Love at First Sawadee

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Chapter 2

Imperial Condominium.

"Hey,Mister! Wake up! We're here at my place. I don't know of a place to drop you off sooo... ." I trailed when he suddenly opened his dark brown eyes. I gasped.

He stared for a moment and he said,"Hmm."

Hmm? What does it mean? I was hoping he's gonna wake up and tell me he would now leave since it's a bit late but I think his condition isn't any better than earlier. He still look pale right now.

"Uhmm so.... "



"Crash in."

There it goes! I knew it would come to this.

I'm not that very conservative but I still think it's odd to let him stay at my place. Plus he might suddenly turn into a bad person. Im a woman and living alone. I can't take that risk. But given his condition and looking at that face.... Hmmm a person this good looking? If someone knew they would think I'm the one who forcefully abducted him.

"Okay. Let's go up! I'm gonna help you Mister but I can only tolerate one night of stay. I'm sorry but that's all I could help. Plus, I need to leave in the morning tomorrow for work."

"By the way, you look so much in pain. But I don't see any wound on you. What happened ?"

He only blinked a few times before saying a word."Pain".

We got out of the car. I sighed and put his other arm on my left shoulder and helped carry his weight. Such a tall person. If I happen to be short, it would really be one hell of a journey on the way up. We we're on the elevator when I saw him grab a black mask on his pocket and wore it.


We arrived at the 5th floor of the building where my pad is located. I opened the door with the passcode card and we both enter. He turned to me and muttered a word,"Bathroom?".

"It's on the right side of the hallway with an EXO poster".

He slowly removed his arms and started to walk in the direction I told him. I decided to cook a little meal in case he haven't eaten yet. It's been been 20 minutes but he still hadn't come out. I walked in the direction of the bathroom and knocked.

"Mister?" No one answered.

"Hey,Mister! Are you still there?"

"Im fine." Suddenly a deep baritone voice sounded from the inside. " I need to stay here for atleast an hour". Huh? What does he mean.

"Well then. I'll go ahead first. I cooked you a meal on the mini kitchen. You can eat it later. You can use the other room on the left side of the living room to rest." I said and left after not hearing a reply.

I went to my room and that's when I felt the exhaustion for the day. Tomorrow I will report to work.


I woke up around five in the morning and cooked a simple fried rice,bacon and egg omelet for breakfast. Next, I went to check the man last night. Hopefully he's been well after last night and recovered now. I slowly turned the doorknob to avoid some noise and when I looked at the bedroom I saw a peaceful sleeping face of a man.

Oh well. I might just go to work without sending him. Maybe I'll just leave a note and I hope when I come back he's no longer here...

It was exactly 6:30 a.m. when I left Imperial and went to KYS Corporation Main Headquarters. I just entered the room of the Finance Department when Jian welcomed me with a smile.

"Good Morning, Boss! I mean Maam Valir. Your office has been prepared and all the thing for this afternoons meeting had been arranged and in need of your approval".

"Good Morning, Miss Jian. Thank you. Lead the way please."

I was checking a proposal to be discussed later for the final decision of a main line product innovation of KYS Cosmetics when I suddenly thought of that person. Did he leave already? Maybe he had aldready seen my note by now. He'll be fine.I went back to work.

The afternoon meeting was successful. The board was very happy with the discussed collaboration and I have met several directors after the meeting.

The young Vice President of Internal Affairs went to me and said,"Hello,Miss Valir. It's nice to see you here in KYS Main. Your father, I hope he's been well? I have only met your brother a few times this month here in Bangkok". He said with a smile.

"He's doing great Sir. My brother is helping him. That's why I'm sent here beacuse my help is unneeded with Riko there." I chuckled.

"Well, I hope you enjoy your work here. You can ask me for advice if you need help on the company's affairs. I'll allow some time for adjustment. Welcome to Bangkok.", he winked then walked away.

Rattanon Viel. He's a friend of my brother and he knows my father. He treats me like her own little sister and always gives me present when he visits our home. The reason that I was sent here was especially because my brother isn't available and this man needs help with their company so I was sent instead.

After finalizing things with the team, I decided to go home. I saw Jian Ya on the way and she asked me to go for a dinner but I refused. I went home straight instead.

~Nae ane baramcheoreom bureoon Angel

Negeseo ireonan ongiga byeonhwasikyeo nal

Ijen duryeopji ana nae gyeoten nega isseo

I soneul nochi aneul teni

You're saving my life

(Oh oh oh yeah yeah)

Saving my life

(Oh oh oh yeah yeah)

Sarajiji ma~

I was so engrossed listening to EXO when I realized I have reached the doorstep of my condo. I unlocked the door and went in. Silence. There's nothing but silence. He left already. What a relief!

I went to the kitchen to see that it was clean like it has never been touched. Did he ate the food I cooked? I left a note so he must have seen it and left afterwards. I went to sit on a sofa and throw my head back . It's been a long day. I don't have the energy to move at the moment. I was about to close my eyes to sleep when......


I went to my door to check. Who is it this time? I don't remember ordering fastfood or any stuffs. When I opened the door I almost lost my balance from shock.

Right on my doorstep, the man in plain black shirt last night with a serious look on his face is holding 6 paperbags on both his hands.


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