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Tressa is a beautiful girl who is  secretly in love with her childhood bestfriend Davis, who adores her and is planning to propose to her on her birthday. Their lives take an unexpected turn due to an accident.  Now Tressa has to choose between the love of her life and the well being of her siblings.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Am stuck in a dark room, tied to a rusty old chair. The stench of something dead makes me throw my guts out. After adjusting my eyes, I see a silhouette of a man with broad shoulders ,holding something in his hand. With the tiny ray of light, I can see the malice in his eyes, which makes my heart jump out of my chest. Am beyond scared at this point thinking, what this man might do to me.

"Who are you?" I croak, and the laughter of the man makes me want to hide under something. But there is no where I can go!! "P-p- please lemme go, I promise I'll not say anything about this to anybody", I stutter.

The man walks closer to me and raises his hand revealing a sharp knife. My eyes go wide and tears start falling out of my eyes.. "please leave me, lemme go", I start sobbing and scream at him. The man closes the distance between us and smiles wickedly.

He then starts to make a trial from my cheek to my collar bone with the knife. I start screaming with pain and blood starts gushing out of my freshly cut wound. He again flashes me a wicked grin satisfied with the way am screaming in pain. Suddenly I hear the door knock, the man seems to not care about it.

After sometime, the knocking becomes aggressive and my name is being yelled with worry in their voices. Tressa..??? Tressa.. honey? Are you in there??? Please open the door!!!

I wake up with a jolt gasping for air.. No matter how hard am trying, the air doesn't leave my lungs and its starting to suffocate me. Suddenly I realise that am having a panic attack!!!

Oh god!!, Please save me.... I don't wanna die.. I don't wanna die... Pleaseee.

Slowly my breathing becomes shallow and am losing my concious. The door to my room breaks and in comes my dad and mom. Seeing my pale face, my mom starts sobbing with panic in her eyes. Last thing I see is my dad and Davis picking me up and hurrying me down the stairs...

I wake up to the beeping of the machines. I open my eyes and the harsh light hurts my eyes so much that I immediately close them. After adjusting to the light, I look around to see a boy laying on the chair with his head in his hands.

"Davis!!!" - I croak, my voice came merely as a whisper , but Davis immediately lifted his head with shock which slowly converted to relief.

"Oh my God!! Tressy.... you got us all worried... I almost thought that I lost you. Don't ever do that to me again!!!" Davis said with so much pain and love in his eyes. I can now see how pale he was. His usually beautiful eyes which I loved the most were read and puffy, and his brown hair was messy.

He handed me a glass of water, which I gulped down in one go to relieve my sore throat.

"Hey Dave!!, Am so sorry that I put you all through this.." , I said with tears streaming down my face.

"Sshhhh!!! That's ok.. Am really glad that you are okay now. Please don't cry.. you know I hate to see you cry." Dave said hugging me.

The door opens and I see my parents rushing to me with tears in their eyes. "Oh my baby girl!! Don't ever do that again to your old man. You can't even imagine how we survived past 2 days with you attached to all sorts of machines." My dad said hugging me.

"2days?? I was out for two days??"

"Yes sweetheart, that's what made us so worried about you. Is it the same nightmare?"- my mom asked.

I was about to reply when our family doctor Mr. Adam came along with a nurse and checked me. He said I can go, provided I rest for 2 more days before I go back to school. Soon I was discharged and got home. As soon as I stepped inside, my 7year old brother Thomas and 10yr old sister Lacy ran to me and hugged me sobbing.

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