Love at First Sawadee

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Chapter 3


It's been three days. I still can't believe what happened then.

"Hi. Are you busy?",he said without averting his gaze. The paper bags he's holding are eyecatching.

"No. I just uh home. Why are here? Uhm ----,"I hesitated before answering him.


"Karius -- ".

"My name that is. Eloise right?," he smirked at me and went inside unceremoniously leaving me wide eyed. That second name. Only few people knows that it exist! How did this person...?

I don't really understand that Kaius guys. He barged in my Condo and left tons of paper bags of food all from different restaurants I've seen around when I was exploring Bangkok a few days ago. After that, he just looked at me and left after taking a call. Weird.

I still have enough food in the fridgeso I just microwaved some for breakfast. I just finished brushing my teeth when suddenly my phone ringed. It was the number of this building's hotline center.

" Good Morning, Maam. This is from Imperial. We just want to kindly inform you that a car is already waiting in front of Imperial Grounds Lobby."

"Car? Im sorry I think you made a mistake. I didn't arrange for one," I frowned. I have already received a car from them the last time I arrived here.

"No Maam. It is really for you. You are Miss Valit,right? The chauffer said it is an new arrangement from KYS Corporation."

"Oh o-okay? Thank you. I'll be down in five minutes".

I grabbed my bag and quicky left after making sure I locked my pad securely. I rode the elevator and went towards the entrance lobby. There, saw a man in a formal and classic chauffer uniform. He saw me and immediately walked forward to greet me.

"Miss Valir? Good Morning. I'm Ron. Your humble chauffer, at your service," he said formally then bowed.

I just nodded. Oh well, since it is from KYS then I have no reason to not accept it. I didn't know they would be this generous though.

I arrived at the company smoothly. Seems like this arrangment is not bad. I thanked the chauffer and went inside the company.

8pm at Imperial.

I am at the studyroom scrolling some files in my PC when suddenly my phone vibrated. It's a notification from the university. Tomorrow is my first day on my Thai Language class. I set up for a twice a week class session-- Wednesday and Saturday but I wasn't able to attend last time. I almost forgot about it. I quickly prepared my things for tomorrow. I sighed. Feels like I'm a new student all over again.

I woke up early for my 9am class. I still need to look for my room so I hurriedly drove to the campus and arrived by 8:30 am. The moment I stepped out of the car, I heard the buzz of busy students going here and there. Since I'm not a regular student, I don't wear any uniform but instead I wore a simple fitted dress that's above knee lenght. It perfectly highlighted my curves but I look decent at the same time. I tied my hair in a bun too and this time I wore a light make up.

"Ssawadee, S̄wy,"said a guy in football uniform. He had a smiling face when he talked to me. I only understand the first word he said but I was confused with the second word. Hmm. He's not possibly cursing me,right?

I smiled and replied,"Sawadee".

Suddenly I noticed the people swarming around us. I looked around nervously at the people gawking. Did I do something wrong? I'm obviously new here!

"You dork. What are you doing here? Give way," a familiar sassy voice of a girl rang. I looked up and saw Arisaya in her wearing pleated fuschia skirt paired with chiffon offshoulder blouse. She bumped into the guy who spoke with me earlier and excitedly went to me. She clung her arms on mine and smiled sweetly.

"Riri! How have you been! I missed you so much. The campus is so boring and I was waiting for you the whole week! You know what let me take you to a cafe. I know of a good place!". She was talking endless calling me a new nickname which she made a few moments ago. She keeps babbling things that I can't even say a word. I suddenly halted and she faced me.

"You have class? Oh right, my bad. I'll wait for you to finish then! You're going to the Thai Language building right? I'll take you there",she quickly said then finally grabbed my arm and happily led the way. The people immediately disperse as we walked the path towards a building.

I only attended an hour of lecture from the language . The class went smooth and I learned a lot of simple thai words such as greetings and short replies.

It's just that..... I don't understand why I feel like every student is staring at me or my back the whole session. I'm not the only foreign student here anyway.

"Is that her? Yeah, she is. Look!," I heard a whisper from behind me.

"Hey, it's the girl from the last time. I saw her with Skylar earlier. Are they close?".

"Hmmp. Just a nobody trying to suck up with the Royal siblings. She's not even pretty!"

"Hey, she is though," a boy said with a chuckle this time.

I didn't mind the whispers around since it's got nothing to do with me anyway. I left the room after the class and looked for Arisaya. We went to a cafe nearby and this time she got her friends with her.

"Hey,guys. I want you to meet my friend, Rika or Riri. Oh, only I can call her Riri. She's so pretty right? Like me!", Ari said proudly when suddenly someone snorted.

"I agree but are you sure with your last sentence Arisaya?", said the guy Ari hit earlier. He said that without retracting his gaze on his phone.

"You --- hey Skyblue do you wanna get hit again?", Ari said fuming cutely.

