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“You gave oral? Why didn't you tell me? I would have helped you revise." ~ ~ ~ For experience and extra college credit, Jana Connor works as a nurse intern in a reputable hospital. She has her head screwed on and her life planned out. For as long as she's worked at Epworth Richmond, one of her patients is a man called Hadrian, who has been comatose for the last fourteen years. When Jana is on her usual rounds one day, she's shocked to find Hadrian awake, and what's more shocking is he resembles a scared boy asking for his mommy. Hadrian may have matured physically into a man over the years, he’s stuck in the mindset of an eleven year old, and although he has awoken in the year 2018, to him it's still 2004. Hadrian makes it clear he wants no one else to take care of him other than Jana, but is Jana up for the challenges this will bring?

Romance / Erotica
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I felt helplessly trapped inside my own body.

There were so many times I’d wanted to wake up but it just didn’t cooperate. Whenever I tried to respond, there was this heaviness weighing me down and I couldn’t move, even when I so desperately wanted to.

Therefore, when my eyes blinked open and adjusted to the onslaught of lights, it was an euphoric feeling to be able to see again. But at the same time, it was scary, to not know who you actually were. My mind and body felt like they belonged to two different people.

It was me, but it wasn’t me.

I knew me, but I didn’t know me.

The fatigue that jammed my entire existence was exhausting.

I felt imprisoned and immobilised.

I was tired, angry, confused and terrified, and together these emotions created panic

But that voice.

It soothed my nerves.

I used to think she was a figment of my imagination but she wasn’t.
She was real.

And she looked exactly like how she sounded.


She didn’t terrify me like others.

In fact, her presence made me feel better, it was calming. Involuntarily, I followed her commands. She didn’t even have to speak, the aura around her was peaceful.

My body recognised her the same way my mind recognised her voice. Hope fluttered in my heart when I begged her to help me and her hazel eyes stared at me with sympathy.

Little did I know that she would be helping me in ways I couldn’t even begin to fathom and there’d be a lot more begging, not just from me.

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