Love at First Sawadee

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Rika is a an accountant who prioritize her career over her lovelife. A fangirl at heart, she believes that she doesn't need to find love because love will find her. She was sent to Thailand because of work. Or maybe she was sent there by her destiny? An accidental encounter on one rainy night in the City of Bangkok will make her life unexpectedly entangled with the people from the Entertainment industry. And that lonesome King up there... he... he really need to show his true self ah! If he cares so much.... (Sawadee is a thai word which means Hello or Good Morning) Started: July 28,2020 Author: My Lord Yexiu Status: Ongoing

Romance / Drama
Lord Yexiu
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Welcome to Thailand!

I sighed deeply as I walked through the hallway of Bangkok International Airport. Both excited and nervous, I looked amongst the people who raised banners on their hands.

"Rika V. Valir"

I saw my name on a white cardboard held by a petite looking woman.

I put my hands together to make a wai sign and said,“Sawadee, I’m Rika. Thanks for waiting for me. Ms. Jian Ya right?”

She replied,“Sawadee Rika! No need to be so formal. We’ll be workmates from now on. Oh well technically you are my ‘Boss’. You can just call me Ji or Ya.” She laughed and helped me with my luggage. “We should settle your things on your assigned Condo. Don’t worry I live on the same place ‘Boss’. Ha ha ha.”

“Im not yet your Boss but yeah let’s go!”

We went to the condo given by the company I worked here in Bangkok,Thailand. While we were settling my things Jian suddenly asked,“Ms. Rika I’m curious why you are so young yet you already have such a high position and reponsibility.”

“I was lucky to be promoted after three years of my work in the Philippines as the Chief Accountant of KYS Corporation in their branch there. I was moved here because I was requested to do oversee the project collaborations we have here since the main office is here in Bangkok,” I replied.

Her eyes mouth became wide open and shouted,“You’re 22 now so you became a CPA at the age of 18?! That’s amazingly insane! I even took two retakes on the board and you’re already an accountant when you were a teen? Wow!”

I laughed at her and said,” I had to. It’s tiring to study so I just finished early.” This time her expressions became even hilarious.

“Wow, if I’m a man you would totally be my ideal girl. You’re both beautiful,intelligent and hardworking too. Your boyfriend is very lucky!“, she smiled sheepishly.

“I don’t have and I don’t have time for that. I’m very career oriented as of the moment but we’ll see. Anyway, I will start reporting on Tuesday. I still have to enroll in a language class at a university. I think I have to since I might work here for a year. You can call me if there’s an emergency”

“If you don’t have one then maybe you’re not just on the right place and time. Maybe you’ll find him here! Well okay then I’ll leave you to rest. Welcome to Bangkok again and I hope to work with you soon,Boss!“, she said and finally left.


An email arrived from KYS Corporation notifying me of my schedule. I noted it on my E-schedule.


Another notification.‘EXO released their new album for 2020 spring and expects a concert tour’.

I feel like crying. I’m so busy that I can’t attend on their concert. I sighed and played an Exo song.Yes,I’m a kpop fan girl since high school. Love life? I don’t need that. I’m contented fangirling over my Oppas.

~Don’t be afraid, love is the way
Shawty, I got it
You can call me monster

I’m creepin’ in your heart, babe~

I sighed as I lie down on my bed.

Thailand. I’m sure my one year here would be so fast.

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