The other people started laughing and a girl with cute bangs said,"They are always like that. Don't mind them. By the way I'm Chalita and you already knew these two siblings, Arisaya and Skylar. Also, this is Raden."

Now that I think of it. They do look similar. I look at each one of them and smiled,"I'm Rika. Nice to meet you all! I'm not very familiar with Bangkok yet so please take care of me." I raised my hands and waied*.

They all looked friendly and we talked about a lot of things while sipping our drinks. So everyone of them are actually Business Administration students except for Skylar who majors in Sports. He's also part of the national football team of Thailand. All of them are definetely

"Yeah, we should go there this weekend or the next. I miss the beach like crazy." Arisaya said then looked at me."You go with us."

"I will plan it now. Don't you dare backout", said Raden and picked up his phone on the table.

"Of course! We should celebrate because I found my new bestie Rika and we need a bond together".

Ari is at it again. I laughed awkwardly and sighed. I've just known these people for about 2 hours and now there'a plan to go to the beach with me.

I was about to say something when someone stop by our table and called me,"Eli?".

I was surprised but I also heard the whole table gasped and turned quietly. I stand up and faced the person,"Hey, Senril! What's up? Never thought I'd see you here."

He narrowed his eyes and said,"You did'nt tell you're here in Thailand. I'd spare time to tour you around. I missed you, you little devil."

I laughed. " I forgot you're actually here in Thailand. I enrolled in a language class in the University here. I'll be working for a year at most in KYS."

"Yeah. Haha. I know, what is it again this time? You didn't finished the entrance exam? I saw the announcement board," he mused.

"Oh that.Ha ha ha. Some words are written in Thai so I left it blank."

"Haha that is you,Eli. Anyway, I need to go. Just see me at the Accounting Department if you need anything. Bye!" he kissed me on the cheeks, and left quickly.

When I returned to my seat, they are all silent. Chalita looked at her phone wide eyed then asked," You topped the entrance exam of our University with an average of 99.5% rate? You might as well be a Thai citizen here." She lifted her phone and showed it to everyone.

"Wow! But that's not all. Did she... did she just talk to Mr. T like that--?".

"--- and laughed with him".

"--he kissed her on the cheeks too."

"Ahhh? He's a friend of mine and we're the same batch in college." I explained to them." The entrance exam is quite long actually but thankfully I manage to pass it.

Their expression changed again.

"You didn't only passed it. You topped it too."

"Yeah. And you also know Mr. T, I mean Sir Senril Velez. I thought I was dreaming but I saw him smiled a few minutes ago. I was nearly heart attacked." Chalita said seriously and everyone burst out laughing.

They started talking about Senril and from then I knew that he actually works in the Uni as an accounting professor and they consider him very strict which earned him the name Mr.T for terror.

I know him way back in college and we're quite close. We both graduated together and he is definetely an outstanding person. We are also both accountants but he flew right to Thailand after passing the board. I never saw him since then.

After leaving the cafe we all parted ways to return to our respective classes. I finished my sessions at 4 p.m. and went home early.

I returned at Imperial but I was surprised when I opened the door of my condo. Leaning back on my pink sofa is Karius...and he looks asleep. He had his eyes closed. How did he get in here anyway?

He opened his eyes when he felt my presence and I was welcomed by a pair of enchanting brown eyes. He looked tired but still he looked unbelievably dashing. I realized I wasn't able to scrutinize this man from last time.

"What are you doing here? And how did you get inside?"

"It was open,"he said plainly.

"What? I locked it earlier. Oh my god! I hope no people with bad intentions have entered here. Did you see anyone or anything suspicious?"

His lips twitched."Nothing. I didn't see anyone either. Maybe you forgot to locked it tightly."

"Oh well forget it. I'm asking why are you here again?"



"Call me by my name."

"Okay.K- Karius,is it? Why are you here again?" I eyed him.

"I need a place to stay. It's late." He said nonchalantly.

I gaped my mouth open and looked at him unbelievably."What?"

"You have an extra room."

"Well, I---"

"Thanks." He said and closed his eyes again." There's food in the kitchen. No need to cook."

I can't believe this guy! Did he just invited himself to live here on my condo. I don't even know this man personally! But he brought me food yet again! This is bribery.

I went to the kitchen and saw some food containers. I opened it and saw different dishes inside. I set it aside for later and went back to the living room. I sat down near the sofa where Karius is now lying down. I can hear his deep breaths.

"Are you okay? You sound tired." I said and attempted to reached out for his temples when he caught my hands midair.

"I'm sorry. I was just gonna check your temperature". I apologized when I remembered that touching one's forehead is considered rude in Thailand. They considered it as the most sacred part of their body. I bit my lips and looked down

He gulped and said,"It's okay". He gazed at me and suddenly he held the back of my right hand and guided it to his forehead. I felt the heat of his body on my palms

"You can,"he said softly.

And my heart skipped a beat.

S̄wy* = In Thai words, it means 'beautiful'.

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