Love at First Sawadee

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Chapter 4

I stared at the man in front of me and his hands guiding mine to his forehead. This is one of those moment that I get speechless. This is seriously awkward. I retracted my hand and quickly stood up. He pursed his lips amusingly.

"I going to eat my dinner!" I said that and quickly went back to the kitchen.

I was busy chewing my food when I saw him entered the kitchen and went to get water. He is seriously comfortable going around in my house.


I picked up my phone. It was Mr. Rattanon.

'Hey,Rika. I talked to your brother and he said he might met up with me to discuss some problems with the company. I'm giving you three months off work to focus in the university. Until then, I will ask your brother for help. See you soon.'

I just realized that I now have more free time than I have ever for the last four years. Seems like 'the beach' is really gonna happen this week.

"I'm gonna go rest on the other room now," Karius said confidently. This brute!!!

"I don't ever remember agreeing though," I replied sarcastically.

"I'm sick."

"I'm pitiful."

"Homeless." He made a pouting face.


"I can pay half of the rent."

"I don't mean that! It's just that...."

"Thanks. It's settled then." He said then fled away.

"Hey... you!!" I sighed.

This man! I know that he doesn't look like someone who would a bad thing. He looks serious with his strong aura but he is also gentle when he speaks. And when I think of it, Im really pissed. I can't even win an argument with this man. Oh well, that room isn't used anyway.

I went to my room after dinner. I messaged Ari to confirm my attendance when I saw her texts--- twenty texts to be exact.

What now? I told myself. Since I'll be free for three months then I'll be rescheduling my language class. Maybe I'll have to attend for four days a week now.I think that will do.

Next Morning.

I was awakened by the sweet aroma coming from the kitchen. Huh? How come when the door!

I quickly took a bath and changed my clothes into simple jean short paired with a cute bunny printed shirt. I went to the kitchen and saw the already prepared breakfast.

"You're here. Take a seat." He looked at me and smiled.

I looked at the man. Karius. His hair is still wet maybe from the fresh morning bath he took. He wore a white longsleeve shirt and black slacks. This sight is truly good in the eye. A man is serving me food in the morning and they all looked like made from high class restaurant.

"Where did you get your clothes? I didn't saw you carry anything last night."

He stopped putting food on my plate and looked up at me."I had it with me when I went here."

I stared at him disbelievingly.

"I put them on the room before you came back." Well that seems reasonable. I didn't pursue it further and started to eat.

"This is... delicious." I praised since it was the truth. He just laughed and started eating too with me.

After the breakfast, he volunteered to wash the dishes too but I disagreed.

"No no no. I should do this one. You already cooked earlier. I didn't help." I said the last words rather softly.

I turn to the dishes and started soaping it when suddenly...

"Hey, I can do it alone." I said with a jump when I felt him hug me from the back and help me wash the plates.

"You aren't doing it right," he said which made me blush. I stiffened when I smelt his masculine scent. This perfume... rather smells expensive.

I pulled away from the hug."You can do it you if you love to do it so much!"

Embarrassed, I ran back to the living room. This man... is really testing her patience! Soon the man finished the task and went near her.

"I need to go out today. So you really must live now. We don't really know each other well. I mean... it is inappropriate for you to stay here."I slowly told him.

"Then I'll just wait here. You know my name so we aren't strangers."

I can't believe what I'm hearing. This person is shameless! I think I really need to drive this man away today for good!

"Mister, I told you we really don't know each other ver much. I just saw you three times and we're not even closed friends. Even closed friends of mine, I don't let them in my place." I said pleadingly this time.

"We are not friends but we are definitely closer. Less than one meter apart... half a meter...thirty centimeter,"he teasingly said while going nearer and nearer as he speak.

I quickly backed off and defensively put my hands forward. My hands landed on his broad chest. My face turned red in a second. The chest I'm touching my palms with are hit and hard as a rock. I retracted my hand as if I burnt it.

"Stop it okay!" I frustratingly yelled."I'm going out!"

I went to my room to get my back. I was planning to go to the Uni today to reschedule my classes.

When I went out, I saw no signs of Karius. Did he left?

Feeling relieved,I took my time before going out. When I reach the lobby, blood is completely drained out of my face.

"Hey! Why are you here again?"

"You said you'll go out. I'll drive you."

"Uhmm. No need really. You should go home instead you know. Your family might be looking for you.

"They won't.Hurry." He calmy said then grabbed my arm. We went to the entrance where I saw a BMW car waiting.

