to get a rental car to move around during the week I’ll be staying here but I hated driving after long hauls.

My phone pinged again, alerting me of another text.

Do you not have any shame? How can you be so bold with me?

I grinned and let out a breathy chuckle at the text. She must be used to playing with little boys and not men.

I’m just a grown man who speaks his mind.

My response was quick, and hit me back just as fast.

I like that.

I can appreciate a man who knows what he wants.

Looks like kitten found her backbone and was giving me a taste of her personality.

Well you found it Ivonne. I’m a man who knows what he wants and you’re definitely what I want.

Maybe I was coming on too strong. Eh, fuck it; even if I was and she didn’t like it, I guess she wasn’t supposed to be mine in the first place.

You, me and this phenomenal Greek place about 3 miles down the road tomorrow night?

I grinned. Looks like kitten definitely has claws. Here she was telling ME where we were going.

I love Greek. What time works best for you Rosy?

What did I say about the nicknames?

But they start serving hookah at 6pm. Would you want to before or after the hookah?

Do you like hookah Rosy?

I’m Dominican. Of course I do. I just didn’t know if you smoked…

I smoke a little here and there, but if you want hookah lets go after 6.

I chuckle at my last text.

A little here and there huh? My conscious says amused.

Here and there is an understatement about my smoking habits. I wonder how Ivonne would feel if I brought a freshly rolled blunt to our date. I know after spending the night smoking hookah with her I’d want one, but I’ll have to feel it out. See what her opinions are.

Which reminds me, I have to check on Fernando about our latest business deal.

I chuckled at my own thoughts. Fernando Ortega and I have been friends ever since that fight on my first day of high school in the states.

“Fucking America.” I muttered under my breath as I walked up the stone steps to the huge school. How many fucking kids go to school here ? This place looks like a college campus.

I was taller than the average 16 year old at 6’2” and already felt out of place enough being the new kid. Even more so being the TALL, foreign new kid.

It was a frigid 56 degrees Fahrenheit with a nasty breeze. I was used to the cold, it reminded me of Russia and how much I missed it. It had only been 2 months living here in New York with my father.

I sighed and pushed my way through the crowd of students trying to find the main office. I was supposed to speak to a Miss Cynthia Rose for my schedule. My father registered me late since he wasn’t expecting me to have to move in with him so suddenly.

While pushing through the crowd, I shoved someone out of my way a little too hard apparently.

“Hey, watch it man. Its 7 am, who the fuck are you pushing?” a voice with a Spanish accent spoke to me. I looked to my side to find a Dominican guy, about 5’10 dressed in a pair of baggy jeans, a Tracy MacGrady jersey with a white t-shirt under it. I could see the Cuban link chain on his neck along with a tattoo of a snake.

“Didn’t mean to. Fuck off.” I answered uninterested. I already didn’t want to be here and getting into it with someone on my first day is nothing something I wanted to do either.

“Did you just tell me to fuck off?” He stepped to me, his voice getting an octave louder. His brown eyes looked my blue eyes daring me to give him the attitude back.

“I’m just trying to get my schedule. My fucking bad if I pushed you.” I answered slightly annoyed at the interaction. It was nearing the time I was due in the office and this … nadoyedlivaya suka was starting to aggravate me with his proximity to my face.

“Just watch your mouth. You don’t want no problems white boy.” He smirked at me, probably thinking he was hot shit.

And of course, at 16 I didn’t want to seem like anyone to pick on.

Maybe YOU don’t want a problem.” I challenged him taking off my school bag. I knew doing that would indicate that I wanted a fight, but I didn’t care. I had some pent-up energy I needed to let out.

“You tryin’ to fight?” The guy and I had attracted a crowd at this point in the middle of the hallway. “Cause I’m down for whatever white boy.”

I rolled my eyes as I pushed up the sleeves of my black long sleeve. It was a good choice to wear a pair of sweatpants and chucks today.

You want a problem, right? Here it is.” I answer him bringing my fist across his face.

He stumbled but came right back at me fully aiming for my chest. By the stance he took I could tell he was a fighter, and not on the streets.

Good thing I was fighter myself.

We went jab for jab, and somehow ended up with him on the floor and me on top of him landing blow after blow. I had forgotten my surroundings until I was yanked off harshly from him by a pair of hands.

“Knock it off already!” a voice boomed above me.

My breathing was ragged from the fighting and I looked around to see the guy being held by a male administrator and the crowd around us slowly dispersing as teachers had come out of their classrooms to clear the hallway. I’m not sure how I looked but he looked pretty bad. I had given him a black eye, busted his lip and busted open his cheek. His jersey had drops of blood on it.

My cheek hurt like a bitch as did my ribs. I could feel my lip swelling up and my hand was throbbing. I knew I would feel like shit in the morning. Especially once my father got a hold of me.

A tall woman dressed in a black pants suit come out of the main office. She was wearing a pair of neon pink high heels. Her hair was pulled into a tight low bun. She was on the younger side and good looking with brown eyes, honey blonde hair and long black eyelashes.

“What on Earth is happening? she shrieked. “School hasn’t even officially started. What the hell could’ve happened?”

I looked at her calmly. “He said he wanted a problem. So, I gave him one.”

She gave me an irritated look. “Listen here young man. You haven’t even made it to homeroom and you’re causing an issue. However, you, Mr. Ortega, I am not surprised to see you again. Welcome back.”

