The Velvet Healer (Bonus) 18+ Completed

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After returning from the launch party of Jatayu's new product, Abhiraj and Priyasha emerged themselves into the primal play of all time. Having the fear of getting their lives into yet another trouble, they ended up seeking comfort in each other's arms.

Romance / Erotica
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The Day Before It Began

“Roy, let’s go. We have works to do,” Vijay quietly uttered as Shyam interrupted, a little disappointed, “Why Vijay? You only arrived a couple of minutes ago. Besides, I haven’t even gotten time to welcome my partner’s better half. Let me show my hospitality at least.”

It started hurting where Abhiraj was holding her wrist in a vice grip. She feared it’d leave bruises later. Priyasha tried her best not to wince as her eyes averted from Abhiraj to in front of them.

Shyam and his wife were looking at them with smiles on their faces. Both had meaning different from each other.

Abhiraj’s hold tightened around her wrist as he said, “Not today, Shyam. We’ll catch up later.”

“If you say so, Roy,” Shyam smiled not wanting to contradict, “Next time please bring Abhimannyu with you. Rishi would love to befriend your son.”

“Sure.” He nodded then tugged on Priyasha’s hand, taking her away from the party, Vijay followed close behind.

As they approached the parking lot, Vijay said, “Roy, did you know about this?”

Abhiraj didn’t respond to that, instead ushered Priyasha to get into the car and closed the door with such force it made her flinch. She quickly clasped the safety belt around her while listening to the men talk outside.

“Roy! I’m asking something. Did you know?”


“And you didn’t inform us anything.” Vijay ran a hand through his hair in disbelief, “Since when?”

“A week. After Shyam and I were discussing about the power of attorney of Jatayu, he finally showed me his adopted son, Rishi and his wife’s photographs. It made me blind with anger.”

“And that is the reason, you took this rash decision of engaging me?”

Abhiraj looked away, clutching the half-lowered window glass. His knuckles turned white from clutching it too tightly.

Priyasha inhaled a nervous breath rubbing her wrist which was hurting now. She didn’t anymore see anything good in her expectation. She feared everything might fall apart… again, and her fear was legit. What she did not expect in the party was encountering her faded bygones. She was finally at peace with her family, but her fate seemed to store something detrimental to her happiness.

A shudder ran down her spine as she heard Vijay say to her infuriated husband, “You should go home and take some rest. We’ll talk tomorrow about it. I’ll ask Ravi to come over also.”

A moment later Abhiraj agreed to his suggestion by nodding once before he came round the car and hopped into the driver’s seat.

Priyasha watched Vijay approaching his car as well which was parked across theirs before climbing in. He waved at her as she waved back before Abhiraj ignited the engine and they drove away from each other’s cars.

Priyasha stole a few glances at Abhiraj, too withdrawn in her thoughts to start a conversation. She watched him clenching his jaws, his hands gripping the steering wheel too tightly.

They drove in silence for the rest of the time until the car slid into the parking lot at the basement.

“When will they return?” Abhiraj asked.

He was asking about Mannyu and Juthika who were not at home. Yesterday Maya had called and invited them over for Tiyu’s tenth birthday.

Priyasha didn’t knew then why Abhiraj had only wanted Juthika to take Mannyu to attend the party. He said straight away No to Priyasha when she also wanted to accompany them. She had been extremely pissed then. Since their weird conversation that night, he behaved aggravated of everything. He didn’t talk much, mostly stayed working in the office, returned home late night and went to sleep without exchanging words with anyone.

She was actually relieved when Maya invited them over. It would have made a good distraction of this serious ambience. Nowadays, she was going mad around him. It was a different thing that she still loved him with all of her, but since he decided to make Vijay Mannyu’s guardian, he had become his worse.

“Maybe tomorrow. I don’t know,” she answered climbing out of the car and didn’t wait for him to walk over to the elevator. However, he caught up with her quickly.


“Stop. I don’t want to talk right now,” she chided quietly while pressing the second floor’s button.

