Love at First Sawadee

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Chapter 1


I went to the nearest university to enroll in a Thai language class. I went there using a GPS built car. Perks ok being in my profession is having things like this for work convenience. In less than 20 minutes I arrived at my destination. I parked my car and went to search for the Administration Office.

Today I was wearing a simple off shoulder peach ruffled blouse paired with white fitted jeans and heels shoes. My hair is ponytailed and I wear an Hermes Birkin Bag on my left arm. I walked passed by a football field.

"Hey man! Pass the ball here you ---".

There's actually a football game going on and it's so packed with many audiences. Before I knew it the ball flew in disarray and I reflexively caught with my hand when I saw it coming near my way. I saw a football player gaped his mouth open. I placed the ball under my foot then I kicked the ball back to him. I turned left and walked away. Before I left, I even heard some clicks and buzz talks of people on my back.

The process went smooth. I finished earlier than I expected so I decided to go to a mall to shop some work clothes.

The KYS Store.

I was busy browsing the rack of professional clothes when I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder. When I turned around I saw a beautiful girl smiling brightly at me. She has moonlike eyes like that of an anime character. She's looks cute.

"Sawadee kha~ Khuṇ t̂xngkār khwām ch̀wyh̄elụ̄x h̄ịm?,"she suddenly said which I didn't understand.

"Uhmm. I dont uh really speak Thai,"I answered back.

"Oh! I'm sorry. I was just asking if you need some help," still smiling she replied.

This girl is so weird. Suddenly asking me if I need her help. Is this the culture of the people here? They even help strangers eh? But, this girl looks decent anyway. In the end I said,"Sure.Why not? I just arrived here a few days ago. I might need some local's help," I sincerley told her.

We went to different stores in this mall and surely, this girl's taste are not bad. She must know some great fashion.

"I haven't introduced myself yet. I'm Rika. You are----?"

"My name is Arisaya but you can just call me Ari were friends anyway," she smiled yet again. Now, I instantly gain a new friend in just 2 hours of going around the mall.

"Thank you so much for helping me today! Let me treat you to a --- ," I haven't finished my sentence when she cut me again," -- a meal? Sure. I'm quite hungry. Thank you."

I laughed. This girl is surely cute and clingy. Arm to arm we walked into a restaurant. The waiter suddenly went to welcome us and bowed .He was about to speak but he hesitated and stopped. I looked at Arisaya or Ari. She just smiled at me. We hurriedly looked for a table for two and in 20 minutes the food arrived and we started eating.

We talked a lot of stuff. This girl is really talkative. I can't even hold two sentence before she cuts me again. By that I knew from her that she was actually two years younger than me and a graduating student. I also knew that we both are kpop fans and I was really glad. We actually clicked on so many things.

We finished eating and I went to the counter to pay our bill. The cashier glanced nervously. The waiters are looking at me too weirdly. I unconsciously stare at the black screen of my phone to check if I got dirt on my face and there's none! Maybe, I was just thinking too much.

It's already dark when we parted ways and Ari didn't let me go until I gave her my phone number and took several selfies with her. This girl really is one,clingy friend.

It was around 8 pm when I started driving back to my place. Thankfully there is no traffic and less cars are seen on the road. I was passing by a street when I notice a silhoutte of a limping person on the side of the road.

I slowed the car near the road and being just a newly enrolled Thai language student the first thing I could only say is," Sawadee kha. Are you okay? Do you --- ".

I haven't finished my words when he suddenly fell to the ground with a thud. I stepped on the breaks of the car and went out. Of course, I just couldn't leave a person here! For goodness sake, I can't just drive away! I went near the person and I saw it was a guy.

"Hey Mr! Are you okay? I will call the ambulance. Wait a --- ".

"No! Dont. Just... just drive me away here",he said. I looked closely at this guy. No! It's not a guy but a 'man'. He looked very beautiful with exquisite feature yet at the same time the seriousness of his face is very evident. Such a strong aura! He's just wearing a simple black shirt and he had a black cap on. He suddenly grunted in pain.

I panicked and helped him get into the car. I started driving for about 5 minutes when I realized I don't know where to drop him off.

"Excuse me. May I ask where should I drop you off? Or should I bring you to a nearby hospital instead?" I glanced at my side only to see the man already closing his eyes.

Damn! What should I do now?

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