Mr. Ortega grinned, flashing teeth covered in blood. “Good to be back Principal Rose.”

Oh man. Rose?

I looked up at her. “Are you Miss Cynthia Rose?”

She raised a shaped brow at me. “Yes I am. Who are you?

“I’m Alexis Miska. I have and appointment with you this morning.”

She nodded. “Welcome to our school Alexis. We can start our meeting early and include Fernando and all your parents as well.”

I groaned, knowing the ass whooping coming my way for this mess.


Fernando and I sat in silence, glaring at each other from our seats in front of principal Rose’s desk.

“Quit that attitude the both of you.” Principal Rose snapped. “Fernando, you’re bright. I thought you stopped getting in trouble after last year’s incident.”

I glanced between her and Fernando’s face as his eyes met her.

“I didn’t start shit. White boy was getting in my face after shoving me.” Fernando argued giving me another nasty look.

“Stop calling me that. I apologized, didn’t I? I tried to walk away, and you baited me. So, fuck off.” I argued back, returning the nasty look.

“Watch the language. The both of you.” Principal Rose cut us a sharp look. “This was so stupid. Do you hear yourselves? I know at 16 hormones are rushing but seriously? It’s not even the end of homeroom and I’m having to suspend you two.” The tone in her voice was disappointed as she kept eye contact between the both of us while speaking. Her honey blond hair was still brushed down tightly and her brown eyes were emotional. It’s like she really gave a shit about our lives.

She turned to me giving me full attention. “Mr. Miska, you’re new here and new to the country. In MY school, we do not tolerate behavior like this as Fernando can tell you.” I glanced over at Fernando who was looking away, arms folded across his chest. I gave my full attention back to Principal Rose. Looking at her dead on, I finally can see that she has very indigenous features that didn’t seem to match her blonde hair.

“I understand Miss Rose.” I respond lowly. “It was not my intention to start an issue. I’ll take whatever consequences come out of it.”

Principal Rose raised an eyebrow at me. She turned back to the both of us before addressing us once more. “I am willing to only give you both two days of in school suspension rather than sending you two home and spare you the wrath of your parents. Those phone calls did not sound great for you guys.”

I groaned and let my head hang back just thinking about my dad again. “I’ll take that deal.” I commented. I know two days at home would do me a lot more damage than good.

“Dad gonna wear you out?” I heard Fernando ask. I turn to him and see that although he spoke to me he was still staring at the wall.

“Yeah.” I chuckled. “He’s gonna beat my ass.”

“What did I say about the language. You want me to make it three days?” Principal Rose hissed at me again.

“No ma’am.” I murmured quietly.

Suddenly the door busted open revealing my father Ivan and older man who looked a lot like his father, but seemed to be too young to have children.

“Alexis, are you insane? I moved you here to avoid trouble and you go around punching another student?” my father’s thick Russian accent made the words harsher than what they were. His blue eyes blazed in anger and I knew I’d be in for it when I got home. His blonde hair and blonde beard were groomed, and he wore a suit, meaning he was at the office working when they called him. Great.

“And you Fernando, que te pasa ? I could kill you right now. You’re lucky to still be in school after the crap you pulled last June. We talked about this!” The other man exclaimed at Fernando.

Miss Rose cleared her throat. “Gentlemen lets calm down. The mess is done and cleaned up. They’re getting 2 days of in-school suspension and a week of after school detention with me next week as punishment. I think these two have suffered enough the past few months and this is the only time they will handle their emotions this way. Right boys? she asked addressing Fernando and I.

“Yes ma’am.” I answered.

“Yes Miss Rose.” Fernando answered at the same time.

My father sighed rubbing his forehead. Let’s go Alexis. I’m taking you home for the rest of the day.

I groaned knowing the lecture and ass whooping waiting for me at home. “Yes father.”

Vamos Fernando. Just wait til Mami hears about this. Be happy I’m still your emergency contact.” Ordered the other man.

Fernando sighed as well. “Okay Ian.”

I looked at Fernando. “For what its worth. I’m sorry. I’m just a hot head. We’re good on my end.” I held my hand out, a sign of peace.

Fernando studied my hand before taking it in his own firmly. “Mine too. You got hands tho white boy. You should come down the gym sometime if you’re looking to fight without getting in trouble.”

I heard the adults scoff at the comment. I smirked and didn’t complain at the nickname again. “I’ll think about it. Maybe I can teach you a thing or two.”

He grinned at me and laughed. “Lets see about that white boy.”

After that, Fernando and I spent every free moment together in his brother’s boxing gym sparring together. He and I were thick as thieves. We avoided trouble at school after that week of suspension with Miss Rose. She whipped us into shape quick, taking the opportunity to have us help her organize the office, deliver paperwork to teachers, serving our classmates their lunches in the cafeteria.

“You two are better than fighting to prove a point.” She said watching us stamp flyers to be sent out to all students about Back to School Night.

Fernando stamped the letters with the school seal while I filed them away according to the quantity every grade needed.

“Discipline and empathy will take you farther than your fists. Sympathize and stay ten toes down boys. It will reward you in life.” She said.

I’ll never forget her words. I still call Mrs. Rose every Christmas to say hello and thank her for caring enough about Fernando and I to make a point for us to live a better life.

My phone vibrated, signaling another text message.

Perfect. See you then. Trailer should be ready any moment btw

I laugh a little. Shes so cute

See you then kitten

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