She couldn’t believe he kept quiet about it till now. He didn’t tell anything even to her.

Abhiraj sighed. She knew he was staring at her. At times like this, she hated to have her adrenaline rush to her face. Before he could, she walked out the elevator and went straight to open the door of their apartment.

Abhiraj said nothing except exhaling twice when she fumbled with the keys. She was extremely enraged of his silence right now and she couldn’t be blamed for that.

They entered the apartment and met with darkness. Priyasha reached for the switches when he began again, “Isha…”

“What?” She snapped clearly not wanting to have a conversation right now. “I’m feeling tired. I’m going to freshen up and then sleep.”

He said nothing as she stomped past him towards the bathroom.

It was a good thing that Mannyu wasn’t home. He would have been scared with their argument which rarely happened.

After freshening up, she went to the bedroom and noticed him staring out the window in deep thoughts. His hands buried in the trousers’ pockets.

She blinked away before climbing in the bed and lied down, facing away from him. She was not talking to him today. He did wrong by not sharing this with her before. Why every time he would take on every difficulty on his own? Why couldn’t he get this simple thing straight that she was meant to be with him in every high and low?

She felt the bed shift. Her eyes opened as she felt him sitting at the edge of the bed on his side. The burdensome silence hung around them.

Few moments passed in silence. Only the sound of their breathing could be heard in the room. Finally, she sighed. She knew he wouldn’t say anything until she asked.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

He immediately responded, “No, but I know I should.”

She sighed again, then sat up and glanced at him.


Before she could finish, he interrupted, “Believe me Isha. I didn’t expect she’d pull Shyam in to this.”

She reached for him and turned him around before cupping his face making him look into her eyes. His eyes were full of tiredness and panic, and it looked unmatching with his features.

“Nothing will be wrong this time,” she whispered.

“I don’t trust my fate. I don’t…” he shook his head frantically.

Priyasha tried to stop him from panicking but failing she did what she knew was the only way to calm him right now. She pulled his head down and held it close to her chest, “Ssshhh…”

He relaxed as his arms wrapped around her waist instinctively.

“Do you want to make Shyam aware of this?”

“I don’t know. He genuinely seems to care for them. It’ll shatter his heart.”

“So, what do you want to do?”

“I don’t know,” he mumbled.

“I suggest, you wait for Vijay and Ravi to show up tomorrow. We’ll decide something then.”

He said nothing but pushed her down on the bed while his head was still on top of her chest.

“Okay?” she whispered, softly massaging his head.

“Mmhmm,” he hummed in bliss, “Okay.”

A moment later he climbed fully on top of her and brought his face down on the crook of her neck, placing a kiss. “Isha…?”

“Yes.” She knew what he wanted and she was more than willing to give. She had always been willing to give him everything she owned.

The moment she consented, he shifted and claimed her lips. An urgency was there like a blend of longing, passion, love and a certain sort of fear of fading away. She responded immediately raking her hand around his neck to his hair as she clutched a handful of his soft hair and pulled him closer. Their bodies fit perfectly into each other as he rolled her over without leaving her mouth. Fire erupted and spread across their skin as soon as she straddled him around his waist. He moved his hand down and cupped her buttocks, softly squeezing them making her moan into his mouth. His hands grazed up taking her nightwear with them as she pulled back and brought her hands down and started unbuttoning his shirt.

In a blur, her nightwear flew away, falling in a messy heap somewhere on the floor. Next went his shirt, trousers, and vest. She leaned down and traced his defined abs which still were enough to swoon over. His hands flew up and gripped her upper arms as he guided and pushed her down, going on top.

He planted kisses after kisses desperately on her forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks and hair, whispering the words, “I love you.” in between every pair of kisses. Placing numerous kisses on her face, on her hair, he again claimed her partly shaking, pert lips into his while moving both of her hands over her head and held them there.

“Abhi…” she softly complained in between pleasurable moans.