"This is your car? Since you have a car, why didn't you go home last night?"

"Sick. Can't drive."

I was rendered speechless.

I unwillingly went inside the car and he started to drive."Where to?"

"XX University". I felt him stiffened.

We arrived not long and I went out of the car."Thanks for sending me here. Go home safely,Karius." He didn't respond but when I turned around I heard him vaguely said,"Take care,Eli."

I went to the Language Building Faculty and fixed my new schedule. I was really just going there for a bit but I was unfortunately held hostage even before I could leave.

"Miss Valir. Oh my! It's good to see you in our faculty!" A teacher said.

"Yes,yes! Have you eaten dear? We have snacks here if you want!" Here's another one.

"Wow, our faculty genius is here."

"Uhmm ha ha ha,"I laughed nervously. I was surrounded by these teachers with hearts on their eyes.

"Congratulations,Miss Valir. We are happy to have you in our department. If you beed anything, you can tell anyone here." The person who spoked looks like someone with high authority, the DEAN maybe.

"Uhm.Thank you for your concern but I'm just an irregular student. I don't really..." I trailed off.

"All the more you should ask for help! Are comfortable in school? We can ask for arrangements!"

"Oh my no Sirs and Maam. I'm good. Really. There's no need to bother.Ha ha ha I need to go. Excuse me,everyone." I then quickly fled away.

I went to a nearby cafeteria and ordered a drink. My phone ringed and I answered the call.

"Oh my! Oppa, jaljineseoyeo*? Why did you call? International call are not cheap!" I laughed on the phone

"I miss you,Gongju*! You seem busy this year. You're not in the Philippines? I'm so sad." I can imagine his pouting face right now.

"I miss you too,Oppa. I am attending a University in Thailand right now to learn their language. Work purposes."

"Aiyaaa. Our Princess is really hardworking. I just call to say Chanyeollie will celebrate his birthdau soon. You better prepare your gift or the giant will throw a tantrum again. Ha ha ha."

"Arasso* Baekhyun Oppa. See you soon."

I hanged up the call. I didn't realized I already finished my food. I stand up and decided to leave.

"Oh! I forgot I didn't bring a car. I'll just book a taxi then."

I went to the main gate of the campus and waited for a taxi. Not long after, I got in on one car that passed by. I was looking through my messages when suddenly the car bumped into something causing the taxi to shake violently. I dropped my phone ans before I knew it I was starting to lose my conciousness.

"Eli...Eli wake up! Eloise!" I faintly heard someone calling me. It was rather familiar but I already dozed off to sleep.

Silence. The world is so quite and I can't hear anything except for the faint beat of my own heart and the slight pain on my arms and waist. I tried to open my eyes with great effort and my sight was welcomed by the pure white ceiling. Where am I?

The last thing I remember is... the car! I was in an accident. But who brought me here...

"You're awake? Thank God you're fine. I was scared to death." A shaky voice sounded. I tried to turn my head but a hand stopped me.

"No, don't move. You might hurt yourself. Just tell me if you need anything. I'm here." The voice is gentle and by the sound of it, it's Karius again.

"I only hurt my arms and waist not my neck. It's a simple muscle strain too. But,how did you come here?"

He went silent and contemplated for a bit.

"Someone called me that you we're in an accident. It was through your number so I went here there as fast as I could. And I saw you unconcious inside that taxi."

"But how? I don't have your number on my phone.."

"I saved my number on your phone yesterday." I didn't ask further. With the shamelessness of this man, I don't doubt he couldn't do that.

"Thanks for going there and bringing me here. Did you call anyone from my phone? I didn't want my family to worry."

"I haven't." He said as he looked at me intently."Taxis are not safe. I should have waited and take you back."

"It's not your fault. It was an accident. It happens all the time."

"Still.... I will stay at your unit to take care of you."

"What?! I mean,no need. I can handle myself very well. I don't have a serious injury. Aaahh--" I haven't finished my words when I felt some pain when he tried to hold my arm.

"It's settled then. I'll go settle the bill. Call for the nurse if there's something urgent."

This man...again! But I think I'll definitely need his help this time. It might be hard for me to move around because of the muscle strain I have from the impact of the accident. I sighed. What can I do? This man is very persistent!


Jaljineseoyeo?- How are you?(Korean)

Gongju - Princess (Korean)

Arasso - I understand. (Korean)

Oppa - Brother/Boyfriend (both are endearments for Koreans)

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