But he immediately shushed her by placing another soft kiss on her mouth, “Ssshhh…”

He moved, supporting his weight on one of his elbows and stared into her eyes, “I want to try something.”

She held his beautiful galaxy eyes, “Which is?”

His eyes twinkled as he lowered and placed a kiss in between her breasts. “Let me show you.”

He created a trail of wet kisses around each of her breasts making her squirm under his weight. Her eyes fluttered close feeling the bliss of staying close in his arms. At times like these, she could easily claim she was the happiest and luckiest woman on earth. He made her feel on top of the world when he claimed her like this, beyond passion, beyond emotions and beyond insecurities.

He traced the R on her left with peppery hot kisses setting her on fire. She remembered the first time they made love. He eagerly replaced the meaning and feel of it with something she’d always love to cherish to feel on her skin.

Priyasha moaned and whispered his name before spreading and wrapping her legs around his waist. He smiled and grazed her hair softly, “Do you know how much I love you?”

She shook her head without uttering anything. She was past thinking like a sober person. He was making it difficult and with ease.

“I love you with all of my heart.”

She took a shaky breath at his confession. Her lips parted with anticipation and longing.

He added, “I love you with everything I am.”

She nodded as she tried to move her arms but he stopped her, pushing them down again. “I love you with all of my flaws,” he whispered then lowered his mouth and placed a kiss on her navel. “I love you beyond my capabilities.”

“Abhi…” she whispered looking down at him.

“Ssshh…” he shushed her and took one of her nipples into his mouth. She saw stars in front of her eyes as he began suckling on it. She hyperventilated with all her sensation accumulated on the nerve ending where he was working wonders. He switched and she whimpered.

He gazed up at her and smirked, “You needed this.”

“What?” She questioned, unable to perceive what he meant. It appeared she was past the point of able to understand anything except the feels of his skin on her. Everywhere their bodies touching, they erupted sensation she was unaware could be felt.

“This relaxation.”

His words made no sense at this point but she nodded anyway and he let out a brief airy chuckle. She wanted to touch him but couldn’t due to his hold on her wrists. Moisture pooled between her legs as she heaved a shaky sigh and went slack.

Abhiraj rolled on his side without letting go of her wrists and yanked down her panties with his other hand. He brought his hand down there while looking at her longingly, “You’re beautiful, Isha…everywhere and every way possible.”

“Mmhhmm,” she hummed, biting her lower lip.

His eyes shifted as he noticed her doing that. A muffled groan left him as he withdrew his hold on her for a split second to get rid of his boxer briefs before positioning himself at her entrance. His hands again caught a hold of her wrists as he leaned down and captured her moistened lips while at the same time entering her. Both of their lips and hips danced in sync as they emerged themselves in the primal play of all time. His free hand smoothed her hair before cupping her face. His thumb grazed over her cheeks in circular motion as she moaned in ecstasy. He kissed on her forehead as he quickened his pace. They fit perfectly together, rhythmically moving in each other’s arms.

She jerked her hands in his hold and this time he let go. She immediately dug them into his hair pulling him closer and kissing him with all she had. His tongue grazed along hers as their pace increased. A muffled groan reverberated in his throat, “Isha…”

Her eyes rolled backward as she reached her peak.

“I’m…I’m close, Abhi.”

“Hold on,” he breathed, then placed his forehead on hers and with a last drag backward, he slammed back inside.

Both of them came in waves of pleasure almost at the same time as he released inside her. Their juices oozed out of her as she kept shaking under him riding out the aftershocks as he filled her in. A droplet of tear escaped her eye as he collapsed on top of her, still staying inside.

She held him close relishing the moment of bliss.

“I love you.”

He kissed the crook of her neck before responding, “I love you more.”

A minute later, he slipped out of her then sat up sitting cross-legged.

A rasped breath came out of him as he pulled her up snaking an arm around her waist, “Come here.”

She looked at him with half-lidded eyes, while still struggling to catch up her breath. Abhiraj guided her to sit up on his lap as he pulled her closer wrapping his arms around her. She sat cozily on his lap, straddling him, while her arms wrapped around his neck instinctively. His hand grazed along her back stopping at her base as he squeezed on her soft flesh.

She could feel the semi-hardness pressing against her lower belly. Priyasha moaned his name, digging her hands into his hair while closing the distance between them as their lips crashed into each other.

His lips moved hungrily, devouring the taste of her against his mouth. She panted, “Abhi… what… are you…”

“Mmm… stop talking,” he softly bit on her lower lip as she whimpered.

He adjusted her position before bringing his right hand up and flicking on her left nipple. She cried out in ecstasy, throwing her head back.

Abhiraj took the opportunity and buried his face into her flesh, just below her right collarbone.

“Ahh… what has… gotten to… you?... Ah- Abhi…”

He ignored her as he kissed and sucked on that particular sensitive spot of her while she held onto him by clutching his soft hair in her fists. The warm sensation spread across her skin and straight away went down to her core. She clenched her hips around his waist earning a muffled groan from him.

With a swift motion, he scooped her up and put back down on his now fully hardened member.

“Isha… I want you… I want everything that is you and yours.” He moved grinding against her as she leaned her head down on the crook of his neck.

“Abhi…” Their arms wrapped around each other snugly while their hips began moving in a slow rhythm. “Is this… why… you stopped me from going with… Mannyu?” She breathed while he placed kisses after kisses on her shoulder.

Listening to her question he mumbled, “I am a selfish person, Isha.” His hand moved down to her bottom as he added, “I wouldn’t have managed, if you had been away from me. Besides, I don’t like sharing what I believe is mine.”

“Don’t,” Priyasha chided at that, “I am not anyone’s. I am my own.”

“Of course, but you cannot stop me from trying. From pursuing what I want my way.”

“What do you want?”

“To own you.”

“Which will never come true.”

“From where I’m seeing… I have already succeeded.”

“You’re delusion.”

“For you, I can be anything.”

“Abhi…” The pace increased as she began hyperventilating.

“For you, I can be the bad guy to everyone.” He brought his lips close to hers. “For you, I can take on any fight.” He kissed her before adding, “For you, I am and will be the only one.”

He claimed her lips with a such a passion it melted her into a puddle in his arms. Their lips danced together in sync while he continued to guide her moving around him. She eagerly met his expectation holding onto his shoulders. Their torsos grazed against each other wildly as she flew high to the cloud nine.

“Faster.” The word slipped out of her without her acknowledging and he obliged with no further ado.

The carnal pleasure swept over them as she reached the high, him following close by.

Her loosened hair fell across her chest as she turned her head to the side, and in the process bit on his shoulder on instinct. He groaned aloud when she mumbled, “I-”

“Wait,” he said and increased the pace.

She cried aloud the moment he whispered into her ears, “Now.” and came so hard shaking and clamping around him. He increased the period of her pleasure for few more strokes until he came as well while kissing on her neck as they collapsed together on the bed, him on top of her.

It went on for a small eternity as they took time to come around. She kept shaking as the aftermath, and he continued kissing her.

The moment of bliss lingered around them before he slid out of her, with a satisfactory growl and rolled over taking her with him. She lied on top of him, placing her ear on his heart. His heartbeat gradually steadying, returning to his usual rhythm. He sighed and adjusted her, wrapping his arms around her.

Her eyes drooped close as she inhaled his scent. She was on the brink of falling asleep when his phone buzzed from somewhere.

She complained softly rolling down from top of him.

Abhiraj shuffled the bed looking for his phone and found it under one of the pillows. She wrapped one of her hands over his chest as she shifted on her side. Placing kisses randomly on him, finally when her eyes found their way to his face, she went rigid watching him scowling at the phone screen.

“Who is it?”

He didn’t answer so she reached and took the phone from his hand and saw for herself.

Her eyes worriedly shifted from his face to the phone screen as she noticed his clenched jaws.

It was a text message.

And it read, “Have you conveyed proper goodbye to your son?”

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